9-10-2018; Hurricane Florence Set Up To Plow The Carolinas; Meanwhile Hurricane Olivia Blown Apart!

Published on Sep 10, 2018

(Mon.) Hurricane Florence has strengthened to CAT4 status with 140 MPH sustained wind. Looking close at the Floater map we see little effort being made currently to superheat and weaken Florence. A small blast pattern and pressure wave are visible in the IR map, but the power level applied by the satellite based transmitter is entirely insufficient compared to the effort being made now on former hurricane Olivia in the Central Pacific near Hawaii. Despite the destruction of Olivia, the weather controllers will allow the storm to continue moving due West and over the Hawaiian islands as a tropical depression perhaps, We will have to wait and see what these weather controllers deal Hawaii and how much rain dumps on the islands..

The NOAA Surface pressure map for the Atlantic indicates two installed high pressure systems located near and offshore of Canada which will prevent Northbound movement of Florence.

A separate area of high pressure is parked immediately East of Florida which will ensure a path into Georgia or the Carolinas. What happens in the next 24 hours will solidify the plan. If we see no better effort to superheat CAT4 Florence to weaken the system, then we should expect the worst for the people on the East coast. The high pressure located near Florida could also be pumped up to deflect the storm.

Two methods are available to deal with this impending disaster. (Twice in this video I incorrectly refer to the West coast when I meant the East coast. I did not want to remake the video because of those minor screwups.) In this video we are seeing excellent evidence of climate control: the man-made superheating and destruction of hurricane Olivia on the Pacific yet hurricane Florence is being allowed to run at nearly full throttle and possibly plow into the US East coast to cause hundreds of millions in damage with the potential to kill dozens or hundreds of people.

The obvious point is that this storm is a PREVENTABLE disaster yet at this point in time it looks as though Florence will be allowed to move in. Meanwhile, the weather reporters and meteorologists say nothing. They are going along to get along – traitors!

The U.S. mainstream media is the enemy of the American people for covering up this evidence of weather manipulation while showing cartoon animated weather maps and peddling a phoney, preposterous narrative that CO2 is the cause of the changes in our climate as seen in these videos.

The mainstream media has also convinced many political figures that CO2 is responsible for climate control. The politicians and the non-technical majority of the population has been duped by mainstream media disinformation.

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