A jewish Fable Exposed

“… not giving heed to jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.” Titus 1:14

Once again I find myself writing an article about a subject that most people should be fully aware of by now. It is one of the most easily debunked hoaxes ever perpetrated (but those who control the media control the narrative), so I will provide incontrovertible proof of the blatant deception. But first, a brief TRUE (as best as I’ve been able to discern) history of the jews – by way of introduction… the information in this article is derived from the most excellent book “A Greater “Miracle” Than The Lost Ten Tribes Discovered… – The Dead “Six Million” Uncovered…!” By Brian Alois Cleraubat. It will be verbatim (except for intermittent commentary by me), since there is no way I can possibly improve upon it. 

“True Israel were conquered and deported from the land of Israel (in 722 B.C., to Assyria and 586 B.C. to Babylon, respectively) by God for heir unrepentant sins. However, 99% of them, after their captivity expired, never returned to the land of Israel, but migrated into Europe where they appeared as Angles, Saxons (Isaac’s* sons), Jutes (tribe of Judah), Danes (tribe Dan), etc.

[* Isaac was the son of Jacob (father of the tribes of Israel); Isaac was the child of promise after whom Israel was to one day be called.]

However, 70 years after their captivity, a small fraction (around 40,000) of the House of Judah returned to the land of Israel from Babylon. There, they found that the Assyrians and Babylonians had imported numerous Canaanite and other pagan nations to people the vacant land. Some of these pagan people (including “jews”/Canaanites) in time wriggled their way into the families of the priesthood of Israel. However, under Ezra and Nehemiah, the genealogical records were consulted and all the illegitimates were thrust out. To prevent this from happening again, the “jews” infuriated Rome to the point that in A.D.70 General Titus with his army subdued the mock “rebellion;” but in the hubbub the “jews” set fire to the Temple where the genealogical records were preserved – and the were lost forever. No longer could anyone prove the “jews” were not God’s people – at least, not by the genealogical records.

[The modern “jews” are the Canaanites of Bible times true Israel’s mortal enemy): who stole Israel’s land and name after true Israel was deported from the land of Israel because they would not repent of their sins. The true Israelites (in accordance with Bible prophecy) then migrated into Europe (passing through the Caucasus Mountains, thus becoming known as “Caucasians”) and arrived in Europe at the same time the Indo-Germanic peoples appeared “out of nowhere.” In reality, the true Israelites appeared in Europe under new names (in accordance with Bible prophecy). The Anglo-Saxon peoples have been classified as Caucasian ever since.

The modern “jews” are more recently descended from the Khazars; an Asiatic Turko-Mongoloid people and are NOT white; though they have intermarried with Caucasians to the extent that they are lighter and erroneously thought to be “white”. See The Thirteenth Tribe by “jewish” author Arthur Koestler (who received death threats from other “jews” for writing this book). The renown historian H.G. Wells confirms this in his Outlines of World History (1922).]

For indefatigable proof that the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, and related peoples are the true descendants of the Israelites of the Bible (and the “jews” are NOT), se Uncovering The Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance]

This I believe to be the true history of the jews… one can believe absolutely nothing that they say about themselves (unless they’re exposing their own… in which case they generally end up dead).

“Jews may use lies (‘subterfuges’) to circumvent a Gentile”

(Baba Kamma 113a).”

Jesus called it…

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. John 8:44 KJ.”

Liars… from the beginning.

Now, to the heart of the matter.

“Holocaust experts” and “Holocaust witnesses” report that at Auschwitz- Birkenau in the spring and summer of 1944, 12,000 Jews were burned every day outside in open pits/mass graves and thousands more in the crematoria. However, Allid ariel reconnaissance of those dates show NO open pits,NO flames, NO smoke-EVER…!NO autopsy has ever proved that one single “jew” was ever gassed. Autopsies of any boodies found have only shown that “jews” died of typhus, other disease, or other natural causes.

