12 thoughts on “A call to the militia. Why America is dead.

  1. Man I feel this so much… I was feeling so defeated last week.. Stay strong brother… New York is a complete hell hole, and their tentacles are stretching an hour south of you in Philadelphia where I’m at. I’m out here trucking and used to go through there all the time. Now I go around it like the plague unless I’m actually delivering there.

    I had a conservative friend call me the other day, and argue with me about this. They talk to you like you are stupid. He was just parroting all the BS propoganda that you hear on Fox. Telling me to just get the shot, do it for my kids.. these people have benefitted from all this and they don’t care about your or my rights.. It was pretty sickening. I went into defeatist mode for a while because literally everyone I spoke too was telling me how sick of this they are, but then its just like, “Yeah man, we are going to vote them out in November and take all their power away!” That’s their idea of fighting this. They just can’t accept the fact that you can’t vote your way out of this. I got so mentally drained talking to them. Right after I talked to that guy, my buddy who’s a Trencher, and showed me this site, called me up randomly, and helped bring me back to reality. We have to stick together.. If I somehow survive this, I want these “go along to get along” people out of here. They have shown that they will betray you to benefit themselves first chance they get.

    1. Exactly…. This is what I mean when I say “The Mind must be already set”… People, We are at War, they have openly stated as much….that Our Bill of Rights is Non-existent and can be made malleable at Will….

      They are slowly implementing these draconian measures of Vaccine Verification everywhere…

      Just saw it being done at our local Library and other businesses, it is only a matter of days or weeks before it is everywhere like SF, NY and Fkn Australia….

      There is NO Organized Militia going to take or make a Stand ANYWHERE….Call up Mark Koernke and Ask him, are you fkrs gonna make a stand to help get the battles going? and his answer is; Get on with your bad self and do it…!

      That is their position, they are waiting on Our Sacrifices to later usurp… So I keep saying, yes, we will do what has to be done, there is no getting away from the Walls and Lines that are here already of the NWO…. but to all in the future who can read these words….



      THERE IS NO REASON BY NOW THAT THE ORGANIZED MILITIAS HAVE NOT MADE OR TAKEN AND ARMED DEFENSE SOMEWHERE OR ANYWHERE WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING…….It ain’t rocket science man……..Make the stand and make the Harken call to arms, to arms….and then the people can enjoin at large, and then you have a formidable army to get it a going….

      maybe ole Mark K, is a little scared of them thar Predator Drones me thinks……

      Well what the fk ever man…. we’ll bite the bullets I guess, just shoot those mthrfkrs if they ever dare to show up and say they are taking over the Military logistics and planning of what “We the people” have started…

      Makes me sick……. ! Organized Militia, that thing don’t exist……….!!!

      1. Exactly man… they want to jump up after we’ve done all the dying and be the new Aristocracy. Please put a bullet right in their heads.. They don’t deserve freedom.

        It should be clear now to all of us what Trump was put in there to do. Put everyone in a trance and give them false hope. I STILL hear people who are supposedly “Patriots” saying if he runs again they will vote for him. They caused this. I unregistered 3 years ago.

        When this is over, if I’m dead, go through the records, and anyone who voted for him, get to swimming you mfkers. Your utopia is 200 miles off the coast you bastards.

        1. You know, I was aware of Mark and many others back in the day…. and I always respected them and thought they were the true natural leaders and tip of the spear, whom, I always assumed would take charge, lead and make a stand when it would be needed.

          Now along came Waco and they all came out and acknowledged their failure to act when it would have made a difference…..and The Pledge was Made…. “No more Waco’s”……

          I could go on and on, but after finding Henry and his purity of truth and knowledge and how clear the truth is… I started questioning these folks motives and agendas…..

          What I came to understand after endlessly hearing it, is; They have No Intention of doing anything other than usurpation of real patriots sacrifices as this fight arises…. Mark K has made this very clear and emphasized it on many occasions…….

          I believe there is an Obligation on any Organized Militias to take that lead and make that stand, especially Now, today with the Naked Tyranny and Physical mandates being placed on our people everywhere.

          So, yeah…. I stand by what I have said and posted. But I live in the real world and these globalist criminal mthrfkrs have every intention of not stopping any of this intrusion into our personal lives w/ the Covid lie……They are about to engage in nothing different than rape….

          So, Mark K and his team WILL get what they are waiting for……because real men as I include myself, will do what has to be done to tyrants and their enforcers and any of these corporate Stasi wanna be’s, I have my lines in the sand, as many do, and since this is a very personal decision for all of us…. Many will act earlier or later but will act and will “Get this fight Going”…..

          The NWO is here…….Mark K knows we the people can and will defeat it, but they have Zero intention of taking risks that will get them killed, don’t ya know…

          That’s how I see it…….Just asking everyone to keep an eye out for that later usurpation when it raises it’s head…….Enemies within enemies… MAMMON is the motivator, but not for real Americans.

    2. I understand those feelings, Rodgeroc. I’m sure many going through similar emotions at times. Not easy to face the demons everyday. Even more difficult is facing those in our lives who are their foot-soldiers and following along with the Tyranny-To Communism agenda. Some not just following but actually helping things move into hell. But what’s good is that you were able to see it, the “defeatism” and recognize it for what it was and then you found your strength. I want to remember that, so when I’m touched with “Geez, I can’t take this anymore,” I too, can see the deception of defeatism and find my strength. Thanks for telling us what you went through.


  2. Nailed it.

    Every format to save this is NOT working for me. Someone needs to dnld it – quick. JooToob won’t leave it up, I’m sure

  3. Wow. Jamal, is that you? I guess it is as I recognize the voice and now see the face. So glad to hear from you. Even felt a sigh of relief. But why? I think it’s because I know you’re out there diligently fighting the enemy. As you spoke I actually heard Henry’s voice in your soul.

    I wanna say ‘grandslam,’ and I have just one thing to add to what you said about the wars being ‘fought for other nations’ interests.’ That would be Israel, primarily. Just had to name it, along with any 1st worlders who skim off the top of other peoples’ suffering. Thank you, brother Jamal.


    1. Thank you Galen, I really appreciate that. I really missed you all so much here in the trenches. Lol, I definitely was referring to Israel when I said that, I should’ve called it out by name instead I guess.

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