99er Unemployed Fighting Words

Yesterday morning I finally heard a real story about a real 99er on the mainstream news.  The lady’s name is Rhonda Taylor from Rhode Island.  She stated that she has been without income for eight months now.  I believe she has three kids; one of which suffers from disabilities.  Evidently the disability is not bad enough to receive any help.  She said she had to cash in her 401K, empty her bank account, and sell everything she owned.  She went on to say that she is facing eviction.  When asked what she would do about her children if evicted, she tearfully stated that she would have to turn them over to foster care.

This lady was clearly suffering the deepest apathy and it enraged me to my soul.  The propagandist put forth the notion that unemployment benefits give the unemployed an incentive not to look for work.  Ms. Taylor replied with the simple logic that so many of us have already asserted.  That is as she had not had unemployment benefits for eight months, it could not be said that unemployment benefits were causing her to not find work.  She stated again tearfully that she would take any job doing anything to keep from losing her children.

When I hear the propagandists on the television degrading and slandering the 99ers under the guise of reporting the news, I want to reach through the screen, drag them through by the hair of the head, and beat them to a bloody pulp.  I declare that the arrogance of these million dollar propagandists has become unbearable.  We need to continue to add them to our Enemies List and record their foul remarks which will be used against them in the future.

Ms. Taylor went on to say that she was hoping for passage of S3706 which would be a Tier 5 that would last for 20 weeks.  I will not dismiss S3706 as the need has become critical, though I do take issue with it as once again it pays the rich businessmen to allow us unemployment benefits. The fact is the tax incentives contained in the bill already exist, but they are like all the other tax breaks for the rich, the rich want them extended.

How much more efficiently could all these tax breaks, stimulus, and bailout monies have been, in reference to ending unemployment, if they would have been put into a fund to be lent, interest free, to those among the 99ers who could present a viable business plan to start their own businesses?  I have to believe that the 99ers who might start a business would be the most apt to hire other 99ers in spite of their age or the fact that they have been out of work for two or more years.  But of course this would never happen, as there is nothing in it for those who already have more money than they could ever spend in a lifetime.

I heard one commentator on a panel during a discussion on the possibility of class warfare say, “Okay, let’s have class warfare.”  To this fellow I say, “Let’s do it.”  I have been in more than fifty fist fights in my life and no one has ever whipped me because he had more money in his pocket than I did.   At this point in the ballgame I would enjoy stomping him in his $2,000 suit.

If these arrogant scum bags do decide they want to take it to the street, they are going to find out fast and in a hard way that people fighting for their home and hearth will decimate those the rich will pay to fight for their money.  These brave rich folk already hide behind locked doors and two inch Plexiglas in the buildings where they have to encounter us.  They are cowards and are afraid to walk the streets, even with a cop holding their hand.  I pray for the day when they have to stand on their own two feet and back their words with their own fists.

It is hard to tell what is going to transpire in reference to Tier 5 being a part of any unemployment extension, if there are any extensions at all.  So we might as well keep on looking at the dirt bags for what they are, a bunch of yellow belly pencil necked wimps who would hire a thug to try to take our children away.  Even after we work our way out of this, we must, for our own pride, punish these sniveling little weaklings for ever thinking that they could punk us.

Right now all we can do is continue to organize and wait to see where the chips fall.  And, no matter what happens, we make sure we live to exact our revenge.

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  1. I agree completely, brother ! I haven’t been in a fight lately, but I still remember how to kick some disrespectful S.O.B’s ass. I’ve sold just about everything of value that I own, just to keep my son and I from being homeless,just like poor Rhonda. All I want is a job, like all the other unemployed Americans. A person with nothing, has nothing to lose. I’m feeling that more and more every day, and I’m ready to do something about it. It’s to act, brothers and sisters !! God Bless America

  2. I have been faxing and sending emails to Congress all day. I saw a video earlier of some 99ers who were living in their cars. I am so upset at all of this, I have just cried all day. And the nerve of some of our Congressmen that think we have to make the rich even richer if we are to get funds to buy our food. Is that a trade-off or what. I wish like hell that we could tell these rich assholes that they were not getting any more tax cuts — but we can’t do that because we need unemployment to survive. I really don’t think they are going to add a Tier V and the 99ers will still be left hanging with no income. Obama could insist on a Tier V but I don’t think he has enough backbone. What a disappointment. I’m still posting our website but am not able to devote as much time since my husband’s heart attack. Hopefully I can get back to posting all day sometime this week. My prayers are with you all.

    1. Barbara,
      You are right, it is a damnable shame. The thieves have absolutely no scruples. But as you said the need has become dire.
      I am encouraged to see that many in Obama’s party are beginning to turn against him in reference to his good treatment of the rich and lack of concern for the poor. Maybe something good will yet happen.
      You have done a lot to help and owe no apologies for not doing more and I, at least, thank you. May God bless and keep you and yours.

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