A Failed Litmus Test: How the Fake Resistance Reported About “Masoud” the “Iranian Terrorist”


Arthur F. Wayne, INTELCASTER – That the “mainstream” media sold us all a pack of lies when they reported about “Masoud” the “Iranian terrorist” is a well-established fact by now. That the “alternative” media, the fake resistance, did the same thing in 99.99% of the cases may be a truth that most people are simply not aware of, yet.

The case about “Masoud” is so transparently false that there simply is NO room for ANY excuses for why the “alternative” media chose to parrot their mainstream handlers their fake story line. 

The “alternative” media is in a very, very bad condition. As I’ve said before, several times, both media blocks – mainstream and alternative – have already merged largely, to the point where we can rightfully speak of a monostream media landscape or spectrum. Outside of that spectrum you find INTELCASTER.COM, ITNT.NEWS and just a handful of other true resistance outposts, including From the Trenches World Report.

“Masoud” in the “Alternative” Media

The several examples listed below prove that these “alternative” media outlets (fake resistance mouthpieces) have not conducted any investigations into “Masoud” at all and that they don’t care about whether or not their audiences know the truth.

Folks, the above are clearly not true resistance outposts, an infant could have shredded the lies about “Masoud”. Yet none of the above propaganda mouthpieces have shown the courage to dig deeper and then tell you about the lies that they would have uncovered FOR YOU.


The number of reliable sources today, comprising The True Resistance, is really small. It’s super tiny! The situation has exactly become as I have written about in 2015.

As long as people don’t understand the gravity of this situation (the actual information war), the “alternative” media might as well be removed from the internet completely since they are carbon copies of their mainstream handlers.

Prove me wrong…



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