A Message to the Honest American Nationals who are From the Trenches

This is what happened to From the Trenches:

as evidenced by our Google Analytic chart screenshot.

analytics screenshot apr 17 to apr 26

These acts of duplicity are not being accomplished through unconstitutional legislation perpetrated by the socialist insurgents who have taken over our government, but rather by those who control the traitors within our government.

The international corporate mafia has proven time and again that the laws of our country, or any country for that matter, do not apply to them.  We have reached the point to where honesty is punished while dishonesty is rewarded.  If you are willing to compromise your morality, you can exceed in direct coalition to that compromise.

The international corporate mafia puts forth the assertion that they own the United States as they own the unconstitutional financial system that we operate under.  They have taken off the velvet glove and revealed the iron fist that is intended to cower us and force us to turn away from honesty and morality in order to simply survive.

If one cooperates and does not get out of line, the reward is to be allowed a slot in the mafia organization that does not require any degree of quality in production, but does demand absolute adherence to the rule of the corporate elite.

From the Trenches is honest and will stay that way.  We will not compromise for monetary gain.  From the Trenches exists to make itself no longer needed.  I know this sounds bizarre, but as we are attempting to promote honesty is the best policy, we would not be necessary if it were already so.

Many wonder what has happened to our country and why correcting the situation is taking so long.  It is really quite simple.  Like our Constitution and Bill of Rights, our whole perception of reality has been turned on its head.  Honesty is not the best policy if you want to get ahead, good guys finish last, and the Earth shall be inherited by those evil and duplicit enough to murder and enslave their fellow man.  All of this at the same time as the false front of a ‘United States with freedom and justice for all’ blares over the loud speaker.

From the Trenches is going to come forth to dominate all those who have compromised the truth to gain wealth and power.  These attacks are going to stop.  We are making a hard copy list of all of our people and when the next attack occurs, we will be contacting you via email with our alternate page and our broadcast.  We will, through relentless and overwhelming complaint, force the FBI Internet Crimes Unit to do its job.

The people who are screwing we American nationals only operate at our leave.  This is why I always say they can only do to us what we allow them to do.  This shit is going to stop.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

26 thoughts on “A Message to the Honest American Nationals who are From the Trenches

  1. They always talk about felon this and that. well depending on who you are and how much money you got for a lawyer depends on if you are a felon or not. Just look at these movie stars and those celebrities, they get away with anything they want that would land most of us in prison for life. Yea cris mathew can suck on this and choke on it.

  2. I am still waking up here. Are you saying that they sent a bunch of new viewers to the site and caused it to crash? or because we tell the truth here at From The Trenches and people came here on their own and it crashed?

    1. People came here on their own and we were about to rise up about four levels in three days, so we had to be stopped.

      1. Oh, OK… Now I get it, duh!!!

        You have seen the “Roll’s Report” that John Rolls of Before It’s News send out to his email list. He puts “Today’s Hot News” into and email that links back to BIN. You should do something like that. I have forwarded them to you before, so I know that you know what I am talking about. I have even copied whole pages of news articles from From The Trenches and done kind of the same thing, by sending them to my email contacts. If you did that daily we all at “From the Trenches” could forward to all of our contacts, also. I am always posting your news article links in chatrooms.

        1. Underneath the comment box, check the box that says, “Notify me of new posts by email” and they will come to your email.
          Laura and I run From the Trenches by ourselves, 90 to 100 hours each per week, including the broadcasts.
          It is springtime, I have to clean my very large yard. I will not have a garden this year because I do not have the time, and am seriously thinking of cloning myself as it is the only way I am going to get caught up. 🙂

          1. Where is it? Can’t hear and must be blind too. Oh, there it is. Can’t understand English either.

      2. Henry,
        People are waking up & going into a semi-panic mode (from what I’ve experienced). It appears that the demand for CREDIBLE information is way up. I have noted that ISPs are starting to throttle bandwidth usage in the last month. Internet traffic is particularly heavy AFTER a national incident.

        Besides, geezers like me promoting/sending links to FTTWR adds to the traffic. It’s NEVER hard to sell Truth & Freedom!

  3. IMHO look no further than our corrupt and criminal government in Washington. A human being made this happen – end of story.

