10 thoughts on “A Little Help, Please

  1. I believe that (((they))) have limited the shipments of goods AND people are hoarding in a panic. Shipments are coming in but not as many as there used to be. I over heard a couple of Walmart employees talking that NO SHIPMENT came in today. (N. Ga)

  2. Henry & Laura:. I hope you are both as well as possible, at the moment. When I get back home in 4 days, I’ll send off a money order. I thank you for being a leader(s) and resource of knowledge and invaluable insight at this perilous time. May the Lord keep you, and bless you for your works

  3. $20.00 CAD is coming…but not really sure what that is worth there? Unless my ‘gifting guy’ in the US sends you FRN’s instead. Not much but hey…I try!

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