A Fascist Coup de ‘at, A Staged Coup? A Collapsing US Government? Or Patriot Military Coup in America?

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We can read in throughout history about Military Coups. The most recent one in Egypt does strike fear in the establishment because the Army threw out the Muslim Brotherhood. Now the people in Egypt might be in the position of out of the frying pan into the fire because what would the long term effects be and will there be a republican form of government? What was behind the Egyptian Military’s motive behind throwing Morsi from power? There might have been genuine concern for the well being and long term stability of the nation. Something the Muslim Brotherhood did not offer.I just hope there is long term benefit where the people have a life of stability in Egypt.  

There has been rumors of a planning of a coup in certain circles inside the Pentagon to overthrow the Obama administration. There are many General Staff officers who are hardcore patriots. There are also  Generals and Admirals  committing treason also who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Communion in certain key post being the choke point or the gate keepers for the globalist agenda. These are the factions infighting in the dagger war inside the Military battling for the heart and soul of the nation.

Do not get your hopes up yet? Back in 1933 after FDR was inaugurated. General Smedley Butler was approached by Prescott Bush speaking for the Wall Street Robber Barons and Bankers to lead a 500,000 man force to topple the Constitutional Republic and put in a fascist Dictatorship based on the NAZI model. Gen. Butler said yes for the reason so he can gather information and names who was behind the planned military coup so he could blow the whistle and expose the insurrection. You can read the details in the McCormick- Dickstein reports

Right now there is a hidden power struggle going on within many factions of the US Government. I can see Obama try to pull a page out of the staged Soviet Coup that was executed before the communist system collapsed. It backfired on the last leader of the old Soviet Union thinking he could get people to rally around Gorbachev to hold onto power, Instead people rallied around Boris Yeltsin instead. The coup failed.

Do not put it past Obama to use mercenary group who are military contractors to dress up posing as Military units being pro Obama and the phony anti Obama faction. To stage a fake battle to take over the White House. The used these people in the Boston Bombing. Anything is possible with this President to hold onto power.There will be the prepackaged script the media will be given. The phony reports of the coup saying it has been put down and the soldiers who waged war against the dictator will be arrested. Obama is hoping the people will rally to him.

As I see it, it will not be very well planned and will be very sloppy in its execution. Many whistle blowers and Commanders will come forward and call it a phony coup. I can see this as a way to demonize the military soldiers and Marines who stand by their oaths who did not participate. We can see commanders denying their units being for or against Obama was not part of a staged coup. Details will leak out that it was all mercenaries posing as US troops attacking the White House. It would be just another false flag event where the official story will be unraveling again.

Our Constitution does provide many checks and balances. Not just with three branches of government. No just with state’s rights and Federal delegated duties with powers restrained by the Bill of Rights. There is so many checks and balances to keep the other delegated powers in check. There is one vital check and balance in our Constitution. It is the oath being required to take.

The members of the House of Representatives, The US Senators, The President, Vice President and all lower executive officers are required to take the oath before discharging the duties the post requires. That includes all Military officers and enlisted personal, warrant officers and non commissioned officers. Everyone in the armed forces is required to take the oath of loyalty to the Constitution. This is the check and balance no one talks about that is the last line of defense against despotism and tyranny within the ranks. This is the power to say no to illegal orders that defy the law of the land.

Right now many in the Military of all ranks of enlisted and commissioned officers see a Banking and foreign enemies taking over the levers of power in the US Government causing an insurrection colluding with domestic enemies working as agents for offshore interest outside the United States. Even though they serve in a standing army that is unconstitutional. They are being reminded of the oath they swore. They are now faced with the choice to follow illegal orders or preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

So what legal standing will they have to fall back on if they have to have a military coup and appoint an interim republican form of government with a temporary appointed congress, a senate chosen by the state legislatures and a President, Vice President chosen by the Military. A temporary government the military surrenders authority to the civilian power. Special elections will be scheduled with the use of paper ballots for the people to choose new people to run the nation restoring a republican form of government.

First they have article 4 section 4 of the US Constitution:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion;

If you look at the executive Branch of government. You look at Homeland Security and the NSA spying on all Americans. Look at the abuse of power by the executive branch using the NSA to blackmail congress and the courts to get a desired outcome circumventing our republican form of government.

