99ers This War is far from Over

The “Let’s Disarm Americans” communists are using the tragedy in Tucson to attack from every quarter, though it is being reported that Jared Lee Loughner was not coaxed into insanity by another’s words or easy access to firearms.   These left-wing communists should be considered as nothing more than tragedy vultures.  Jared Loughner is a very sick individual.  It was reported that he had put up a shrine in a tent in his parent’s backyard for the purpose of what is known as “the offering of oranges” which equates to some kind of black magic voodoo.

The Tucson shootings are tragic, but they are the result of the acts of one man.  Just like the murder of John Lennon by Mark Chapman and the attempted assassination of President Ronald Regan by John Hinckley.  If you remember Hinckley’s motive was to impress Jodi Foster.

John Green the father of Christina Taylor Green, the nine year old shot to death on Saturday, in an interview said that he did not want his daughter’s death used as a political tool to further erode our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.  The man was visibly in the deepest throes of agony as he spoke.  And anyone who could not feel sympathy for him for the loss of his beautiful little daughter would have to be considered cold-hearted.

But there was someone.  AOL writer Jeanne Sager in a parenting blog cafemom.com writes, “Seeing the couple on Dateline NBC last night, my first inclination was to grit my teeth and ask what kind of parent is ready to go on national TV 24 hours after the loss of their child?  The same type of parents who paraded their child out in a book about babies born on 9/11/01? They don’t deserve to be parents if they’re going to use horrors for their own gains.  …watching the Greens so exacting as they spoke of their daughter, so unfeeling. What, you couldn’t even summon a tear for your little girl? Everywhere I look, they’re talking to the media. To Fox News. To USA Today.”

Anyone who has seen the Greens on any of the broadcasts knows that it was all they could do to choke back the tears.  Many gun control advocates are clearly upset in not being able to use Christina to further their cause.

The tragedy vultures are not only attacking our 2nd Amendment right to own and bear arms but also our 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech.  It is reported that legislation is going to be introduced to expand Title 18 which deals with specific threats to the President to include all members of the House and Congress.  They further want to expand the act to say that any speech that they interpret as a threat to be included.  This will mean simple phrases like, “We are targeting an individual to be voted out,” or even “Throw the bums out” could land you in prison under a terrorism charge.  The propaganda is full of one liner slogans from past elections that would fall under the category.

Sarah Palin has been especially targeted for her use of scope cross-hairs in ads targeting specific elections and also her slogan, “Don’t retreat, reload.”  It was interesting however that none of the left-wing commie propagandists mentioned President Obama’s statements he used when talking about the upcoming battle in the House and Senate.  He stated, “They will be bringing a pocket knife to the fight, we will be bringing a gun.”

These left-wing psychos are pushing for literal thought control.  In many schools in our nation children are being disciplined for pointing their index finger at another child while raising their thumb.  I guess the theory is that finger guns lead to Uzis as sure as mother’s milk leads to heroin.  This is beyond ridiculous.  It is goofy.

But the fact is people are not falling for it.  What happened Saturday, happened Saturday and this is Tuesday and we are right back where we were on Friday, with an out of control government hell bent on taking everything we have and leaving us to starve to death in the cold. If the pea brains in Washington have an ounce of sense between them, they will back away from their present frenzy and get to work trying to quiet the anger they have aroused in the American people.

As for the Tucson shootings there are a lot of questions that we the people need to have answered, like what drove this individual to insanity.  I personally would like to know if he was using or had been using any mind altering drugs, such as Prozac or Zoloft.  In literally every school shooting that has occurred in the past twenty years the perpetrators were under the influence of mind altering drugs.

How can we try to make sure nothing like this ever happens again if we do not understand why it happened?  And this is not a matter that our government needs to take care of for us, out of our sight and hearing.  The fact is there are not a whole lot of people left out here that trust this government and the less they disclose the more it looks like they are trying to hide something.

Blaming political speech and trying to ban our guns only fuels discontent.  It is always the mistake of the tyrant when he or she has over asserted control over the people to the point that violence erupts.  That instead of backing off and trying to calm the situation they react by attempting to assert more control, which always results in more violence.

We 99ers cannot back off one inch in our stance.  We are suffering grievously at the hands of those posing as our representatives and the propagandists are their front line troops.  And they all follow the dictates of the international corporate mafia that is destroying our country, thus they are still our enemies and this is still a war.  May God let it be a war that can be won without violence, though considering the way the propagandists jumped on the tragedy in Tucson to use it to attack our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, violence may be unavoidable.



0 thoughts on “99ers This War is far from Over

    1. Just a little dry humor of course. Believe me, these clowns have one hell of a long way to go before that ugly scenario. I don’t now how I would survive with out freely voicing my opinions. Just the thought of it gets me nauseous.

  1. Henry,

    It’s funny that you should mention that their intention is to leave us starving and out in the cold. I just watched Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy theory about the BP disaster and concluded my suspicion of it, as well, being a scam. That is their intention entirely. They want to screw with our Eco system and re-rout the Gulf stream as to create a mini ice age like what happened in the 1700’s. While this is happening they are poisoning our ocean and seafood supply with the chemical that they used to “break down” the crude oil even after the BPA asked them to stop using it.
    I was wondering if maybe you could enlighten us on your take of the fema camps and the CIA and homeland security red, blue, and yellow list in one of your up coming articles. I have reading a bit about that and feel that it is a crucial subject that most Americans are not yet aware of. I myself have been trying to tell as many people as I can about the bill HR645 but I need help spreading the word because one voice can only go so far.

  2. FEMA camps are little more than concentration camps. Open your eyes, everyone. We are being starved for a reason. I was unjustly denied for assistance, like numerous others. I get vague excuses and told to wait for mail. We are sheep. Excuse my language, but these fucking monsters have ill intention for us, the citizens of this country. The lies spewing from the mass media are disgusting. If mass media wasn’t controlled, there would certainly be more said about those that are suffering. I fear the repercussions of me posting such thoughts on the internet, but someone must spill the beans. The constitution was created to prevent a government from being tyrannical. Each passing day sees more and more laws that obstruct this. Charles Dyer, better known as July 4 Patriot, has messages you should consider. Search his name and find his youtube channel. People, I do not wish to spread fear or animosity, but this nation is in great danger.
    If you disregard what I am saying, that is fine. It tells me, you are only just new to being a 99er or are terribly naive. Simply voting in new officials will not solve the problem. The problem is that most officials, do not represent the true majority of this nation. That is the middle and lower class, the working class. This nation was founded because of a lack of representation. How is our current situation any better?
    I really must stop here, perhaps it is paranoia, but I can’t help but fear a black bag heading my way. After all, I am on the bottom, who would notice me not being around… things are easily covered up as well…
    May the God you place your trust in protect you and watch over those you care about.
    Best wishes and God speed my friends.

    1. It starts here, this is worth viewing. Please approve of this reply being published, all need to see this. If this is not published, I must refrain from ever venturing back here to share more information and more truth. Best Wishes and God Speed.

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