99ers Get Ready, It’s Coming

Well we are closing in on the New Year and it would be nice to be looking at 2011 as a new start with potential for new opportunities.  But then that god damned old reality keeps getting in the way.  A rich corporate business man, speaking on Bloomberg, said that the rich were still holding on to $2 trillion because the uncertainty in reference to taxes was still looming.  In essence the huge tax cuts given to the top 2% is not going to create one job.

This rich fellow went on to state that a majority of the stimulus monies were being spent on investments in China, and of course he was laughing when he said it.  He finished by saying that he predicted that the states, in order to stay fiscally solvent, will be cutting between one and two million jobs from the public sector.

Another economist on Fox News declared that we are going to have to cut unemployment benefits down to thirteen weeks and change the percentage at which full employment is considered to exist from 5% to 8% of the work force.  Now that is genius at work.  End the crisis by changing the criteria.  Think of like this, if 8% unemployed is considered full employment for our country we are only 1.8% away from full recovery.  And what of those 8% that will be removed from the equation?  Well the man said they are going to have to find a way to deal with them.  Wonder what that means.

Here is a clue; a commentator on MSMBC was talking about the Philadelphia Eagles delaying their game because of the blizzard.  He said that the Americans are a bunch of wooses and that the Chinese would never let a storm stop them, which reminded me of another comment the fellow from Bloomberg made saying that the middle class in China Is exploding.

This scenario is also being used to explain why we have to pay more than $3.00 per gallon for gasoline.  You see all those Chinese in that exploding middle class are buying brand new cars, creating more demand for gas, thus higher prices.  Don’t you just love the way they use that supply and demand scenario whenever they can find a way to work it in?  And then when there is a large jump in prices that cannot be connected to supply and demand, it suddenly becomes a mystery as to what happened.

The fact is that the banksters are taking the bailout monies that were supposed to free up credit and they are buying oil futures, thus driving the price up and making billions.  What a country.  We give them the knife to cut our throats with.

I predict that by the end of February we are going to see massive job losses, which are going to be blamed on lack of confidence brought on by the government’s failure to give more tax cuts to the rich.  This will be followed by attacks on Unemployment Compensation, Social Security, and Medicare.  Hell of a choice they are giving us, poverty under socialism or poverty under the robber barons.

As for the 99ers maybe they will find their fighting spirit when they are down on the ground and having the boots taken to them.  Sometimes it takes a good ass kicking to snap people back into reality.  Well, get ready, it’s coming.


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  1. The America that we knew has been stolen by the rich. As for Tier 5 Now, don’t hold your breath. The bastards have no intention of giving it to us ! God Bless you and your family, Ricky.

  2. Henry,

    This article is absolutely correct. So what are we going to do about all this shit. I am way beyond sick of all this crap. All these potential employers are no better than our sorry ass goverment. Writing all these dam cover letters begging them to hire me and even offering to work for free for a while. I have had 1 job to speak of my entire life which lasted nearly 25 years until they shut down, now it is if I am on some sort of a black-list or something everywhere I apply for a job.

    This morning I read where they say gas No doubt this time will be at least 5 dollars a gallon by early 2012.

    1. Mark,
      I had a good job transporting custom cars all over the country. It was perfect as my children are all grown and my wife and I were essentially traveling the country and making money doing so. That was before diesel fuel went to $5.00 per gallon. The company I worked for was small but prosperous and growing. Within two months it went out of business.
      As for being on a list, you are. As soon as they run your credit, which every employer does, they find out that you are among the long term unemployed who were specifically targeted for culling. You see most of the 99ers had been working good jobs for 20 to 30 years. We are the first generation that really paid attention to living healthy. We were looking at retiring with a good pension and social security for many years to come. Now here we sit. Too old to start over again, too young to retire. I believe it is their intent that none of us ever work again.
      As for what we can do about it, the first act must be to take the propaganda machine head on. I have said how we can do this but I think the actions I have suggested would put most of the 99ers too far out of their comfort zone. http://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/99ers-launch-a-counterattack/1167 So I guess we will have to wait a little while longer until their comfort zones are completely destroyed. They will be weaker going into the fight, but that is the price you pay for making your camp at the headwaters of denial.
      All we here can do is soldier on and wait.