Further evidence could never have cremated all the “jews” they are claimed to have (and then “hid all the evidence”), is the fact that in September of 1944, 30,000 innocent Germans were murdered from Allied bombings over Munich. German archbishop, Cardinal Faulhaber of Munich requested that the authorities cremate the corpses of these victims (to prevent the spread of disease) in the crematorium at Dachau. However, he was informed this was NOT POSSIBLE because Dachau only had 1 furnace and was incapable of handling that many corpses. If Dachau could not handle a mere 30,000 – how could it have possibly cremated 10x that amount of “jews” which Dachau is claimed to have murdered and cremated…? The answer: They could not have. To cremate the 238,000 corpses – even if they did 2 at a time and it only took 4 hours, 24 hours a day nonstop – it would have taken 54 years; and would have resulted in around 833 tons of ashes.

[This, of course, is physically impossible. We will see in Appendix W, under “Ivan Lagace”, p. 370) that cremation experts testify that crematoriums cannot operate “around the clock,” but must be shut down for significant periods of time for maintenance, cool-down, etc. Rudolph Hoss himself, in reports wrote “After eight or ten hours of operation the crematoria were unfit for further use.”]

Ivan Lagace was a Canadian crematory expert…

From Appendix W… “He testified in the Zundel trial (1988) that the Auschwitz “cremation story” is technically impossible. The claim that between 10,000 and 20,000 corpses were cremated daily at Auschwitz during the summer of 1944 in crematories (and later open pits), he testified, was simply “preposterous” and “beyond the realm of reality.” Based upon the factual conditions required for cremating human corpses, Lagace established the impossibility of the Nazis having “cremating multiple corpses in single corpse retorts” (or “muffles”), “cremating bodies in five minutes,” and other wild claims.”

Yet, in 1946, a “memorial plaque” was dedicated at Dachau by the “jewish” Philip Auerbach,* State-Secretary of Bavaria, which read,

[who, incidentally, was convicted for embezzling reparation money which he took, claiming to have distributed it as compensation to “jews” who were nonexistent.]

“This area is being retained as a shrine to the 238,000 who were cremated here.”

However, even the “official number” of “jews” who died at Dachau has bee reduced to 20,600 – most of whom died from typhus and starvation only at the very end of the war (when food and medical supplies were scarce because supply lines had been cut off by the Allies).

Blatant LIE # 1 exposed.

The Gas Chamber Lie

Martin Gilbert, another “respected” (“jewish”) “Holocaust expert”* has also made outlandish claims concerning the “Holocaust.”

[* – who was knighted…] What a “pearl in a pig’s snout.” He was also Churchill’s “official” biographer. Churchill himself was part “jewish.”]

Robert Faurisson in an article for the Journal for Historical Review, titled, “How Historian Gilbert Falsifies and Invents” (March 4, 1987) reported that Gilbert took spurious testimony of Kurt Gerstein (which Gilbert then altered several times to try to make appear more believable) and continued to pass it off as fact; even though it is a physical impossibility. Rassinier gave a translation of one of Gerstein’s claims about how many “jews” were shoved into ovens at Belzec:

“The people stand on each other’s feet, 700 – 800 people on 25 square meters in 45 cubic meters… 750 people in 45 cubic meters.” (Source: page 5 of Nuremburg document PS-2170, as Gilbert indicates.)

Rassinier then easily rebutted this claim:

“It is obviously impossible for 700 – 800 people to stand on a surface of 25 square meters and inside a pace of 45 cubic meters. That would be the same as trying to fit 28 to 32 persons in a space that is one square meter in surface area, and 1.8 meters high. The fact that Gerstein made such a statement to the Allies, who held him as their prisoner, shows what his mental condition was. He always used these same figures, repeating them on several occasions. But Gilbert completely changed these numbers in an effort to make Gernstein’s tale believable. He even changed them in one way in 1979 and in another way in 1986.

