10 thoughts on “A Message from President Donald J. Trump

  1. You are part of the mob, and y’all are sh*ttin your drawers cuz we the people have had it!
    Go to Israel, you made it great cuz you’re a TRAITOR. “Obey law enforcement.” Buddy, you’ve lost it! This traitor talking about the censorship when he signed into law today, HR 221″Special envoy to monitor and combat anti semitism act,” which elevates the special envoy for monitoring and combating anti semitism.

  2. Hi Galen,

    Yeah,… I had sent this into Henry for posting, but it looks like you even beat me to posting it!

    Anyway, here is the comment I had included with my link for this video clip, which is all I could manage to type I was shaking so furiously!…
    My Fellow Patriots:

    Here it is, Donald Trump committing his final act of ABSOLUTE TREASON upon this country!

    He DARES to insult Patriots (Trumptards actually) who showed up at “HIS” rally.

    Did NOT distinguish between “his” people and the traitors of Antifa/BLM who create the so called rioting! (That “his people” stuff is guaranteed to chaff your skin also!)

    Refuses to acknowledge the overthrow of this country by full spectrum election fraud!

    Peddles the COVID lie even more!

    Declares “HIS” movement as needing to do NOTHING!,… what a TREASONOUS DOG!


    JD – I could hardly control myself while listening to him spew his filthy treason through his ZIONIST LYING FACE!!!

    1. Thanks, guys, and you’re right JD, TREASON!! As much as we knew he was connected (corporate communist), and since he was in a position to do so, there was always granted an opening to him to bust out, and come clean and turn this ship around. We knew he wouldn’t, but just putting that out there was sending a message. Can you imagine after an arduous journey coming so close to The Holy Grail (Bill of Rights), able to see and touch its brilliance, able to understand what it means for the good of humanity, and then taking the Grail and stomping on it? That’s what he did. And instead of turning the ship around, he sunk it. Now it’s up to us to pull it from the wreckage and make sure it sails again.


  3. What a maroon! , as another cartoon character might say. When I first saw all the people on the capital steps, the first thing that came to my mind was, ” If only they all were armed, and on a mission”

    1. Exactly, Mary. And I also hear…

      Be sure to continue to uphold the structure that is oppressing you. And long live Israel!!


  4. Don’t worry.
    It’s gonna be alright.
    It’s all part of Agent Orange’s strategy.
    You know… 4D Chutes and Ladders… ­čśë

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