    2. I’m getting the same feeling about some sort of black-list, Mark. Of the hundreds and hundreds of job applications and resumes I’ve submitted ( online and in person ) over the last two and a half years, I’ve only been called in for one interview ! And they gave that job to a younger guy, even though I was more qualified. It’s like a red light goes on on the employer’s computer and saying ” don’t hire, too old, subversive “, but they don’t know that because they haven’t even met me yet. I’ve never been unemployed longer than three months in my entire life. I know this sounds pretty stupid, and I know there are millions of people doing the same thing I’m doing, but one interview in two and a half years ? Pretty damn discouraging, but I’m hangin’ in there. Good luck, bro.

      1. This black list may be a reality. It seems as if everything is working against us 99ers. This is not something that has an easily identifiable motive, but certainly something that is planned. Maybe it is time to begin with population reduction as oil reserves begin to dry up. Without oil, this level of population (across the world) will cease to be the size that it is. Fact of the matter, something is brewing and it certainly is not good. I probably should stop ranting before I end up on some sort of special watch list. I would advise some reading of Wells, Huxley, and a variety of others to open one’s mind. Remember, nothing “just happens”, rather everything happens for a reason.

        Good luck on your job searching, I am in the same boat as all of you. Being a 99er is much more than having received 99 weeks of UI…

  3. Mark — There is nothing else we can do other than spread the word and try and get the unemployed to join us. There are a lot of us who spend hours a day spreading the word and trying to get people to join us by leaving their name, state and the address of their unemployment office. Not a big request, right? However our numbers are not growing. We still don’t have enough people to do anything. I think they are afraid and until being afraid has being replaced by anger, nothing is going to change. There are millions of 99ers. I even post on facebook and still no one joins us. If anyone has a new idea, I would love to hear it.

    1. Barbara99er-GA

      Gee! With all of Henry’s positive input can’t imagine why anybody’s afraid! Hey Henry…have you got the Apaches and the Abrams in place?

          1. By the way, Henry:

            “What the hell are you talking about” could also be expressed as ” What do you mean by that?”

            Whatever. So you’re Mike Tyson chewing ears off?


    1. By the way Henry, what actually happened at the DMV? Why was it so traumatic? Should we know more about the great state of Oregon? Curious.

      1. Brian, My license was set to expire in August and when I went in to get it renewed I couldn’t as the identification I had used all my life was no longer adequate. I was given an extension which ended yesterday. You see I had to pay the state of Florida $10 so that they would send me a copy of my original slave title. I have a commercial driver license. I was told back in August that I could get a regular driver license and would have until next August to get a physical and the extra money to have the CDL endorsements put on my license. When I went in yesterday they said the only way I could get a driver license was to surrender my CDL endorsement and then when I wanted to get them back I would have to pay to retake all the tests again.
        The bottom line is today I do not have a driver license as I refused to surrender my CDL endorsements. Now, instead of $40 to renew my license, I have to find $160.
        Note, they just started making people surrender their endorsements. Why? Because the people at the DMV lost a big portion of their pension during the stock market crash, but unlike we in the private sector who just had to eat the loss they are going to get their money back. They are going to take it from the guy on the other side of the counter, which would be you and me.
        I hope this clears things up.

        1. Yeah, Henry, it just keeps getting worse and worse. I just relocated back to Tennessee . Now to exchange a valid DL from any other state requires a birth certificate…unless you’re illegal of course. As far as anything close the the level of idiocy they are putting you through I have not seen such anywhere…yet. And what you said about the medical industry there is mind boggling.

          Man! We sure had a great country once! This is rampant madness. Keep heart and please keep the great articles coming. Thanks for your response.

  4. Defensively combative I see as good. Instinctively and reactively hostile? I think that could be an internal enemy. This is gonna be a long, hard road and we need to be very careful and cool. New game in town.

    Goodness on your household.

    1. What the hell? Did you win the Lottery or something? You sure had me going for a minute. I’m glad you can still make jokes. If we couldn’t we probably would never survive. Have a good evening Brian.

      1. Barbara,

        No…no lottery winnings! They keep picking the wrong numbers! Apparently they just don’t want me to win and I play at least three times a year! Probably a conspiracy against me because I’m of Scotch/Irish decent. Trying to find a law firm to defend me in this obvious case of blatant discrimination but none of them seem interested. This is an outrage and I intend to take it to the Supreme Court!