You look at corporations highjacking our elections with electronic voting machines to preserve the status quo overthrowing the will of the people or the consent of the governed. Congress is not doing it constitutional duty to impeach Obama and put an end to the unconstitutional agencies infringing on every Americans God given rights. The Speaker of the House and the leadership in both chambers of congress makes backroom deals instead of passing laws of necessary importance.

We have an amnesty bill in congress that will destroy what is left of this republic if 30 million people who broke the law are given amnesty. This might be done with a loud outcry from the American people saying no. So what does the military do? Do they allow politicians to pass laws to destroy the republic they swore to protect? Many of these career politicians are in office illegitimately by election fraud with electronic voting machines. They know the game is rigged where the people are on the losing end every time no matter how hard they try to remove the scum from office. They know the only way might be a coup to wipe the table clean to reset and reestablish the rule of law to avoid a certain disaster if the politicians were allowed to destroy the republic. Part of that oath is guaranteeing a republican form of government. So what choice do they have when their superiors are acting lawless taking down this nation?

Right now with congress with a eleven percent approval rating and the Presidents approval numbers plunging. People are withdrawing their support. I do not want to see a coup in the United States. I rather see the Military and Police stand down and keep Homeland Security, the FEMA Corps and the other federal agencies from going out terrorizing people. Maybe if that happens the Federal government will collapse if the US Military stands down not supporting the US Government’s actions. These government goon squads are nothing without military or police support to back them up.

In East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down. People were protesting in the streets against the communist regime. The Military was ordered to put down the protest. The Military stood down and refused to follow orders. The Stasi went into hiding since they did not have the support of the east German Military. The East German secret police went into hiding knowing the people will find them. Communism collapsed in East Germany and the Berlin Wall came down soon thereafter.

I hope the Military never has to resort to this measure. If there is a coup, I hope it is not what General Smedley Butler was asked to do to bring in a fascist regime. If there is one, I hope the right people set on the objective of restoring a republican form of government and restoring authority back to the civilian power. If the Military has to do this, let it be when all lawful and legal measures are exhausted trying to turn things around by peaceful means first. When there is no other choice.

I just hope the states are ready to deal with a coup in Washington DC or a collapse like the old Soviet Union keeping the state and local governments functioning. The old Russian communist empire imploded without warning or notice overnight. I hope they are taking into consideration contingency measures to maintain order and the rule of law.

If the patriotic military has a takeover removing the corrupt leadership in Washington DC, let it be when all else has failed and there is no other peaceful way to restore the Constitution and our republican form of government. I hope the transition is peaceful without a shot fired. I will pray for peace, but will ask God to have me ready for war.

God save America!


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2 thoughts on “A Fascist Coup de ‘at, A Staged Coup? A Collapsing US Government? Or Patriot Military Coup in America?

  1. If there is such a stand-down, we’ll see the, already here, foreign troops surface. Any & all monies will be used by the Federal government to fund mercs outside CONUS to stop any change (remember Blackwater. How many overseas contractors do they have under their new name?). Anything to do with the economy will come to a complete standstill. The most that will suffer will be the lower income strata. The United States Military will initiate the process, but it is up to each & every free American to see it through at all costs. We don’t follow through, the Military will ensure something will be put in place. A lot of thought will have to be given to what other nations’ reactions will be. Although other nations see us as weak through this administration’s foreign policy, this could be a signal of total weakness with immediate actionable response.

    It will be up to the American People to clean this sh!thouse. We’re going to get poop on us doing it. Let’s do it right the first time around & make sure we don’t have to do it again.

  2. “I rather see the Military and Police stand down and keep Homeland Security, the FEMA Corps and the other federal agencies from going out terrorizing people. Maybe if that happens the Federal government will collapse if the US Military stands down not supporting the US Government’s actions. These government goon squads are nothing without military or police support to back them up.”

    Don’t press your luck. The elite will just takeover anyways with the UN, private mercenaries and DHS. If we don’t have the military and more importantly, the people to back them up, the elite will never stand down, never give up nor run away. Like a terminator, they won’t stop until they are dead. So we must do all we can as American nationals to assist in carrying out this transition in the quickest, most coordinated and efficient way possible.

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