99ers Send Barry Home

The unemployment rate dropped from 9.8% to 9.4% in the month of December.  No it did not, this is a bald-faced lie and the people putting it forth know it is.  This is what they did.  Remember last month when everyone was asking if the 99ers were going to have their numbers counted and made a part of the equation?

The true rate of unemployment in this country is 15%.  The 9.8% that is the rate the propagandists use is derived at by counting only those receiving unemployment benefits.  So what these scum bags did was put forth the lie that they went out and did a house by house survey and determined that 1 million of the 15 million unemployed had just decided to quit looking for work and starve to death.  (I don’t remember being asked, do you?)

It’s not bad enough that they concocted this fraud but when they took the 1 million away from the 15 million, they took it away from the 9.8% which is supposed to be calculated by counting those receiving unemployment instead of the 5.2% of unemployed no longer receiving benefits.

In a couple of instances in one line statements the propagandists admitted that this was the truth.

Of course after this phony, fake, lying report came out, Obama appeared at a pre-scheduled press conference to build on the lie.  This two-bit, South Chicago con man thinks there are enough people out here who cannot see a simple slight-of-hand to allow him to go on with his deception.

Some articles back I told you about some statements being made by the propagandists in reference to lowering the full employment rate.  You see, as things stand today, if 5% of the work force is unemployed that is considered full employment.  They now want to raise that number to 8%.  Now Barry Badgates and Company can make the change to 8% and convince the general public that each and every month between now and the election that 1 million more unemployed have just decided they are not going to look for work anymore.

By the time the election rolls around they can lie the unemployment rate right down to 8%, and voila, reelect Barry Soetoro, the man who gave us zero unemployment, and as the international corporate mafia controls the mainstream media our screams of “liar” will go unnoticed.

Unless we all change our voter affiliation to non-partisan and vote as a single block, we will have no way to punish his treason. I never liked Barry Soetoro from the get go, but I can now envision him as a two bit street thug knocking old ladies in the head to steal their Social Security checks.  This two bit dirt bag has no conscience and truly redefines the word “sleazy.”

So unless the 99ers want to be run over by a South Chicago street punk, they had better start attacking the press, identifying their hometown corporate mafia, and changing their voter affiliation in preparation for voting him out of office and sending him back to the sleazy streets of Chicago from whence he came.

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  1. just another way of sweeping us under the carpet.The dam media won t even report the truth!!! What are they affraid of that s is what keeps people honest knowing that they could be exposed at anytime for wrong doing.Reorter s now report what there told and don t even fact check the shit there spuing. I am no college grad but I sure am street smart. Ive lived in 5 differnt state s growing up and if i laerned anything it was when i was being takin avantage of or riped off. These guy s are nothing more than street thugs with a good suit.There hiding behind the rich that protect them so they can get what the corp. mafia wants. We need to stand up people let them and the rest of the county see our numbers or we are bound to be just another number that they can change.

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