        Hang on Barbara.

  5. What I would like to see us do is start preparing dossiers on all the Congressmen. These “fact sheets” will do several things for us…It will allow us to understand who we are truly up against, It will expose weakness that might be exploited in our favor, and it will cause the congressmen to take notice that the unemployed (the little folks to these Aristocratic Elitists) are getting organized. First step in any engagement is to know your enemy. The dossiers are pretty easy to put together, there is enough public information available on these people, that we could get some interesting reading. While we are working on these dossiers we need to the let the press know that we are collecting information on all congressmen in order to determine who we will recommed to our constituency of over 15 million people for reelection in 2012, and that if they cover this, we would happily turn over any tidbits of information that might be discovered….Additionally, we can add the VP and President, and all potential candidates for election in 2012…This will cause heads to turn…Email me at gordon@unemployedandangry.com if you are interested…

    1. An idea just to throw into the mix and expand upon is in regard to elections. There is around 2 years before the next big round of elections. Perhaps, 99ers across the nation should begin to campaign and go forward with an attempt at taking political control. Is it not time that the majority (the working class) run a country made up of mainly themselves? Since when should the unwealthy become subservient to the wealthy? I have more ideas in regard to this if anyone is interested in hearing such things.

      1. James, We have been living under a system of political apartheid for the past thirty years. When the minority was ruling the majority in South Africa the world condemned it in unison. But when it is going on right here in America they call it hard economic times.
        Any suggestions on taking action that will move us forward are always welcome and your ideas are sound if the 99ers and all the unemployed unite. We do absolutely have the numbers to decide any election. All we can hope is that our oppressed brethren and sisteren realize what power we weld before they figure out a way to exterminate us.

        1. I could not agree with you more! I have only just recently acquired the “red pill”, not to mention I am of the younger crowd. Much deception is at hand. I was looking for a group like this a while ago, I just stumbled upon here today. The moment that I realized that “it” has yet to hit the fan came when I did some research on the Bonus Army. It will come as no surprise, but my public education failed to mention anything about the Bonus Army. I hope for unity like that of the Bonus Army amongst us 99ers, just more organization and less fear in the powers that be.

          I think the first step we must take as a group is to organize through many different means. This website is a good start. Spreading the link online is also a good plan. Has anyone considered passing out literature about this group and its cause at key places where 99ers can be found? Places like DSS, food banks, free health clinics, etc. Working on a small brochure is something that should begin soon. I do not feel it is safe to rely solely on the internet to spread our message. That is the message of the 99ers. Internal organization is needed as well. The group must have an established chain of command for all the decisions that will come. From here, making the group a physical reality must happen. A group that supports its members, is a group with loyal members.

          My fear is that Big Bro will view such a group as more than just a media threat. Seeing as to how they love to label any individual or group that goes against the established “American Norm” as numerous things, namely a label that starts with “T” and ends with “ist” , and yes I won’t say it because I don’t want a random web sweep to pick up on it.

          Being paranoid is being safe =P

          I’d like to have more conversations with those that are responsible for the birth of this group, I feel as if I could provide some good thought contributions at minimum.

          Take care everyone!

          1. James, Right again. Some of us out here have handed out cards in parking lots in the big cities. If five thousand of us did the same, the next week it would be ten thousand and so on and so on.
            Like I said earlier, I hope people wake up in time. It is too bad that our forefathers didn’t go all the way after WWI, I guess at least they still had hope.

    2. Gordon, The idea is sound and makes every sense. We have been compiling information on politicians from the beginning on our Know Your Enemies page. But the idea of keeping the information back is sound. If we had true organization, just think of what an intelligence net we would have. Anyway I support your idea one hundred percent.

  6. Brian, I want some of what you’re smokin’. You’re the happiest person I’ve encountered on this site ! Keep it up, though. It’s good for us to laugh, especially since there’s not much to laugh about these days. Henry, I’m sorry to hear about your DMV run in. I had a similar experience the other day at the Department Anti-Social Services. I went in to get some help to pay our power and heating bill. I haven’t had any income since my UI benefits ran out Oct. 3rd. Unfortunately, my son and I didn’t fit they’re GUIDELINES ! To qualify, I need to be 60 years old ( I’m 59 and 10 months old ), or on disability ( no luck there ), and my son, through no fault of his own, can’t be over 5 years old. When asked what I was supposed to do when it gets shut off, you’re not gonna believe this, I was told to buy candles, don’t take a shower, eat cold food and let the rest rot, and dress warmly. ” It’s a beautiful world ” Devo.

