99ers Unemployed Class Warfare?

Upscale homes in Cape Cod, Massachusetts are being targeted by arsonist(s) who it is speculated may be waging an anarchist type war against the rich.  There is also the possibility that the arson is being perpetrated for other reasons and the signatures left by the arsonist(s) are designed to throw authorities off their trail.  The arsonist(s) reportedly spray painted “F*@% the Rich” on the side of one of the houses that was attacked.

Some are speculating that if this is a form of class warfare it is being fueled by comments being made in Washington DC by lawmakers like Bernie Sanders who frequently mentions class warfare. The mainstream propagandists are trying to correlate the arson with the debate over extending tax cuts for the rich, comparing the opposition to the tax cuts to the opposition to tuition hikes in Britain, which led to Prince Charles and his wife Camilla having the Rolls Royce they were riding in attacked by protesters shouting, “Off with their heads.”

Who the arsonist(s) are and what their motive is can in no way be determined at this early stage.  But excluding young anarchists who just want to cause trouble and care not what the consequences bring, logic would dictate that any person taking such action would have to be desperate to the point of being deranged.  And what could drive a person to become so deranged?  Well I would think that losing your job and everything you own and being put out on the street must be considered a possibility.

The 99ers have been doing everything our limited resources will allow to bring attention to the blatant injustices we are suffering.  I pray that our people are not becoming so desperate as to see arson as the only way we can gain the attention of the press.  If so the press should share the blame as they spend all day reporting on matters of no consequence like what Prince William and his bride to be will be doing on their honeymoon, or the squirrel in the lady’s bathroom.  The fact that the problem of the 99ers is so widespread and omnipresent makes one wonder as to the motive of those who are trying to accomplish a complete news blackout in reference to the issue.

If per chance the person or persons who committed the arson is among our ranks and happens to read this article, I tell you this is not the way.  If we are to succeed in our endeavor we must maintain the moral high ground.  Acts of arson can only lead to demonization of those who perpetrate them.  I am not saying that the continuously worsening situation with the unemployed will not lead to violence.  But if it is to be violence we cannot allow it to be said that we did not try every peaceable avenue available first.

I hope everybody out there is working on the Change your Party Affiliation to Non-Partisan on January 3rd Campaign which catalyzes our effort to unite and be counted so that we can force our so called representatives to acknowledge what they already know.  And that is that we are in dire straits and that the majority of us want only peaceful solutions.  However when you put people out in the cold to starve they can become like a cornered animal, in short, people with nothing to lose are being tormented daily and being ignored, and when they are not ignored they are being condemned as a bunch of lazy malcontents.  Such treatment can make people become dangerous.

To anyone in the press who might read this:  You might think about going out into the streets and reporting the truth about the 99ers.


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  1. Please pardon my ignorance, but where do you go to change your party affiliation to non-partisan ? I’ve never voted, so I guess I don’t have a party affiliation, but I’d like it to be non-partisan. Thank you.

    1. Sam,
      Post offices, libraries, the DMV, anywhere you find voter registration cards. Just fill it out and mail it in. Some states let you change your affiliation online if you are already registered.

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