A Call Out To Any/All Trenchers/Patriots In The Central NJ Area And Would Like To Meet Up With JD


I am wondering if there are any of us local to me here in central NJ and would like to meet up.

I think it is important to meet face-to-face with anyone who is willing to do so if your within any reasonable travel distance of central NJ.

If you would like to get an idea of my location, just go to map quest and punch in: Jamesburg NJ 08831.

This will show you the approximate area where I am located.

Ok,.. this does not guarantee any particular meeting. At this point, I am just wondering if there is even anyone close enough to consider arranging such a meet-up. 

This meeting may also be arranged at a highway rest-stop if it seems a mid-point location for us would be better. (Splitting the distance of the drive)

If at least interested in doing so, just post a comment below, and we’ll take it from there depending on the nature of any responses, then we’ll work out any details of a possible meeting at a future date.

Thx – JD US Marine Fighting Tyranny

15 thoughts on “A Call Out To Any/All Trenchers/Patriots In The Central NJ Area And Would Like To Meet Up With JD

  1. I would love to Hang with you JD. We should definitely talk about Hanging. But like you said face to face Hanging is really the best. We could Hang all morning, noon and night. Lots of Hanging to be done !

    I’m 320 miles NEEE through the worst enemy territory, especially now. My deepest condolences for having to put up with NJ. I appreciate your posts and comments.


    1. I am 83 miles North from you. I I would love to meet you. Listening to you and Eddie on from the trenches is something I look forward to every weekday. It lifts my spirit. Thank You.

        1. Hi Katie,

          It’s ok,… Henry is now,.. “Eddie”!

          JD – Now called,.. “JR”,… Welcome to Dallas everyone….

    2. Hi Have rope will travel,

      Thanks for responding.

      You did not say what is your location, but I think you are telling me your about 320 miles from my location.

      Well, if that’s true, that’s a bit far to drive for a 1 or 2 hour meet-up. (Even if we meet in the middle, 150/50mph average = 3 hrs each way… 6 hr round trip time).

      If you happen to be coming down towards central Jersey any time soon,… just let me know and we’ll see if a meet-up somewhere is feasible.

      Thx – JD

      1. Hi JD, yea it would be quite a hike, usually the furthest south I go is Burrillville R.I. to the walls of steel match (search walls of steel, it’s so much fun). I live on Cape Cod right at the elbow. Likewise if you’re ever up this way let me know, my shooting range is always open !!!


  2. I’m subscribed to Wardo Rants on Bitchute. The host calls himself Eddie. His voice sounds just like Henry Shivley. I thought that they were the same person. I was confused. Anyway by no means ment to insult any body. I’m still ready to travel anytime to meet up with you J.D

    1. I know Eddy, we’ve had conversations on the phone and he doesn’t sound a goddamn thing like me.
      It is up to JD who he wants to meet, so I’ll leave him to make his own decisions.

      1. Thank you for the clarification Mr Shivley. Thank you for all the research you do. For putting your neck out there for us and not giving up.

  3. Hey JD, I live right outside of Philly. I would definitely come if we can arrange a meeting place. I’ll keep my eye open for an update if you decide to do it.

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