99ers Get up Close and Personal With our Enemies

The new Congress will be convening on the 5th and the false Tea Partiers will be raising the hatchet to the poor, unemployed, old, and even the middle class.  The way Obama is talking it is like he is getting ready to go to his high school reunion.  If the population of this country et.al. could just come to grips with the reality of the false left-right paradigm and realize there are no Democrats or Republicans but only a group of international gangsters that want to finish extracting every last morsel of our wealth and take off to their chateaus in Switzerland while we are left to starve in the third world we might actually stand a chance of salvaging a future for our progeny.

In the United States, the richest country on the planet, there are today children going hungry while the greedy rich spend every waking hour trying to figure new ways to take food out of poor children’s mouths.

We will be putting up a new page on From the Trenches World Report.  It will be called “Hometown Traitors.”  The rich elite have divided the United States into individual corporate fiefdoms.  This is how we are oppressed at the grass roots.  I will begin the party by releasing an expose on the corporate lord that now controls the land I used to freely walk upon.  I will show you how lowdown and dirty these people are and how easily they are exposed.

If in every fiefdom across the country there is one patriot who will expose their corporate lord we can start making them sweat.  Once everyone knows who they are, then if a single person in a small community decides he or she wants to take action against one of their misery makers, there will be no guessing as to who the guilty party is.  If these local money moguls see themselves being targeted by the peasants they will start rattling the cages of those occupying the highest seats of power.

The only security our local oppressors have is their anonymity.  Imagine thousands of people in a small city who are suffering the most grievous deprivations.  And then one day they find out that Mr. Onceler who lives at 666 Silk Stocking Avenue is the one who has been personally administering their pain.  Then imagine Mr. Onceler, who has been gleefully hurting thousands by administering his treasonous policies through third parties, like the mayor, the commissioners, the courts and the sheriffs, realizes everyone knows it is him.  These snakes try to stay out of site.  But that will become hard when there are thousands of hungry eyes looking for them.

This is a strategy that will work and nobody has an excuse not to participate.  I live in a town of 700 people.  The nearest city has a population of around 20,000 and is thirty miles away, and I am going to show you how it is done.  It will take a couple of days to get the page up, after which we can all start hammering away on something the internet censors cannot stop.

This coupled with a coordinated attack on the mainstream media will produce results if everyone who comes to this site will participate.  If we do this and force our success to be reported by the mainstream propagandists, the 99ers will unite at our sides in overwhelming numbers.  After which we can dictate our demands to the international corporate mafia.

The hardest aspect to this plan is as always, spreading the word.  It is indeed a handicap having your enemy intertwined in your communications.  But I tell you this, if we had ten thousand people communicating through this site we would become something that, though they hated, they would have no choice but to tolerate us.

We now have twelve months before we have to face another Christmas worse than the last, but I swear to you we can change this by doing one simple thing, and that is start fighting like Americans.  We did not conquer this continent by being afraid of using every tactic at our disposal.  99ers, if we want to win we must break away from the conventional and get up close and personal with our enemies.


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  1. I am new to this site a friend told me about it so I thought I would check it out. I am glad that I have I am a 99er I guess ( although I didn’t recieve 99 weeks) and these articles are very enlighting. I have always known that our government has been corrupted by money and power since after the Kennedy administration,but didn’t realise that it was this bad these people need to be exposed for what they are to the public any way possible they are bleeding the American people dry to line their own pockets and using us for blame. What is happening in this country is totally unamerican.

    1. Dee Dee,

      Unamerican? It is inhuman. This is economic genocide. Despotism cannot be purged from the human condition any more than can any other aspect of perverse human behavior. This has puzzled philosophers and theologians since the dawn of civilization. Have you ever wondered how you could be of the same species as Jeffery Dahmer? Charles Manson or Adolph Hitler? This is evil itself and can only be controlled and suppressed by societal law and never in the history of civilization has there been anything equally successful to our constitution in this endeavor that I am aware of. If we can get these oligarchs prosecuted under constitutional law we save our nation. If not we are about to fall into the abyss of totalitarian rule the like of which the world has never seen.

      The challenges facing humanity are gargantuan and I believe what we are witnessing is the result of a precision plan to reduce the human population of the planet both in numbers and economic stature. The question is will the free population of the world be able to do anything to stop it?

      When we consider that very, very few are even aware of the dimension of power that is held over us let alone the degree of ruthlessness and self righteousness that resides in the belief system of these individuals the answer to this question seems to be that only something truly miraculous could change the course they have set us on.

      I think our first concern is to not lose heart. If we do our minds stop working and we will then be truly helpless and doomed.

      Keep heart Dee Dee. One day at a time. That’s the first fight.

      1. By the way…don’t you think our friend Henry is setting a pretty fine example in that regard! Here’s to ya’ Henry!

          1. Brian, I need no applause, no gold, no glory. Just a living wage to take me into my old age.
            Things seem pretty dead on the site right now, guess everybody forgot Monday’s a work day.
            Which begs the question, what does a dog do on his day off? Especially an old dog who is refusing to learn new tricks.

  2. I’m with you. We need to start making our “reps” scurry like roaches when the light is turned on…and get them on video running away. If we don’t expose who they are, nothing will change.

    1. Change is a must otherwise we all will be under some other countries thumb and it’s already started while the people still have a voice it needs to be heard load and clear and that means exposure be any means possible. Dig up the dirt on the people resposible or we will be digging our own graves. Rally together for one cause The Truth!!!

    1. Thanks Sam I am glad I found this site. This country was a great country for the people by the people one nation under God ,but somewhere it got lost in greed and it’s not just about the 99ers it’s alot more but this is a good place to start I am a baby boomer and we are movers and shakers it’s time to rumble.

  3. Welcome Dee Dee. Glad you are joining us and Henry I am more than ready for this next step. This is what I have been hoping for and I will do everything possible to get this going. Excellent article.

  4. I have followed this site for a couple of months. I always see the same people posting so i thought i would join. The term 99ers is a joke i personally collected for 56 weeks. I know alot of unemployed people but no 99ers. This is just a # the government implents to make us seem lazy. Even the employees at the unemployment office no this is a lie. I pray they pass a tier 5 even if it is tied to community service beats looking for a job all day that doesnt exist. Keep up the good work.

          1. if u golf and are indepently wealthy but i do love the beach lived on a beach pretty much my whole life all 46 years of it this is a nice place BUT!!!!!

    1. Yes I also collected for about 60 weeks. I have heard alot of talk about people on unemployment or have lost ours that we would rather get a free handout than work. I say walk a mile in my shoes then voice your opinion. as for the 5th tier passing I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. I guess I have lost faith in this system.

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