A Lost Soul

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A lost soul seen walking along a lonely road,
Dressed poorly
Heavy steps taken
Back hunched slightly,
Just one of many noticed lately
Trudging along a nearby highway  
Some miles from a small town
Dry summer fields in all directions,
The sun baking from above
As one of the few predictable things in his life lived out,
Struggles, disappointments
Failures and heartache
Thickened skin of a soul, rough and toughened;
Cars pass by at speed limits
Few drivers notice, fewer even take a look.
Oh, the value of a soul, the price, the cost poured out,
And the path of human choices somehow taken,
A walk of circumstances more than luck or chance;
Messiah’s Cross alone, Heaven’s sovereignty draws us all together
Rich and poor, weak and strong
Young and old, male and female.
More than the sun and moon above
Divine compassion looks intensely below
Watches each footstep taken, nothing missed,
The Lord waits patiently for the designed opportunity
The times set for them
Exact places to live, to be
Optimal moments, optimal circumstances;
People and places brought together in time
That they might hunger and thirst
That they might search and seek
That they might finally reach out
Grasp for reality
And touch the kind hand of Peace, and soon see the face
Of the Living God!

– by Gary Bertnick


10 thoughts on “A Lost Soul

    1. I second that. So thankful God is always near, as He never leaves us, nor forsakes us. It is God, and God alone that ultimately cares for us. Our inner aches and pains are safe with him, and He carries us through them all.

      1. katie-I truly wish there was evidence in today’s World to show the existence of God, let alone a God that ultimately cares for us. A basket of blind faith is a perilous location to place to all your eggs; especially when anything that goes wrong or, that is consumed by evil, is epitomized as being God’s will.

        1. God allows bad people to do bad things, just as He allows good people to do good things. To not allow bad things, God would have to take away a persons free will. That is something he can not do because He gave us free will and His promise not to take it away. Most people can’t grasp this simple concept. Personally, I have witnessed many miracles in my life and the lives of others. I have faith because God showed me who He and His Son are, and lovingly granted me the ability to share in Their Holy Spirit, Gods wisdom allows me to understand truth. I detest what I see in this world, so I am sure They must also. Try reaching out to Him, I did, I have seen the light. Not once but twice. Changed me forever. He’s real alright, and Jesus is coming back soon. Get ready, because one day every soul will know the truth. BTW faith is not “blind” it is “seeing, hearing, feeling , knowing, and understanding.” Also, evil is not Gods will, nor is it sanctioned. It is the counterpart of good. Can’t have one and not the other.

        1. Paul- The second part of blind faith that I cannot grasp is when people say: ‘Who are we to question God’s will?’

          If this is the case, by humans’ assertion that we are incapable of comprehending God’s will, then what is the sense of praying for deliverance from evil if God will do what He wants anyway?

          I feel that if God does not intervene soon, He will owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

          1. I understand your frustration Inretrospect .
            In the 70 years I have been on this planet, I have questioned these things in my mind as well.
            When I was a child, I tried my darndest to talk my mother into things that I was sure were good for me. However she knew that certain things etc. were not in my best interest at that time, because her understanding was far greater than my understanding. I feel that God is holding back some things because His understanding is far above what my understanding will ever be.
            He knows the past, present, and future. All I know is what is in front of my eyes and mind.
            Scripture tells us that “man’s wisdom is foolishness to God.” Just as my childish wisdom was foolishness to my mother.
            God has also said “My thoughts are not your thoughts”.
            That said, I don’t claim to have all the answers. The more I learn the more convinced I am that I have very little understanding as to why. I do know that scripture tells us that things will get a lot worse before they get better. I’m not looking forward to that. However I refuse to bow down to the god of this world (Lucifer) for any reason.
            I too struggle with the tragedies in my life and in the world. However scripture gives me the strength to carry on.
            Be strong brother. We will persevere in our struggles, and in the end it will all be worth it.

  1. To Paul & cord: Thank you for your responses. I also have seen timely twists of fate which I cannot explain, nor can I deny them as being Divine Intervention.

    Just reading one of your most recent posts, Paul: “After move to $10.5 million River Oaks mansion, Joel Osteen offers Tanglewood land for $1.1 million”. This article tells me that we reside in a jungle of opportunistic, pecker-wood pit vipers, disguised as men of the cloth. Perhaps I have only lost faith in humanity.

    1. yeah Inretrospect the great falling away, and apostasy as described in scripture is and has been well underway. never stop seeking truth brother.

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