A Bankrupt Corporation Of These United States

Not only is a Corporate America illegal as hell, but it’s now bankrupt, so my question is, how in the hell can anybody expect Americans to show any kind of respect to a commie run corrupt Senate?

When corporations go into bankruptcy they don’t hire thousands of new police to protect their personal homes from a disgusted public, but apparently they do now, as Biden cries about more police to protect his gang of thieves in Washington DC 

This just goes to show you, they know we are fed up and believe me, they have no idea. These people are ignorant sons of guns as to what is going on around them, the Corporation is bankrupt, and that puts them in a peculiar situation, as bankrupt corporations have limited powers, nothing like they used to have before.

As for you and I we have every right to ignore anything this bankrupt corporation expects us to follow, because it’s a public corporation run by corrupt scumbags.

Are we the bondholders, so are the Covid relief monies their way of paying us back?

Or are we the stockholders?

Where does China stand in all of this? These Covid relief funds are being paid to us with China capital, this makes you and I beholden to China, how does that make you feel?

Where will this garbage end, and to what degree?

Something to think about.

“Bondholders have a greater potential for recovering their losses than stockholders, because bonds represent the debt of the company and the company has agreed to pay bondholders interest and to return their principal. Stockholders own the company, and take greater risk. They could make more money if the company does well, but they could lose money if the company does poorly. The owners are last in line to be repaid if the company fails. Bankruptcy laws determine the order of payment”.

Biden is being told by China how to distribute monies to Americans, and by spending it, we are just digging a deeper grave.

9 thoughts on “A Bankrupt Corporation Of These United States

  1. China does not own me or any other free sovereign American national.
    You see, Mark, the whole thing is a fraud and no part of a fraud is lawfully binding to anyone. It is just a crime that needs to be punished. And I don’t give a shit where the money is coming from because it is way past the time when anything can be done about it.
    $28 trillion debt, actually owed to we the people, and 10 million money scams from 10 million angles, all with the prize being my country.
    You see, in the end, the guns will do the talking and the settling and you do not want to make enemies of those who have had everything taken from them and have nothing to lose. We have grown up and come to age in a much tougher place than you did. We are used to having to fight to get what we need. We are just plain tougher than you guys are and we will rip this f-king country apart and there will be no f-king debt and no money people left alive.
    A man can make money. Money does not make a man. Do not try to assume a superior social standing using money as a standard, because in the end equation, when this hell breaks loose, you need to remember in the last five years us poor sons of bitches you think beneath you have made sure that we have the wherewithal to take whatever else we need. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to stop us?
    When the real Americans bust loose, many will be shitting themselves, throwing down their $1000 AR-15s and seeing how fast they can run away. The most dangerous creature on this planet is a man with nothing to lose, watching his family go hungry.
    You will never understand me because you come from a different world. But it would behoove us to all act together, especially those who have not suffered the deprivation all of their lives, like my people, the poor, have. We just flat out f-king outnumber everybody else and are meaner and tougher because we have led meaner and tougher lives.
    They are throwing this little bit of money at us as a stalling tactic, and that is all it will buy them is a little bit of time.
    F-k the money worshippers. Believe it or not, not only do I put my freedom and liberty above my life, but hold on because this one might knock you off your feet, but I put freedom and liberty above money. I can’t be bought because I am not for sale. I have to be taken, and I grew up in the jungle, dog eat dog, and I will not be easily taken, nor will my people, the poor and especially the working poor, who you want to look down your nose at.
    Tread lightly, my friend, and come to Chiloquin, kick back, take your shoes off, and set a spell. I’m not wanting to hurt you, just educate.

    1. “Do not try to assume a superior social standing using money as a standard, because in the end equation, when this hell breaks loose, you need to remember in the last five years us poor sons of bitches you think beneath you have made sure that we have the wherewithal to take whatever else we need. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to stop us?”

      Are you talking to me here? because Ive been broke for the last 30 fcking years, if you think Im above you is like saying Biden doesn’t have alzheimers.

      My real father had a “fling” while married with two sons and a great wife. Threw me away by putting me up for adoption. Last name DeVoy.

      Then along comes an extremely smart man whos name was Edward Schumacher, yes a CEO of a little corporation called Global Van Lines, adopted both me and my little sister. Yeah, gave me a unbelievable life, that all ended in 1984 because of deregulation, killed Global Van Lines and no more boats or cars, had to tighten up. He told me to learn “spanish”

      So Henry, your wrong about who I think I am brother, I work my ass off, 85000 miles in the last 5.5 months, work goddamn hard.