“For the moment, let’s not concern ourselves with the fact that no one was ever gassed at any of those camps, nor in any other camp either. Instead, let us focus on Gilbert’s use of figures. Let us suppose that “hundreds of thousands” means only 200.000. That would make 200,000 Jews gassed per day, and therefore 1,400,000 each week. If during the spring and the early summer we have four months, or 17 weeks – that makes 1,400,000 a week, times 17 weeks, for a total of  23,800,000* Jews gassed in just those four small camps, and during a period of just those four months!

[* roughly 2.5 times more “jews” than even existed in Europe and 1.5 times more “jews” than even existed in the world. Thus if this “testimony” was true… there would not have been a “jew” left on the face of the earth (and the Nazi’s would have had a “credit” of having also killed 8 million “jews” above and beyond those who even existed).]

“More can be said about Martin Gilbert, about his ignorance of history, his dishonesty, and even his empty productivity. On December 3, 1986, I wrote to him to ask for some explanations about the way he reproduced the Gerstein texts. He never answered.”

“Holocaust experts” and “Holocaust witnesses” report that at Auschwitz-Birkenau, in the spring and summer of 1944, 12,000 Jews were burned every day outside in open pits/mass graves and thousands more in the crematoria. However, Allied aerial reconnaissance photos of those dates show NO open pits, NO flames, NO smoke – EVER…!

NO autopsy has ever proved that one single “jew” was ever gassed. Autopsies of any bodies found have only shown that “jews” died of typhus, other disease, or other natural causes.

Some simple facts which prove that the rooms alleged to be “gas chambers” could not have operated as such are:

The “jews” claim that the Nazis used gas ovens to kill “jews” and crematoriums to burn the bodies to hide their crimes.

[No “gas oven” has ever been found anywhere – those facilities which Holocausters claim to have been “gas ovens” have proven to be nothing of the sort. If there had been mass cremations of millions of “jews”, there would have been many tons of ash piled up. No such ashes were ever found – nor ever sighted in Allied aerial reconnaissance photos (made public by the CIA in 1979).]

The “jews”aim that Zyklon-B gas was used to kill “jews” in the chambers they called “gas ovens.”

[No traces of alleged “gassing chemicals” [Zyklon-B] were ever found in the walls of the “gas chambers”; while the walls of the small delousing chambers did show levels of Zyklon-B.

Zyklon-B was used as a delousing chemical, but was so weak it was ineffective. It was so fantastically weak that to kill clothes moths with Zyklon-B required 16 grams per cubic meter over a 24 hour period of exposure. (Source: Document NI-9912, Office of the Chief Counsel for War Crimes, 1947, a translation of directions issued by the Health Institute of the Directorate of Bohemia and Moravia in Prague, p. 6.) A Polish “jewess” (Pelagia Lewinska) “survivor” herself reported, “The gas [Zyklon-B] was too weak, did not always kill the lice, and did no harm whatsoever against the nits.” (Twenty Months at Auschwitz. P. 55)

There is incredibly contradictory and unscientific “testimony” regarding the nature of the gas used: “eye-witnesses” called it; a gas, a crystallized gas,* gas crystals,* a salt, liquid, tablets, pellets, granules, etc.

*Are these two even chemically possible…?

The amount used would have been insufficient to kill quickly (and time is a valuable commodity in trying to squeeze 6 million gassings and murders in the short time frame). Tons of Zyklon-B would have had to have been used: and ventilation of the rooms would have taken many hours (even up to a full day).

Other far more powerful, efficient, and far more readily available poisons were at the Nazis disposal: yet were never used.

Eye-witness testimony reports that those “jews” trying to escape the gas crowded to the ceiling. Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, Mengele’s Hungarian (“jewish”) pathologist who was called as a “medical witness” wrote:

“The doors opened… the bodies were not lying*1 here and there throughout the room but piled in a mass to the ceiling. The reason for this was that the gas first inundated the lower layers of air and rose but slowly towards the ceiling.*2 This forced the victims to trample one another in a frantic effort to escape the gas…. I noticed that the bodies of the women, the children, and aged were at the bottom of the pile: at the top, the strongest. Their bodies, which were covered with scratches and bruises from the struggle which had set them against each other, were often interlaced. Blood oozed from their noses and mouths: their faces, bloated and blue*3, were so deformed as to be almost unrecognizable…”

[*1 As tightly as they were claimed to have been packed into the room (as we shall see), They should not have been lying down at all, but they would have died standing up, pressed against each other: at the most, sagging down in a semi-upright position.

