99ers Call the Tories Out

It is being predicted that gas prices will be climbing to $4 to $5 per gallon in the next year.  Though the mainstream propagandists are trying to belittle the situation the fact is this is going to cause drastic affects on our economy.  If gas goes to $5 per gallon, diesel fuel will go to $8.  If there are any smaller trucking companies that survived $5 per gallon diesel two years ago, they will be put out of business this time.  And this is a good thing if you happen to be one of the big trucking corporations as the hike will further eliminate their competition.  Once the smaller companies are out of the way the monopolized trucking industry will be able to set the going rate for ground shipping.

Beef, poultry, and milk have all seen dramatic price increases in the past year.  If the diesel fuel goes to even $6 per gallon we are going to see large increases in literally every consumable commodity we purchase.  And at the same time the speculators are driving up the price of oil and everything else with it they are calling for not only reductions of the minimum wage but wage reductions across the board.

Back in November when we 99ers were pushing for a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension, the mainstream propagandists attacked us mercilessly, trying to turn every other segment of the population against us.  They told the middle class that were still employed that we were trying to make them give us their money, while sounding the battle cry of the rich in saying that we were trying to cause a transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor.

The fact is the transfer of wealth had been occurring over the past ten years from the poor to the rich.  They now have everything that used to represent our wealth and are hell bent on keeping it.  Now the propagandists are going to try to turn us against one another again.

The rich are planning to eliminate between one and two million public sector jobs in the next two years and in accordance the propaganda machine has launched a massive campaign to demonize public workers.  We the poor and unemployed should turn against our brethren and sisteren in the public sector because they have good jobs and don’t give a damn if we starve to death.  This propaganda is very effective as it is true.  The middle class are supposed to hate the public employees because they make more money for doing the same work, again, very effective as it is true.

But what we need to look at is whether we as American workers should continue destroying one another to the benefit of the rich who continue to prosper at our expense and in reality have not lost a dime through this whole mess.  The reality is every time an American worker is eliminated, either through outsourcing or downsizing, their wages go directly into the pockets of the rich.

There is a cry throughout the land from the fiscal conservatives to cut Medicare, Social Security, public retirement funds, welfare, and food stamps.  Of these people I ask one question, if all entitlements ended tomorrow do you really think the rich would cease taxing you?  If you think they would I have some beach front property in Arizona you might be interested in.  The fact is the rich would gladly end all entitlements and change taxation into a direct tribute paid to the corporate lordships.  You see these European scum bags have never given up on the idea of a feudalistic system here in the United States.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.   It has only been a couple of hundred years since we fought a revolution because our forefathers refused to live under the tyranny of an aristocracy.  The Tories went back to England where they plotted a return and revenge.  Now they are back.  The lordships simply put Inc. behind their names in order to infiltrate our system, using the commerce clause in our Constitution.  The time has come again to take these Limeys and kick their Tory arses out of our country and back to England from whence they came.

If you have doubts as to what I am saying spend one day listening to nothing but financial news and tell me that the majority of the voices you are hearing do not have a British accent.  I believe these pompous Tories think they are so far above us in intellect that we will surrender without a fight.  Well I think it is about time to show them that they are the ones who failed to learn from history.  And if we are to be put to the task we must make sure this time that these arrogant pompous in-breeders never emerge again as the scourge they have become on the world.

As we 99ers are the ones facing the brunt of their attack on our Constitution we must be the first to call the Tories out.


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  1. Henry, I wanted to let you know that I just completed my NC voter registration application as a Non-Partisan and put it in the mail box. I hope all the other trenchers do the same. Man, that felt good !

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