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The U.S. National debt now stands at $14 trillion.  It is easy to type the number but I believe to truly grasp the enormity it represents is beyond the average citizen’s comprehension.  House Republicans are pledging to cut $100 billion from our $3 trillion budget.  With the quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve it has come to the point that our government no longer bothers to print the money the numbers represent.  They just keep adding zeroes on the accounts and our grandchildren just keep getting further and further in debt.

To give you some idea as to what $14 trillion represents let’s look at something we all can relate to.  $14 trillion would pay for 466 tiers of unemployment.  So you are looking at about 300 years of unemployment benefits, and remember, this is money that is borrowed and has to be paid back.  This is an impossible figure and the only way the richest country on the planet could possibly owe this amount is through fraud and deception.

Let’s look at it another way.  Counting the illegals there are 350 million people in this country.  That equates to $40,000 owed by every man, woman, and child.  It is reaching the point that our gross domestic product is not going to be able to pay the interest, let alone pay down the principal.

So all this talk we are hearing about cuts and balancing the budget is just that, talk, as it has become a mathematical impossibility to pay off our debt.  Again, there are only 350 million of us in a country rich with resources.  This can only equate to blatant theft.

HR 6556 was introduced during the lame duck congress and will be brought up again in the 112th Congress.  It is co-sponsored by Representative Barbara Lee, D-CA, and Representative Bobby Scott, D-VA.  The bill would add 14 weeks to Tier 1 and make them available retroactively to 99ers.

In May it will be one year since I have had an unemployment check; the prospect of another year with no money, no job, and no hope is unacceptable.  The summer is coming and if HR 6556 is swept from the table without a glance we must start planning mass activities specifically designed at civil disobedience.

I will be fifty years old this year, but I swear if I have to I will hitchhike to Washington DC if that is what it takes to show the traitors in office that, though I may be down, to count me out would be a serious error.  I live in Oregon.  I have no income, so I am talking about crossing the continent without a dollar in my pocket.  How many 99ers out there will do the same?  If we swarmed Washington DC numbering 5 million there would be no question of success.  Remember the Tea Party became national on the scene with a march numbering only 2 million.  Just try to imagine 5 million.

I tell  you this, right now I am willing, but if my fellow 99ers continue to sit on the sidelines waiting for others to make the sacrifice I think I will cease caring and focus all my energy on securing my own situation.  Never in the history of this country have so many been oppressed by so few.

I believe that when February rolls around and we are forced to reckon with January’s numbers we are in for a rude awakening.  Right now the powers that be are milking December’s holiday season for everything it is worth, just as they did with October’s harvest season.  I think we are going to see large job losses and further financial disaster in 2011, and are going to be blown away by how fast these new disasters put the plight of the 99ers into the realm of ancient history.  If we are not prepared to make a stand by this summer I think we are finished as a cause.


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  1. I don’t care if a president is a black, blue, green, white, or even purple man. When the president of any country can make concessions to give breaks to rich people while leaving the poor unemployed people penniless thru Christmas with no means to buy gifts for their loved ones, while they take luxurious and lavish vacations while we watch. Should give up their pay until this recession has subsided and walk the walk with us or vacate your positions so that someone for the people can help us. These 99’ers votes will come back to bite the democrats where it hurts again, then you can complain right along with the millions of 99’ers.

  2. Henry and Company, I want to believe enough of us are nearly ready to make our stand. And when we do go to Washington, may as well list ALL! the demands: end the wars, stop the illegals, eliminate the fraud and waste, eliminate lobbyists and corrupt politicians, and on and on. Pack the politicians off to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and anywhere else there is war, strip them of their wealth and let them fight. Its all about their greed and power, they can take care of it. Our military could serve our country well, by being here, on our borders. We must do this soon. Our planet and our resources are dying, along with us.

    If there is any way you are able to watch cable or access the History Channel on the web, please watch the new program, “Prophets of Doom”. which is, again, a major, current eyeopener of the crisis we are in. Reading and watching about the crisis tells me there are plenty of people of our same mindset who want change. Journalists, economists, scientists, etc. with much credibility need to be recruited. They may not participate in the civil disobedience as we must, but they will want change, and can expedite that change.

    Yes, we the 99ers are in real trouble now, but there is the much bigger picture, too.

    A side note – question actually – you know that Obama and his boys are tearing up every reservoir (lakes) in the US, to create “uniformity” of all areas? I saw one recently, one that was in a residential area in SW Denver. The area was completely desecrated, trees and foliage removed, concrete surrounding the lake, etc. Unbelievable, and all I could think of was this is yet another way to control us, through the water, and to make sure the areas could be watched with no obstruction (trees, boats, docks, etc.) . Thoughts??

    1. Haven’t you heard it’s the new world order that their preparing for and the clearing of land by lakes is probably for our mass grave sites to make way for the cheep labor population that has been comming into this country they don’t want us around because we know too much and together we are a power that will put a monkey wrench in their plans. Remember united we stand and devided we fall so they must use any possible means to devide an conquer and what better way through poverty and despare with no hope in sight when this is accomplished then they will have the counry they want along with passive slaves to carry out their bidding who won’t question their actions. This is no longer a democracy it hasn’t been for a long time now it’s a dictatorship and one of the worst kinds.We are back in Rome all that is missing are the lions.