*2 The problem with this “testimony” is that it contradicts the very nature of the gas. Zyklon-B is lighter than air (5%). In order to attempt to escape the vapors, one would have to lie low on the floor, as you would do in a burning building in order to escape the carbon monoxide.

*3 Other “eye-witnesses” declared similarly ludicrous things, such as, “When the room was free of gas, the doors were opened and the blue* [skin-colored] corpses were taken by prisoner members of the crematory work team to the morgue, or straight to the crematory.”

[However, any textbook on toxicology will reveal that the actual skin discoloration of hydrocyanic acid poisoning is red – hard to confuse the two colors.

*- maybe the lie of “blue” corpses was the result of a misconception on the part of the perjurers. Zyklon-B is made from Prussian Blue (a.k.a. Prussic Acid, Hydrocyanic Acid): thus they thought it had some bluish effect on “victims.”]

Other “eye-witness” testimony claimed that the poison gas was introduced into the chamber from “fake fawcets”, “fake shower heads”, “vents”, or openings in the ceiling.

[However, no such openings or vents have ever been found in the ceilings (they did not exizt) and since Zyklon-B is lighter than air it could not have been effectively introduced in this manner – had these openings ever existed – without the use of fans or blowers (which did not exist either).

Further, other experts and judges rejected this nonsense (yet, it continues to be touted and believed by the gullible, ignorant masses as “truth”). This story was given as testimony at the Degesch trial in 1949, one “witness” saying he “heard” that at Birkenau the gas was introduced by fake shower heads. However, the inventor of Zyklon-B, Dr. Heli, and another expert physician, a Dr. Ra, both declared that this method was impossible and the court rejected the testimony as false.

It should be pointed out that much of the “testimony” used in “proving” atrocities was hearsay (propaganda spread by gossip) and even pure fabrication – much of which was utter nonsense. The entire Nuremburg hearing (and all others) should have ended in a dismissal of all charges as absurdly groundless. Obviously, there could have been no “survivors” of the gas chambers or the ovens themselves (even if they had existed) – only hearsay of what people said was going on (in the absence of any evidence) or outright perjured testimony was offered. Once significant fraud and fabrications (and there were many) were introduced as “evidence” the innocence of the German nation should have been immediately recognized.]

“Eye-witness” reports claimed the gas “had a smell of something burning.”

[Zyklon-B is odorless and for this reason an irritant is added to it so that in case of a leak it can be noticed – not by smell, but by irritation.]

“Twenty minutes later, the electric ventilators were set going in order to activate the gas.”

[However, no ventilator (air flow intake) system was ever found: it never existed. No air intake or exhaust channels (vents or pipes)  – and no intake or exhaust fans (or blowers) ever existed. Further, 20 minutes would never have been sufficient time to ventilate the gas at concentrations needed to quickly kill. Time required would have been 10-20 times longer. Gassing 6 million “jews” in the facilities claimed to have been “gas chambers” WOULD HAVE TAKEN AROUND 68 YEARS (emphasis mine).

“Testimony” claimed that the Germans “lured” the “jews” into the basement (“gas oven”) which was “made to look like a shower” facility – and that the “jews” were given towels and soap to carry with them after having been told to disrobe and enter the “showers.”

Why give them towels to take inside the showers after having had them leave their clothes on the outside…? Why give them soap (which was a commodity in short supply) which would then be ruined…? They could have told them the soap was “inside the showers” (where soap usually is).