    1. Sam, Look at the bright side, you only have to wear a coat and take cold showers and burn candles for two more months.

      1. Henry, I guess I better start worrying about what’s going to happen after two more months, but the positive input is appreciated.

    2. Good God! Sam…you really just told one hell of a story in few words. I had no idea that social svcs could operate like that. Shocking…truly appalling! I wish you a way forward and wish I could offer something constructive. Hang on, Sam…and good luck!

      1. Thanks, Brian. We’re hanging on, and we can use all the luck we can get. I know what you mean about them picking the wrong lottery numbers !

  7. To start with, let me say that I am employed but sympathetic, I come across a lot of un/underemployed people in my job and I thought extending tax breaks for folks who can afford to pay them was lame.

    Now then, what I wanted to point out is that the chart graphic used predicting loss caused by outsourcing labor is from 2004, meaning that it was computed based on policies preceding the current administration’s. So being against the folk in charge seems a little misdirected, rather we need to encourage change away from *that* administration. We actually tried that in 2008 and yet now after allowing just two years to fix everything we put them right back in charge. How are we explaining this??

    1. I put the chart up because it had to do with outsourcing and fit the article. I didn’t realize it was the wrong date. However, the facts in the article are current. The bottom line is they are all thieves, Demopublicans and Republicrats. If we are to win this war we must break free of the false left-right paradigm and realize it is them against us.

  8. I am really glad that I came across this website. I have been reading all of the articals that have been offered and the replys and I agree with all for the most part I also have been unemployed since Jan.2008 and have lost benifits in Nov. this year. I have spent countless hrs.a day looking for work any kind as I have experience in many fields to no avail. I do believe that all of the comments on this page are true as I have experianced them all myself from the black list against the time being unemployed to age discrimination ect. I have no choice but to go on social security which will pay $661.00 a month where as U.I. payed me $265.00. a week. The idea of organization is a sound one as is the facts sheet on our gov. it puts me in mind of a woman called Wild horse Annie who on horseback rode from Reno Nv collecting names on a patition to the White House to save the American Mustangs from being slautered and it worked because of the coverage of the media she recieved. Just think she was only one woman. Where there is a will there is a way. I would not be opposed to walking from AZ collecting names on a patition to the White House if it means that people would get their benifits back. There is something going on in this country it’s called greed and lets put the baby-boomers out to pasture and maybe they will die off as we are the shakers and the makers of this country. I can’t afford heat but I still have the internet and with my last breath I will not shut up.

    1. Diana Woitaszewski.
      I hear many good ideas every day but the bottom line is all will be for not until we break the media blackout. If we all concentrate our efforts on an outright attack on the media as outlined in the article http://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/99ers-launch-a-counterattack/1167
      We must realize that there are obstacles which have been put in our way in order to stop us from reaching our goal. The first obstacle we must move is the mainstream propaganda machine which is at present silencing our voices.

    1. 14 weeks is meaningless another 99 weeks is what is needed. Nothing is going to change for years to come. Anything that is spewed forth by the media is garbage. The rich are only getting richer while the poor only get poorer.

      Rep. Lee needs to re-think her posistion, it does nobody any good. It’s a drop in the bucket and she knows it. Actually it’s insulting, compared to what was given to the filthy rich.

      1. I agree, Mark. A nice way of putting it is, it’s a short term solution to a long term problem. My way of putting it is, it’s pure unadulterated horseshit. All the money these assholes spend on foreign aid, meaningless wars, bailing out their rich bankster buddies, themselves, and all we rate is 14 stinking weeks ! 14 weeks, and then what ? We’re all going to magically find jobs, where there are no jobs ? These people think we’re really, really stupid, bothers and sisters. We are not ! And I, for one, have run out of patience. My son and I will be homeless next week, and I find this unacceptable. I’m an American citizen,LEGALLY BORN and raised, but illegal aliens are being treated better than I am. Really, mr. PRESIDENT ? Can’t wait to hear The State of the Unionized Liars Address. It should be very uplifting and believable. Unite, people, or it’s cattle-car time.

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