    2. Ready,
      Minnesota’s Ex-Governor Jesse Ventura, in an episode of his Conspiracy Theory show called “The Great Lakes Conspiracy” which aired Dec. 3, documented a Swiss company draining water at the source of Lake Michigan. They are selling this water to the Chinese who are putting it in huge bladders the size of a cargo ship and towing them to China. The Chinese built a huge damn and all the aquifers below it dried up. Our water from our Great Lakes is being used to replenish it.
      Only 2% of this planet’s water is drinkable and the international corporate mafia has taken control of it. That is why we are paying more for a gallon of water from the store than we are for a gallon of gas at the station.
      These statements barely touch on the subject. If there is any way you can get a copy of the Conspiracy Theory episode, do so. I promise it will scare and anger you.

  3. the government can give a tax break to the rich , but 99ers cant get 14 weeks . the government needs to take a better look at us ,cause we wont forget when it is election time .

  4. i am also a 99er. i received my last check in november of 2009.my husband and i have been homeless,went without food,my medicine,and basic living needs.this is crazy that the government can give rich folks tax breaks and allow all of us to suffer.we are no about to be homeless again,with no jobs,and we have moved 4 times to find work.i have BA degrees and can not get work….and congress will not help anyone but their selves!! i wish for 1 week they could live how we all are forced to,cope with our suffering,live our lives and see how we all feel.i am a 40 year old heart patient with high blood pressure…i can not afford my pills,so i go without and pray i don’t die…i look at my husband who puts in application after application every day, sit with his head in his hands in shame…it is not his fault,nor mine,but this is what it is….and i sure hope that congress reads all of the letters and posts from all 99er’s and takes a second look at who they hurt!!

  5. I am new to this site, as such, I have been feeling my way around reading up on what is being wrote. After reading for a couple of hours I have one thing to say.

    There will be no gathering in Washington to fight for 99er’s with out organization. So far all I’ve seen is indivuals stating their case. The only way something like this is ever going to take off is if there is some real national media coverage to spread the message. Any plans, or Donations being taken to fund a national campaign? Any media connections? Without a much larger voice this type of an event is impossible.

    1. Chuck,
      I love you people, you come onto this site and read one or two articles and you think you know who we are and what we are about. I wish it was as simple as walking down the street and stomping somebody’s ass. I would have done it yesterday.
      I’ve been fighting this problem since way before you ever knew it was a problem. Right now we are calling on our fellow 99ers around the country to target the press in following, investigating, and discrediting them through you tube until the black out on the 99er issue ceases.
      You will find on this site a Think Tank. If you think you have the magic solution maybe you should go there and enlighten the rest of us so we can get to work on it. You might also want to take a look at our Hometown Corporate Mafia page where we are setting the stage for an attack on those at the grass roots who are oppressing us.
      I really don’t like wasting my time trying to explain myself to people like you as it is time I could be spending fighting for the cause.
      By the way you could go to our Organized Resistance page or the Nationwide Rally page and list your state. I mean if you are really looking to organize, slowly but surely that is what we are doing right here.

      1. Henry: very well put and to Chuck: Anything can be accomplished with a will and a way voices will be heard whether you have the press coverage allerted or not they will be involved once they get wind of what we are doing a prime example is one woman named Wild Horse Annie who rode on horseback from Reno Nevada getting signatures along the way to Washington DC in order to save the wild mustangs from being slaughtered. She accomplished her goal and therefor there was a law written to protect these horses under penalty of fines and jail time. She was only one woman but she got all the media coverage all over without asking. I do know that this happened in the mid 60’s and it is a different world now, but you can bet that when people start marching that the media will be on their tail it’s called news.

        1. I have e mailed all 3 TV stations in my area to ask them to get the message of the 99’ers out and get congress to get these 2 bills out of committees and passed. (bills S3706 and HR6556 ) All to no avail. I guess you have to be wealthy to be noticed. Tax cuts don’t HELP the economy. Jobless benefits put $ 1.62 into the economy for every $1.00 of benefits paid.

          My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families in Az. affected by the recent shooting but I’m irate that Congress would use this tragedy to get another week vacation. It should be business as usual. They should be in Session until they get these bills out of the committees and reintroduced onto the floor and passed. We need to remind them that 99’ers still VOTE. They all let us down last time. IF YOU CAN’T OPEN UP THE JOB MARKET, THEN GIVE US JOBLESS AMERICANS SOME MUCH NEEDED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE UNTIL ALL THESE JOBS ARE AVAILABLE. Do what is right by us and come election day you may still be in office.

  6. you can talk about hr6556 all day but the bill is not sign there is no need to talk about it the rent man the bank do not want to hear that they want the money seconds ago and the barba lee has no pool if she did than the bill will be sign wake the fuck you poeple the goverment has put the 99ers away for good the got what they wanted so why should they care about the 99ers only one thing matters bill sign and put into law you can talk write protest all you but ask me this is the bill signed you should have protest before the tax cuts bill got sign and put hr6556 in the bill and all this talk about this bill is not helping poeple get the money they need to eat live and do other important things they need to do so why talk about a unsign bill that gets pushed to the side if the babra lee can get it sign this week than im wrong but if not i just proved a point this goverment only cares about it self and the rich that pays them off the goverment is for sale if you have the cash than you can get any bill pass
    thank you for reading this

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