99ers Cannot Allow Socialism to Prevail

The American 99ers Union held a nationwide candlelight vigil last night.  If these people ever had an original thought it was lonely.  I’m telling everybody reading this that I am on the verge of pulling this site as I will not have the strategies developed in the Think Tank used to promote the cause of socialism.

I had contact a while back from Gregg Rosen, co-founder of American 99ers Union, wherein he asked me why I so vehemently attacked his organization.  To which I replied that I would never accept socialism as a remedy for unemployment.  In his next email he stated emphatically that the American 99ers Union was not a socialist organization.  I then replied that I would cease my attacks as we all need to work together to find a remedy for our suffering.  The last email he sent me said that he was enquiring into what I was “about” as the 99er Union did so to all those joining their organization.  As I have never had any intent of joining his union I ignored the last email and went about my business.

Yesterday morning, Gregg Rosen appeared on Fox Business with our good friend Stuart Varney.  The discussion involved unemployment extensions for 5 million 99ers.  Varney stated that the extension would cost a quarter of a trillion dollars.  To which Mr. Rosen responded with the social democratic party line statement, in essence the monies would stimulate the economy.

One of Varney’s buddies, Charles, put forth the assertion that there are three million jobs out there that employers are having a hard time filling.  My response would have been that it must be taking employers a while to sift through the millions of applications that would have to be there, as anyone living in reality would know.

Mr. Rosen tried to skirt the question by citing unemployment percentage numbers.  Varney stopped him in mid-sentence and forced the question, “Would you take a job for $12 per hour?”  Mr. Rosen responded that he would.

Varney then stated, “In all this time you cannot find a job for $12 per hour?”  And rather than taking Varney to task and saying, “I have looked everywhere and can find nothing, however if you know where the jobs are, maybe you could tell me right here and now and I will apply to all of them,” Mr. Rosen again turned to quoting the social democratic party line statistics relating to job losses.

In answering the next question from Varney in reference to oversized benefit packages restricting hiring for state workers, Mr. Rosen stated, “Well I believe it might sound a little corny, but it’s liberty and justice for all.  The money needs to be dispersed throughout the country.  Everybody needs to have the ability to invest back into this country.  If that means some need to take a little bit less so that we have an even playing field, that’s what’s important.  What’s important is that every American has the ability to invest in this economy.”

Varney then stated, “What you want then, is much higher taxation levels on wealthy people, middle class and wealthy people, and you want an unemployment extension for everybody who’s been unemployed including the five million who have run out of benefits.  That’s basically your program; you will hold candlelight vigils toward that end tonight.”

Mr. Rosen answered, “No absolutely not.  I have no problem with the top 2% receiving the extensions of the Bush tax cuts, if along with that all unemployed Americans have the ability to receive an extension of unemployment insurance.  The two together, that’s what creates spending out in the economy.”

I do hope Gregg Rosen was watching Fox Business about a half hour after his interview when his good friends Stuart Varney and Company made their personal attack on him and his shirt.  Mr. Rosen is not only a socialist, but a boot-licking socialist.  He has no problem with the filthy rich who have put us into poverty, getting billions more borrowed in our grandchildren’s name, so long as they borrow a quarter of a trillion more to give to the long term unemployed, without one mention as to how we are going to get our earning wage jobs back.

We do not have to spend our grandchildren’s future to solve this problem.  The solution is simple.

  • End CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT.
  • Throw all illegals from other countries out.
  • Seal our borders.
  • Tax the monies American corporations have sitting in foreign banks.
  • Put a 90% tax on all monies leaving the United States destined for foreign investments.
  • Stop all exports of our natural resources except in the form of manufactured goods; tables not boards.
  • Put a 70% tariff on all imports.
  • Retrieve the $22 trillion stolen by the international corporate mafia through fraud.
  • Use those retrieved monies to establish a fund to make interest free loans to American entrepreneurs, regardless of their credit score.

Taking these measures will result in the reestablishment of our industrial base followed by prosperity for all.

I will never accept Gregg Rosen’s Fabian socialist democratic solutions as they can only lead to a lower standard of living.  If we follow this fool we will wind up working government subsidized jobs at a reduced minimum wage.  Everybody had better remember that this fight is not just for us, but for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.  We cannot allow socialism to prevail in the United States of America.  God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, the 99er Free Coalition will prevail.


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  1. If they would just free up some of that hidden bank money for entrepreneurs, this country would get a huge kick start. These idiots are blind to that. This has to be something that is shoved down their throats or we are going to get nowhere. This to me is crucial.

    1. Mark,
      If you remember right, just before the politicians went out on the campaign trail, Obama and Company gave $30 billion to so called smaller banks that was supposed to be lent in the communities. I haven’t heard another word about it since. This coupled with the institution of the online credit score has put anybody who has wanted to start a new business, that does not already have a lot of money in the bank, out of the game. You have to remember their goal is not to save this country, but rather to finish destroying it.

  2. The fact is that for every dollar paid out in unemployment insurance, two dollars go back into the economy. The 99 ers cannot be allowed to sink into absolute poverty/ Benefits should be extended to this group as well. No one can live in style on the maximum unemployment benefit of $405 a week. These people would rather have jobs and resume their lives with a decent paycheck. In the meantime, insurance, because that is what it is, insurance in the event that you become unemployed should be paid out to these people. After all they paid into it when they were working.
    What will happen to the 99 ers- are they headed for the streets or the welfare rolls? Who will pay for that? The economy would improve, not deteriorate if the 99 ers could at least buy some food and pay a few bills and remain sheltered in housing rather than living in their cars, if their cars have not be taken by the repo man yet. Merry Christmas, as 5 million 99ers unable to find jobs are without a paycheck on Christmas- the neediest among us have been overlooked- that is not something any of us can feel good about.

    1. Andrea Aurichio,
      You are absolutely right. Unemployment benefits are insurance and the 5 million 99ers should get it. But it should come out of the pockets of the rich, not the pockets of our grandchildren. Until it is costing the rich for us to be unemployed we will stay that way.

  3. I sure hope you don’t pull this site, Henry. I look forward to reading your posts every day, learning whats really going on, and throwing in a comment or two. I also wish you could get on Fox News and stick it to Varney or whoever else they choose to confront you ! I know you work very hard trying to get everybody’s ass in gear, and then all you hear is all this ” la-de-da, everything’s fine ” crap. I, for one, truly appreciate what you are doing, in trying to warn the American people that the party’s over, and things are going to get very ugly, very soon. Hang in there, Henry. We need you !

  4. Henry — Please don’t pull this site. I understand what you are saying and there are some people who feel that way, but it’s not the majority of us. We all are grateful to you for the information we receive. There are a lot of things I don’t understand but you have a talent when it comes to writing and I agree with Sam, we do need you. Also, I consider you a friend and I would really miss you. Hang in there, things will get better.

  5. has anyone tried to get help that still owns a car or house? I have and guess what there is none they say you can get food stamps and other kinds of help when it gets right down to it you have to be destitute and sleeping on the street for help. If you still own anything you get rejected. So here I am almost 60 years old watching every thing I worked for my entire life slowly disappear before my eyes while just trying to feed myself and my wife. In a couple of months my remaining funds from my 401K that I had to pay a severe penalty to the government to cash it out to pay my monthly bills. The tiny amount of unemployment that I had would not even pay for the roof over my head each month. I would love to get a job but all that are available are paper hat jobs or laborer work. 10-12 hr with a debt load over 30 hr. I busted out laughing a company wanting a machinist with five years expeirence and offering $10.00 hour. you can get a job at mickie dees for $7.50. What’s wrong with this country???

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