The doors opened IN. As tightly as the “jewish” “testimony” reports the gas chamber to have been packed full of “jews”, the dead bodies of “jews” in this room would have made it impossible to open the door to extract the twisted corpses. All extant photos and the condition the doors were in at the end of the war showed the doors opening into the basement room. If the Germans “gassed” 100 “jews” at a time in this basement room, it would have taken 10,000 batches. You would think that by the 9, 999th batch some brilliant German engineer would have said “Hey, I have a great idea… why don’t we take the door off and put it on the outside so we can actually open it after all the “jews” are dead…?

The “gas chamber” had no special seal to keep the gas in: all the guards outside the door would have been gassed themselves (and then who would have been left to force in the door to laboriously extract the mass of twisted body while extracting also their teeth for the fillings…?

Further, Dr. William B. Lindsey, a research chemist who worked for DuPont Corporation for 33 years, testified under oath in Canada (1985) that the “gassing stories were technically impossible; based on his own careful examination of the “gas chambers” at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek. He testified: “I have come to the conclusion that no one was willfully or purposefully killed with Zyklon-B in this manner. I consider it absolutely impossible.” (The Globe and Mail: Feb. 12, 1985. p. M3)

Blatant lie # 2 exposed.

Bonus feature concerning the crematoriums – one of the more outrageous claims.

The “smoking, flaming crematoria chimneys” existed solely in the doctored photos and represent the “smoking gun”

Of Holocaust fabrication (not of the Holocaust itself; which did not happen). The German technology (and patent information for Auschwitz) used smokeless, flameless “smokestacks” which prevented any flames or emissions. All the testimony of “smoke” and “flames” emitting from the chimneys is pure fabrication. Adding to the ludicrous claims, during the 1985 Ernst Zundel trial in Canada, one “jew” (Friedman) testified that when the flames shot out of the chimneys, he could tell what nationality of “jew” was being burned – by the color of the flames: Polish “jews” produced a green flame, Hungarian “jews” produced a blue flame, etc. There is so much unkosher “hogwash” in “holocaust” testimony, it is a wonder that anyone has ever believed it at all.

And why did the “jews” in these camps believe that “jews” were being “gassed” (and thus invent all these hysterical stories…?) – it is partly due to Allied planes which had dropped large numbers of “propaganda” leaflets (in Polish and German) over Auschwitz and other areas claiming that ”jews” were being “gassed”. The Allied radio stations also made similar broadcasts (Nuremburg document NI 11696, NMT green series, Vol. 8, p. 606). All it takes is a little information (or in this case, disinformation) for simple (or immoral), hysterical minds to go wild and mis-report, embellish , exaggerate, and fantasize, passing on all sorts of hair-brained gossip and hysterical, wild, and fanciful ideas (both out of ignorance and malice).

American “jews”… red, white & blue flames, I’m guessin’?

These Talmudic miscreants can sure tell some WHOPPERS!!!

“Scholarly books debunking the lies of the Holocaust are both numerous and enlightening. In this book (article, for me – Hatr), I have barely even scratched he surface of the overwhelming plethora of evidence that easily disproves the Holocaust claims.”

And I’ve scratched even LESS of the surface than he has, but this is already the longest thing I’ve ever written, by far, but I’m going to print one more section that is highly relevant before I exit.

The “jews” had been evicted from most ever European country at least once, and the Talmud (the “jewish” holy book, from which all these vices have their origin, publicly burned). The Germans didn’t want the “jews” dead – they just wanted their country back and freed from “jewish” vice and evil. There was never any plan formulated or implemented to “exterminate” the “jews” – the Germans simply wanted the “jews” anywhere but in Germany. For this sovereign act of self-preservation, the “jews” swore eternal vengeance (and as vessels of wrath, they are merely fulfilling Scripture, doing what comes natural to them – attacking God’s true people).

