3 thoughts on “A History Teacher’s Warning

  1. “ if you trust your government
    Than your history teacher didn’t do their job”
    Well my darling , that was the plan after all , and I can probably bet that she also falls into that category, because I’m sure she took the approach of I’m just doing what I’m told to do

    And now that I’m leaving
    I’ll try to act like the hero I should have been 20+ years ago

    It’s just a paycheck to all these people
    They don’t GAF about you , your kids or this country

    She was fine “being a part of it “
    Right up until her retirement plan was fully vested

    1. Just like ALL so-called professionals. Mammon always speaks louder than words or actions to these people their whole careers until apparently they are retiring &/or have so much of it that they think they’re safe now virtue-signalling decades down the track. Plus you can bet that all of these so-called truth-tellers who are just retiring are doing so to go write books so they can make even more $! Just look at all the book-writing guests who get promoted on so-called alternative media. So what? Bono will finally speak out against all the evil he was part of when he’s 89? Oh hang on, I forgot – he’s a jew! He LOVES evil! F*cking cowards is what the majority of them are. Go along to get along is the rule of the day, week, month, year, decade, lifetime for these mammon-obsessed weaklings! There are REAL heroes out there who walk the walk all their lives & who won’t go on alternative media to promote their latest book or endorse penis pills every time their lips move. They also won’t step in front of a camera to virtue signal or just to satisfy their egos because they are REAL! I’m very new here but from what I’ve seen I’m pretty sure most of the old regulars here are heroes because they are living it every day like many of us out where we live & will not back down when crunch time comes!

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