      Dont go down this road where you think im better than you brother, because you couldnt be more wrong man. Ive earned what Ive got, and I dont got shit man.

      You are wrong about who I think I am, but I do understand about this site, as why I have donated thousands of dollars over the years man. I earned those dollars, nobody gave them to me Henry.

      Not really sure why you are going down this road talking this garbage about me, you couldnt be more fkg wrong..

      1. It is because of your comment about cutting people’s heads off if they don’t spend the money like you say they should.
        I am happy that the poor people in this country are going to get something and I would not presume to tell them how to spend it. I would recommend that they spend it wisely and consider what is coming straight at them.
        And you are not a stranger to me, Mark, that you hang up with me on the phone.
        And yeah, you have helped a lot, but consider what I have done for the past thirty years.
        Now you need to come down for a visit so we can get everything aired out between us.
        Just about got the project done. I will send you some pictures.
        And I know everything that you told me in this comment because you have told me the same in person and the comment board is not the place for arguing about such things.
        When my mom was in her final trimester with me insider her, her and my dad went hungry for three days spending the only money they could spend on food on a few candy bars my sister lived on.
        I love you, Mark, but you don’t know what poor is, though you have experienced some hard times.
        The poor working people in this country are my people and I will defend them every time.
        And yeah, you drive a lot of miles, and yeah I understand your job because I have done it for a hell of a lot less money.
        Now, once again, next time you are on the west coast, you need to come stay a day or two so we can talk in person and stop this nonsense on the comment board.

        1. You, took the comment wrong, it was misinterpreted by not only you, but also by who ever else.

          Henry, you talk of of 5 man teams, crews… All i was saying was, if i was running a crew, during a time of war, and the enemy was giving out thousands of dollars to my guys, i would shit down their neck if they blew the money.
          .This comment was MISINTERPRETED to the point of the ridiculous.

          Yeah, maybe I should have got behind a podium and commanded a press conference so professional news networks could have asked questions demanding a response. But that wasn’t the case was it Henry. Instead, we get misinterpretation and wrong garbage being processed.

          That comment went down the wrong fking road Henry, completed misread, partly because of me not writing it down correctly.

          I still stand by my original intent as well, if I had a 5 man crew fighting for freedom, and one of my guys blew thousands of dollars on shit instead of needed items to fight, i would raise hell, yes, no doubt about it.

          If this hurts peoples feelings, especially people on this site, then im on the wrong fkg site.

          Im sorry if I hurt anybodies feelings. This whole thing is cluster fk of stupid Henry.

          Sorry man, Jesus Henry…

          Henry, I know what poor is, again your wrong.

          Ive been to your house many times, yeah, cant wait, with any luck maybe again, and this time ill be more polite to ask you to open the fkg door as to let some of the goddamn cigarette smoke out.

          JESUS BROTHER…

          And by the way Henry, your impossible on the phone man, you dont loose fights, fk that.. Your goddamn right im hanging up, fkg pissed off gorilla ready to pounce man..


          1. Again, it is not the same world. In my world, you say you are going to chop somebody’s head off, you better already be swinging the hatchet.
            I will accept the misinterpretation and second the ridiculous.
            Now let’s be done with this and give me a call when you get out this way, or wherever you are. I know your heart is good and you’ve been my friend for ten years, so let’s call this one good and I’ll arm wrestle you over it when you get here. 🙂

  2. Now can we all have a drink?!! Jesus God, I love you both and all day all I thought of was, “Let resolution come, let resolution come.” And it did, and everybody earned his or her drink, or toke, or rest, or whatever. Kumfrikkin’baya, and please forgive this intrusion.


    Aside… Strong minds must necessarily sometimes see things differently. It is the nature of independence.


  3. ‘Ol Mitch the bitch aint feelin any of this pain

    Sen Mitch McConnells net worth

    2005 $2,962,015
    2015 $26,927,535
    increase of 23,965,520 (+809.1%)

    How does a Senator earning 193,400 a year increase their net worth by nearly 2.4 million a year, for every year, for a decade?

    oh and just incase you thought it was only him
    oh no.. most if not all of them its just like this

    while we starve …..

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