It is blatantly obvious the “double standard” the “jews” have been able to implement; what is incomprehensible is how the average person is blind to it. Any nonwhite, nonchristian nation has the full support of the world, in exercising exclusive rights of their people to preserve the integrity of their own nation (Africans, Arabs, Oriental, Hindu Indians, etc. – American Indians, and presumably Australian aborigines and Canadian Eskimos, are even given land tax free and other benefits). The “jews” themselves are able to persecute and dispossess the Palestinians of the Palestinians own land and property. Yet, if a white, Christian nation (such as Germany) attempts to preserve the integrity of its own nation and people – they are vilified and attacked as the most savage type of devils that exist. Yet British Colonialism and comparatively peaceful white settlement in America is denounced by liberals as crimes against humanity (while they gladly – hypocritically – share the benefits of civilization.

[In fact, foreigners are forced on white Christian nations bu the United Nations and the European Union. Instead of Nigerian refugees relocating to Algeria (among people of similar race, religion, culture, political mind-set), Lithuania is forced to take them; instead of Arab refugees being relocated in another Arab country, Norway is forced to take them, etc. It goes against all common sense and it is done with calculated malice to destroy our nations. It is genocide.]

Further, any other country or race of people can be accused of and tried for their crimes – except the “jews”. The Holocaust was invented to act as a “shield against all their crimes, vice, immorality, evil, violations, and affronts against humanity” – ans, sadly, it has worked incredibly well.

By employing the magician’s tricks of slight of hand and the use of smoke and mirrors (in fabricated Holocaust-hysteria), the world’s attention was drawn away from the fact that the Bolshevik Revolution was 95% “jewish” and 180 million white, Christian Europeans were butchered after the Bolsheviks took over. This is the REAL Holocaust – and it is 100% documentable.

As I stated earlier, this is barely scratching the surface – insofar as the vast amount of CREDIBLE evidence available on this sordid subject.

This is something I’ve wanted to write for years. This month it has been seven years since I began posting on The Trenches, and everything I’ve written has been written for this site.

No other site can handle 100% of the TRUTH… and this truth is THE most toxic one on the entire planet. No other subject garners more knee-jerk reactions from the blind, dumbed down & clueless sheeple than this one. However, I’ve never been one to sidestep, ignore, or whitewash ANY truth, regardless of toxicity. And my sincerest gratitude goes out to Henry & Laura, considering that FTTWR is the only site likely to ever post this article.

# 1 NWO Hatr

22 thoughts on “A jewish Fable Exposed

  1. And the longest article I’ve ever read on the subject of the Joo lie. LMAO. Read every word and am more convinced than ever that the lies perpetrated by this trash have snowed America for years. Interesting as hell when you read the facts. 23,800,000.00 Joos? Laughable! Had to correct that, first I said 23 thousand, sorry about that.

    Love the different color smoke bit. LOL

    Excellent #1NWO htr, I mean Steve. 🙂

    Ever been stuck in an elevator with one in full garb? I have…. started talking to me, having a good day,? what do you do for a living? He could feel it man… funny thing is he had this great looking chick with him, fkg couldn’t believe it, probably a whore. It was a hotel after all in Chicago.

    1. Stuck in an elevator?

      No, thankfully.

      But I related the story of the last time I had a serious conversation with a stinking jew on Henry’s broadcast a few years ago (5 or 6, I think). It was at Starbuck’s in Torrance, and he started it by butting in (UNINVITED) to a conversation I was having with a friend of mine about an article I had posted concerning Iran. This POS jew (BIG hook nose – the whole 9 yards) pipes up & says “I hope they nuke Iran!”
      I looked at him (calmly) and said “You know what I hope? I hope that sh#thole Israhell gets turned into a GLASS ASHTRAY.”

      You can imagine the ensuing conversation from THAT point on.

  2. “[* Isaac was the son of Jacob (father of the tribes of Israel)”

    Isaac was the son of Abraham. Genesis 21:3 “And Abraham called the name of his son that was born unto him, whom Sarah bare to him, Isaac.”

    Just wanted to set the record straight, not pouncing on the error by any means.

  3. We, all of us Trenchers, need to constantly and rightfully keep exposing the evils of the Talmud and their practitioners. Further,we all need to debunk the notion that all the problems we face can be blamed on Muslims…for that is what so many Americans believe. We need to set straight those who fall for the divide and conquer crap the elites and their Talmudic Syn of Sat overlords constantly throw at We the People. The TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!

