99ers, What Would Jesus Do?

Peace on Earth, good will toward men.  Sounds like a noble pursuit but every day we move further away from that reality.  The propaganda brainwashing of the day is centered on selfishness and greed.  It has become a virtue to acquire those thirty pieces of silver by any means under the guise that it creates jobs.

I expect any day to see a remake of The Passion wherein Judas is portrayed as a caring business man who rose above those in his poor company through brilliant ingenuity.  And then portraying Christ as an undesirable trying to disrupt commerce and hurt the economy.

It is Christmas.  Let us take a moment to pay tribute to the other half, those who wear their Sunday face, seven days a week.  These are the people in the small and large communities that give selflessly of themselves to relieve the suffering of their fellow human beings.  You will find these people working in the food pantries and soup kitchens across America.  They hold cake sales, bazaars, and yard sales to raise money that is used to feed, clothe, and house those less fortunate than they.  They seek no other reward than being able to sleep well at night, which most still cannot do not as they know that in this self indulgent world all needless suffering will never end.

When you see the politician on the television exclaiming his Christianity, take note to make a careful comparison to the lowly, local Christian filling food boxes.  To call the former hypocritical is beyond generous.  In fact too many in our society proclaiming their Christianity put on their best clothes and sincerest face and enter the church every Sunday.  They raise their hands to the heavens and proclaim their obedience to God.  Then when Monday morning rolls around, they are right back to lying and stealing to increase their personal fortunes in order that they might present themselves as superior to their contemporaries.  The sickest thing about these people is that they use the cliques they form within the churches in furtherance of their evil deeds.

The Bible tells us that we should turn the other cheek but we have to realize that even Jesus committed a single act of violence.  And what did he find so abhorrent that he lashed out?  It was the evil money lenders and the capitalists within the temple that sought to profit from that which Jesus preached should be given freely to all humankind.

On this day we must look for the best in ourselves while not being blind to the worst in our enemies that would destroy it.  In short, we must continue to fight the good fight and if you are ever in doubt as to the righteousness of your cause, ask yourself, “Would Jesus sanction giving more gold to those who already have mountains of it while his Father’s children starved in the streets?”

God bless and Merry Christmas to everyone.

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  1. You are so right about these people who pretend to be Christians and only demonstrate it during church hours. I know so many of them. I have even tryed to talk to them about it. However, it didn’t work. Everyone just gets mad at me and stops coming around. Also during all the time I have been without income, my own children have not offered to help. So I am faced with the fact that if things get really bad that I could not depend on them. That is very scary. I agreed to cook today, since I didn’t on Thanksgiving, but I would rather just go back to bed and sleep all day. I’ve got to find someway to get out of this mood so at least everyone will enjoy their meal. Merry Christmas everyone.

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