  4. Thanks so much for your integrity and moral values. You (we) will succeed because of these qualities. Please make sure I’m on your hard copy list, and if needed to make phone calls or write, or do what ever is needed, I’m ready.

  5. I STAND FIRMLY and SQUARELY with “From the Trenches”. I’ve never called in, or put a comment up, but I am out here listening and passing info on to others, like those in the Abel Danger group. I, too, will load ’em, feed ’em, house ’em, or whatever it takes in the fight to reinstate our precious REPUBLIC-not DEMONOCRACY. I will die on my feet, knee deep in commies, rather than lick the boots of the same. Bean Spiller

  6. I hope that I will be put on your list also. This is one list that I would be proud to be on, along with the one the DHS has me on since I’m a proud Christian, wearing a bulls eye on my back. And beyond that, I have a pressure cooker!!

  7. We truly appreciate all the hard work you and Laura put in on FTT, Henry. Your unwavering dedication to the truth is why this site is unequaled insofar as patriot sites go, imo. That is evident by the number of times we’ve been attacked in the last year, as well as the increasing frequency and duration of those attacks. The dark powers cannot stand the light of truth, and will use any and all means available to extinguish it. Keep up the good fight Henry, we’re behind you 100%.

    No surrender , no retreat.

  8. Yaaaeeee! FTT is back up today!

    I did get some of the posts yesterday (Not many came in) I couldn’t in any way/get to the site no matter which way I went. I did finally get FTTWR via Liberty Tree Radio, then on phone. Good show as always! That was it until even about 2:30a.m. ET, couldn’t get to FTT, then went to bed 🙁

    Yeah, I think they are messin’ with the site.
    I don’t think it’s the extra people that visited. There was an influx of trolls here too, so ya know they are focused in on this site.

    Henry and Laura and everyone here at FTT, Thank you for all your hard work!
    And if I can ever help you guys out with anything, just let me know 🙂

    Thanks again! and Glad FTT is back up today!

  9. I happen to have an IP tracker/blocker installed.

    What I saw last night, (4/25), was that clicking your header to refresh the page, gave a blank screen and showed that it was trying to load, but NO IP address request was ever sent out. Eventually, a ‘Server Not Found’ error showed up.

    Using the back button, however, (which shouldn’t generate any IP traffic), produced a barrage of traffic from Level3, (very, very bad), Google, (just as bad), SoftLayer, Amazon, Edgecast, and Akamai. A veritable who’s who of asswipes. From appearances, you were somehow wiped from DNS directories, but somehow the corpgov scum were still listening intently. In fact, it looks a lot like your traffic was hijacked *through* their servers, and then either blocked, or passed through. They are all blocked on my computer, so I can’t tell if the traffic was eventually passed through.

    Keep fighting the good fight; You’ve got a website well worth fighting for.

    1. I looked up the IP for From The Trenches figuring that it was a DNS denial of service and a Cloud thing popped up and said I couldn’t do that

      1. Not sure what you were encountering, but previous to yesterday, CloudFlare, (a blocked IP here), had to be unblocked temporarily to access FTT.

        Today, now that they’re back, no CloudFlare, instead SingleHop, (again a blocked IP), has to be temporarily allowed. (

        And the following are bird-dogging the traffic here:
        IMC Online

        Since these are all blocked here, and I’m still getting through, they obviously are not involved in serving content for FTT………

      2. I’m thinking one of two things happened:

        A: FTT’s traffic was hijacked by an interloper, which from the IPs I encountered, I’d point the finger at TPTB.

        B: FTT’s ISP changed upline providers without notifying it’s customers, and it wasn’t a smooth transition.

        I strongly lean toward that last, since CloudFlare is no longer encountered, and SingleHop now appears to be the provider.

      1. Yea, I’ve been having similar problems myself the other day as it was rerouting the site to a bunch of other links as if the site address didn’t exist and then when I went to send an email to Henry, it came back “Mailer-daemon”. Someone is definitely sabatoging this site.

        Anyways, keep it up Henry! I’ve been sending articles like crazy, too. Because of you, more sheeple are waking up at my workplace and aren’t afraid to speak out anymore. Keep it going, dude. More of my co-workers don’t trust the government media and are looking for the TRUTH from somewhere else. Long story short, you are definitely on their list of places for REAL CREDIBLE news. So don’t stop now. You’re site is on fire! FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!

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