A look Into The Past

Originally published July 19, 2017

Well, I’ll sit here and admit that I fell for the circus barker con at first. Chalk it up to stupidity, chalk it up to whatever the hell you want, I again, made a damn fool out of myself for entertaining the belief this professional con man could make a difference. I even wrote articles about this buffoon cutting him to shreds, but changing my mind because I was praying for a big change. I disappointed a lot of my friends for believing in this grifter.  

Things started to turn when it was obvious he was being controlled by Russian and Chinese big money. You see, he’s borrowed big from these people, he was given favorable terms and he needed the money, without it, his so called empire would be in ruins. The money was transferred into various dummy accounts to protect the con. This is what this conman lives on, borrowed money, as his so called empire is actually heavy in debt. We are talking billions in debt.  

The extraordinary white teeth, the extraordinary homes, the extraordinary private jets, the extraordinary private chartered yachts, the extraordinary lavish meals, all out of the Jamie Dimon book of cons. In fact, such a good con, that he’s even got the Russians and the Chinese conned, it will be a miracle if they see their money back.

The Wall Street Journal’s Rich Rubin reported on similar concerns. “A Russian would not lend directly to Trump or his businesses,” Steve Rosenthal, a tax lawyer and senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center in Washington, told Rubin. “A Russian would, for example, fund a Cyprus corporation, which would lend to Trump or his businesses, possibly through other intermediary entities.”

Oh yes my friends, Trump is a master at the big con.

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4 thoughts on “A look Into The Past

  1. ‘Things started to turn when it was obvious he was being controlled by Russian and Chinese big money.’
    Mark, don’t forget Rothschild bailed him out

    1. Yeah, i wrote this one two years ago Mary, I just reposted it for shits and giggles down memory lane.

      Rothschild and their minions, we learn more everyday.

      Trump will never be able to pay it all back, thats why he greenlighted all those trillions, the guy is a real piece of work.

      Rothschild own Trump, he’s a friggen stooge..

      I have to inject humor because if I didn’t I’d go fkg crazy. Hope nobody gets offended, I know how serious this is, ive been yelling about it for 11 fkg years now.

  2. I sat on the fence while everyone around was jumping for joy at ‘someone different’ running.

    When ‘the talk’ went from Dancing Israelis and ‘getting to the bottom of 9/11’ to ‘celebrating Muslims’, I knew it was just business as usual.

    I hate ALWAYS being proven right, but then, Dog & Pony Shows really don’t have a lot of variety to predict how the show will end, right?

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