A Big Reason WHY That ELD Is In YOUR Truck

Published on Jan 19, 2018

Many truck drivers are extremely upset with the mandating of the electronic logging devices as of December 2017. And, rightly so.
However, there are some reasons that really make sense as to why the ELD’s have been forced onto the trucking industry.
Dave talks about one serious example of the port drivers in the California ports.
Port drivers have been found to have committed 580,000 hours of service violations when investigated, over a four year period. Many accidents had taken place, involving port drivers, so an investigation had been recently launched to find out why this was happening.
There were deaths involving the port drivers as well as other motorists and pedestrians. So the situation was indeed serious.
Out of desperation for work, the port drivers continued to drive in comatose conditions. Pretty much asleep at the wheel in several cases.
Also, there was the greed of the trucking companies who wanted more and more out of the drivers, and who also forced them into financial agreements in lease operator agreements… as we call the NEVER NEVER plan.
Drivers were afraid of loosing their truck driving jobs as well as the money already paid into the lease operator programs.
All the way around, a dirty, desperate situation that needed immediate attention.
This is but one of the reasons ELD’s have been mandated. Drivers and trucking companies were not able to patrol themselves, so the powers that be had to step in and take control measures, thus the ELD’s.

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