A Miscarriage of Justice of Police Gone Wild? A 10 year old Texas Girl charged with sexual assault

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Thank you Issiah Carey for covering this story.I find this story very strange with red flags everywhere in this case. The girl who was nine years old at the time was accused of touching a four year old boy playing doctor in the court yard of an Apartment complex. The Houston PD close to four months later afte the alleged incident decided to investigate the complaint. I have some serious questions that needs to be asked.  

– I have some questions about the motives of the parent of the four year old boy. Why did she file a complaint when she claimed see the alleged inappropriate touching of a boy playing doctor with a group of children in the court yard of an apartment complex. Why did she not deal with it right then and there and told the parent of the nine your old girl to correct her? Why did she anonymously file a complaint instead onf confronting the parent?

– Why did it take the Houston PD close to four months later to investigate this 10 year old girl. It did not sound urgent or was the Houston PD sex crime unit just coming out to justify their jobs? To me if there was a sense of urgency. They would have been out sooner to investigate if there was any danger.

-Why bring the police in when both parents could have resolved the issue in a short time. It is unnecessary to incarcerate a 10 year girl in a juvenile detention center almost four month later.

– The Houston Police department should be sued because the Mother was not allowed to be present or have an attorney present while they were interrogating the young girl. The case should be dismissed on that basis alone. The young girl does have a right to remain silent and should have not been threatened by the Police officers with ultimatums if she did not talk without first consulting with an attorney. A violation of this 10 year old girls constitutional rights. The Bill of Rights does apply to 10 year girls.

What makes me mad about Houston PD is there are pedophiles in the CPS abusing Foster children. Where are they investigating the rapes and abuse that goes on in state run faculties? They are not found, nor will they investigate their own. Instead they will go investigate a 10 year old girl months later who can not defend herself who did not know her rights.

My oldest son wanted to spend the night over a friends house. I said no because one friends sister was my son’s age. I declined to allow him to spend the night so he will not run the risk of being accused for something mundane being misunderstood as a sexual act. Some parent are real mental cases and I do not trust them no more then I can throw them.It is sad I have to go to such measures to protect my son just to avoid what happened to this 10 year old girl.

It is a miscarriage of justice the Houston PD wasted their time on a matter two parents could have resolved themselves. It use to be people did not depend on government for these things. They resolved problems themselves and never ask for government’s help. DO you you agree this went way out of proportion or do you think the government has done the right thing? Watch the video and tell me what you think.

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3 thoughts on “A Miscarriage of Justice of Police Gone Wild? A 10 year old Texas Girl charged with sexual assault

  1. Another fine example of the utter stupidity of our justice system. To charge a ten year-old with sexual assault for common, and normal childish games is simply ridiculous.

    I guess there’s no crime in Houston if the police have time for this silliness. Or maybe they’re real purpose has nothing to do with crime.

  2. This is about the age when they want to sink their claws in ya. Now that she was indoctrinated by them Psyc. dr.s and councelors for a few days they will keep her under their thumb for sure. Another candidate for brainwashing there 🙁 .

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