A look back at the massive 1969 Vietnam protests on this day, 50 years ago

The Eagle

Believed to be the largest anti-war protest in American history, an estimated 2 million people gathered in cities around the country on Nov. 15, 1969, to protest the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, from Washington D.C. to San Francisco. Here are scenes from the protests that happened on this day, 50 years ago: 

See them here: https://www.theeagle.com/news/trending/photos-a-look-back-at-the-massive-vietnam-protests-on/collection_26c07e64-17e7-54a1-8570-eee6c7c057ff.html#1

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3 Responses to A look back at the massive 1969 Vietnam protests on this day, 50 years ago

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    I remember them well.

    That was around the time everything started going to sh#t.

  2. Scott Chaney says:

    Now we love war and you’re just downright unpatriotic if you dont want more of it.

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    As long as we have an all-volunteer military you’ll never see much resistance to war.

    They’ll hire mercenaries, recruit wetbacks, promise an education, or prey upon economic despair……anything BUT reinstate the draft.

    As long as they volunteer, the soldiers will get very little sympathy, and as long as people aren’t being dragged into war against their will, the war mongers will get little resistance.

    There has to be an existential threat before the general population gives a pile, be the issue political, economic, or military. (“I’m okay….screw everyone else”)

    A large percentage of the population will only “wake up” after they’ve been hurt.

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