  4. Quite comprehensive, # 1. Thank you.

    I had been reading about the origins of humans and some of the latest science shows migrations from northwestern Europe into the mid-east. And much is coming out about the Aryan roots of Persians and Indians of India. I have met blonde, blue-eyed Palestinians. So this migration may play in to Israelite DNA. Who knows, but it’s interesting ’cause it moves our beginnings from the fertile crescent to the cold north. If true, there goes the sacrosanct “Out of Africa” theory. I see there are scientists arguing about this. I am not an anthropologist, but find the premise of northern beginnings fascinating. Sure do have so much more to learn about it.

    And so very much to un-learn. I am better with overview than with detail, but mostly I look at all this as to how it impacts the present. Whether it’s the truth about the Holocaust, or any of the grand wars, or even more recent events like 9/11. We do what we can to get to the truth. But why do we look back? Okay, we can say it’s so we can expose the lies and learn from the past, and maybe bring down the liars – and that, I guess, is what helps the present, along with all the accomplishments the past has blessed us with.

    Anyway, thanks again, I know you put quite some time into this. Here is something I found interesting:

    1. “So this migration may play in to Israelite DNA.”

      Of that I have zero doubt, galen.

      That is the reason that the jews hate the white race more than any other… because we’re the descendants of Jacob, whereas they’re the descendants of Esau.

      That makes them our natural enemies.

      No compromise, no peace.

      Total extermination is required.

    1. Thanks, Hal.

      It took most of my life to figure it all out, but I’m pretty damn sure I’ve got it right now.

    1. Thanks, Gordon. This was a loaded piece of writing with most of it coming right from a jewish person himself. Except for that holocaust reference, so much rings true. Hard to imagine growing up with that kind of indoctrination. Here are four quotes that jumped out at me. One wonders if that first one is a polite way of saying “inbreeding.”

      “Due to a long history of marriage within the faith, which extends back thousands of years, the Jewish community has emerged from a limited number of ancestors and has a similar genetic makeup. This allows researchers to more easily perform genetic studies and locate disease-causing genes.”

      “There is no doubt in my mind that Jews have infected the American people with schizophrenia.”

      “A Jew learns as part of his sacred Bible and Talmud studies that crimes against Gentiles, such as genocide, mass murder, child abuse etc. are considered holy services to God. … This leaves not only a dent on their mental structure, but turns their soul into a festering spiritual deformity.”

      “They educated the young minds of the Jewish nation to despise, to subjugate, to look down upon and even to hate the non-Jewish world.”

    2. “Jews, according to Dr. Hutschnecker, display their mental illness through their paranoia. He explained that the paranoiac not only imagines that he is being persecuted but deliberately creates situations which will make persecution a reality.”

      BINGO!!! NAILED IT!!!!!

      “Dr. Hutschnecker noted that the incidence of mental illness has increased in the United States in direct proportion to the increase in the Jewish population.”

      He may be part of a quack profession, but he’s definitely calling a spade a spade when it comes to the jews.

      Good article, Gordon.

      1. Ordinary people are not used to this kind of psychopathology so react with acquiescence and agreement rather than rational resistance. There is simply no way to handle jews and their fables except to outright reject them because they will never tell the whole truth or fail to live up to any middle ground. I find they just arrogantly dismiss gentiles immediately if the cannot browbeat them into agreement.

    ” A young man, it was said, appeared in Galiee preaching with a noble unction a new law in the name of God who had sent him. At first I was apprehensive that his design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled. Jesus of Nazareth spoke rather as a friend of the Romans than of the Jews. One day in passing by the place of Siloe, where there was a great concourse of people, I observed in the midst of the group a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus. This I could easily have suspected, so great was the difference between him and those listening to him. His golden-colored hair and beard gave him the appearance of a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about thirty years old. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a Contrast between him and his hearers, with their black beards and tawny completion!”

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