A Message to our Brothers and Sisters in the Trenches

revolution2We have acquired and programmed the listen button for Patriot Broadcast From the Trenches.  You will see it located beneath the menu bar under our header.

It would be nice if as many of you as possible would click on the button from as many different places and at as many different times of the day as possible to make sure it is working correctly.  

We would also ask that if there is patriot talk programming that you would like to see added to the schedule at any time that Liberty Tree Radio is not playing that you would let us know and if you can, contact that broadcast to acquire permission to rebroadcast on PBFTT, which is our website’s broadcast and our micro broadcast for the town of Chiloquin, Oregon.

We need your input and just a little bit of help as there is no way we have the time to find the other appropriate broadcasts we would like to have to fill the whole 24 hours for each day.

You may contact us through the site’s email at henryshivley@fromthetrenchesworldreport.com or leave a comment.

As individuals absolute, together we stand.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.


20 thoughts on “A Message to our Brothers and Sisters in the Trenches

  1. I’m getting nothing here, but I guess I would have to do this while the show is on the air, right? I’m usually not at home during those times, but I’ll check it later if I am.

    I was thinking of dong a radio show but I have anger management issues and I’m not sure if I can talk about politics for an hour without blowing a fuse.

      1. yeah — that’s probably the case. I don’t let the flash player in here because it’s known spyware. (I think)
        I”m boycotting the flashplayer, but I don’t remember why.

  2. Using IE and MOZILLA it works great! And as expected, on my TOR browser it doesn’t.
    Meaning, it sounds awesome!

  3. Works good on my end also Henry. 🙂 And like Rumms said above sounds excellent , and great add on to the site.

  4. Working great on latest Mozilla Firefox. Guys & gals make sure you are allowing Javascript if you have a blocker installed on your browser.

  5. Works fine here in the Midwest.

    AVS problems?

    That seems to be par for the course if you’re one of those who labor for an America free of the blood-sucking pests that are destorying this nation.

  6. Yes Henry, when I click on the the flashing red and blue banner, it comes in loud and clear for me here in Atascadero, CA.

    . . .

  7. Love it!! Love it!! Love it!! Sounds great here in south central Missouri. Have clicked on to the various programs all day, Henry, and it comes in great. Really much happier with it versus Ustream with all the commercial break-ins. Hit a home run with this.

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