99ers and Tier 5 unemployment Extension Supporters – Our Common Enemy

Know your enemy; these are words to live by.  I have recently come to a realization that has taken me aback.  I knew it seemed that we who were devastated by this economic crisis were being ignored.  I asked the question, why.  I found myself thinking that the international corporate mafia was so busy initiating new ways to steal for the top 2% that they had put the unemployed on the back burner.  This couldn’t have been further from the truth.

A couple of things happened this week that have brought me to a new understanding of our enemy’s strategies and intent.  As I have previously indicated, I have barely enough money coming in to keep me from becoming homeless.  I, like most, have a bank account as it has been made a necessity in order to pay bills.  All monies are spent before they ever reach the account so it comes down to a simple matter of keeping an even flow as an overdraw would be a catastrophe.

Well, this past week it happened, but as we watch our account literally hour by hour, it was discovered that the overdraw was a deliberate manipulation of our account by the bank.  When we called the bank in order to point out the discrepancy, it was like talking to a wall.  So for a five dollar overdraft we were charged $35.00 that we in no way could afford.

I was rightfully angry and had decided that if I was going to have $35.00 stolen from me, I was at least going to give the bank employee, who knew exactly what she was doing, a select piece of my mind until she hung up on me.  But she did not hang up on me.  She just remained quiet until I stopped ranting and then reiterated that which I knew to be an absolute lie in reference to the justification of stealing my money.

That’s when I realized she was trying to goad me into making a physical threat.  So I just hung up the phone.  I had heard a couple years ago that the employees of banks were attending classes to learn how to endure being screamed at and insulted, and how to respond in kind like an automated machine.  You see they know that when we are in the right we will insist on speaking to a human being in order to correct a situation that has been brought on by another’s error.

Now to the next incident; a person writing into the comments board talked about a job interview he had attended wherein he attempted to analyze the employer’s attitude toward 99ers.  Apparently the employer became angry and said that the 99ers were dangerous and causing problems because they were “in the way”.  I, like the gentleman who conveyed the story, could not grasp where the hostility came from.  So I went to sleep last night with the question on my mind.  I awoke at 4:30 a.m. and began mulling it over.  Then suddenly it all became clear.

It is a fact that in the past ten years taxpayer money has been going to build new prison facilities to house from 3 to 7 million people.  I had thought these facilities were to be used as concentration camps but the visions of people being hauled away in train cars while the rest of America stood still just didn’t make sense.

Now consider the way the rioting in Europe is being portrayed by the mainstream propagandists.  They are all but saying, “Look at these people, they are not taking this crap from their government.  Maybe this is what you 99ers should do.”  Think about it, rioting for socialism.  What better way to round us up for incarceration while the rest of the good Americans waved their plastic, Chinese made, American flags, shouting slogans in support.  Hell, I would support jailing socialists.

You see the thing is we are in their way.  Back when Ronald Regan came on the scene, he did so as a hard, right wing conservative.  And a large portion of the lower middle class was moved into the ranks of the poor as their wealth was transferred to the top 2%.    As they could not work they were forced onto welfare which had to be paid for by the rest of the middle class who still could work.  It was then a simple matter for the propagandists to turn the middle class that was left against their former brethren and sisteren who had been culled.  The top 2% made fortunes and those they stole it from got the blame.

That was not enough for them, they wanted more.  So they brought George Bush Jr. to power who had run every business he had ever controlled into bankruptcy.  You see they wanted to cut the middle class again but our economy was doing so well they literally needed a disaster to do so.  So they formulated the disaster.

They had spent the Clinton years making sure that every business in this country was running on credit while building a housing bubble consisting of securities rated triple A which were created out of junk mortgages that they knew to be worthless.  They simply allowed the Ponzi scheme to play itself out which created a deficit of monies in the big banks who had created the scheme.  They then filled this hole by pulling the money that made up the credit American businesses had been operating on resulting in the bankruptcy of the businesses, the loss of our jobs, and the top 2% getting paid off 100% for their Ponzi scheme.

And who paid?  The middle class who were still working did, after which the propagandists demonized those who had lost their jobs and homes and were left struggling to survive.  And when we say we need extended unemployment they turn to the middle class, who they have stolen trillions from, and say, “Look at those damned 99ers, trying to get your money through increased taxation which will hurt the businesses which will result in you losing your job.”

As for the 99ers, they have been thrust into the ranks of the poor where resources have already been stretched to the limits.  The international corporate mafia believes that when the demands for a Tier 5 quiet down the 99ers will turn to welfare which will put them in competition with the poor and the illegals, who are already receiving those benefits, causing a civil unrest between these factions.  Then they will try to act like the saviors in expanding funding for welfare programs which will have to be paid for by those in the middle class who can still work.  And after the propagandists are through stirring the pot we will have Americans from every faction wanting to kill each other while completely ignoring the manipulating dirt bags who created the situation.

We must adjust our strategies.  Whenever the issue of unemployment is brought up its true cause must be asserted without compromise.  We must let the poor know that we bear them no ill will for the situation they have been put in by the international manipulators.  We also must let the middle class who still have their jobs know what the end game is and that they are not meant to survive either.

Only through coming together as Americans, free of class divide, can we defeat our common enemy.  We must do everything in our power to foster cohesion in intent among all Americans.  And that intent has to be the elimination of our common foe, which can be found sitting back and laughing at us right now in the mansions of the top 2%.

If we allow ourselves to be manipulated by these diabolical monsters we will deserve our fate.  So now our number one goal must be the refusal to be divided into factions, the refusal to riot for socialism, and the unity of all Americans under a common banner to wage war on our common enemy.

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