A new push for the lie we were taught as children as to the meaning of the 9th Article

They are desperately in fear of the simplicity that cannot be bullshitted away by the phony children’s stories and they know it is the 9th Article that will destroy them.

Here is a link to an article I was sent that I would not put up and my explanation to the fella who sent it as to why I would not put up this administrative admiralty bullshit.

What is the 9th amendment in simple terms?

Here is my explanation:

I will not post this 9th Amendment Article as it is complete and total bullshit.

The Bill of Rights is separate and apart from the Constitution and should never have been added as Amendments as it represents the people’s right to self governance and authority over the government.

The 9th Article was written to protect the body of law contained in the Bill of Rights.

In the Anti-Federalist Papers the deliberate flaws in the Constitution that would allow the aristocracy to seize power were addressed.

The 9th Article reads, “The enumeration in the constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

It did not say the enumeration in this Bill of Rights, again a separate document, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

The constitution was amended to contain the Bill of Rights, but the Bill of Rights was already the supreme law and it is not just a listing of a few basic rights. It is the united States common law. When we broke away from Britain we broke away from their common law. No British laws had effect in the united States of the Americas.
The Bill of Rights contains the maximums and the procedures and there is not one right that is not listed in the Bill of Rights that cannot be litigated solely by the people using the constructs of that body of law.

The Supreme Court, even if the Constitution was lawful, which it is not, could have no authority to litigate any right of the people as that would be a violation of the rights in the procedure to the common law jury verdict, which cannot be overturned by the subservient government, as the constitution can contain no right/authority to deny or disparage any right declared lawful by the common law court.

The people are the superior authority. We hold the superior jurisdiction in our individual capacity. We hold the only jurisdiction to prosecute and render verdict because the due process in the 5th Article must be followed through the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Articles to the conclusion of a common law jury. There was never to be any other jurisdiction over the American national as that would create a power to deny or disparage the common law right to be judged by an impartial jury of one’s peers and thus create an authority that could deny or disparage.
With the chartering of the United States Corporation, there was a violation of the 9th Article as it created an authority/right for a superior power to that of the individual sovereign to deny and disparage the other rights by removing the dictate for the procedural due process.

We the people via the Bill of Rights, which is the common law, are to self govern, apart from the government and the verdicts of our common law juries in reference to the insertion of any common law right affirmed by the common law jury, is the law in that individual case.

Don’t speak to me of case law, as it is a strait up deprivation of my right to be judged by MY peers, not the accumulation of case law precedence having been produced in other jurisdictions and by corporate appointed judges rather than the individual common law jury for each individual common law case guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
And the 10th Article is not about states rights verses federal rights because all the rights belong to we the people as individuals and our common law courts are superior and exclusive to we the people as individuals in our individual capacity.

No government has any authority within the common law except to accept the dictates of we the people through our individual jurisdiction and obey us.

The Bill of Rights stands alone as the only law ratified by we the people through our elected representatives. When it went into effect December 15, 1791, it nullified many of the rights/authorities put in the constitution as open subject matter to later be interpreted by unlawful corporate administrative admiralty courts to deny the protection of the common law to the individual.

The unlawful 14th Amendment is an absolute violation of the 9th Article which protects the body of common law called the Bill of Rights forever, as the 14th Amendment unlawfully creates a power through an unlawful corporation and unlawful administrative admiralty star chamber courts with unlawful judges appointed by the unlawful corporation, an avenue to deny the procedural due process required by the common law Bill of Rights.

They do not rule us. They are of a lesser authority in their fiduciary position. The only way they can be equal is to enter in to their individual capacity and invoke the procedural due process of the united States common law through the procedures and maximums contained in that absolute law which is apart and superior to the constitution, as we the people are apart and superior to the government we allow to exist.

That is what f-king self government means and I challenge the treasonous prick who wrote that article to name one unwritten right that cannot be enforced through the u.S. common law through the procedures and maximums contained in that common law. And it does have absolute superior authority over every inch of the lands known as the united States of the Americas. When it says in the 10th Article, ‘nor prohibited by it to the states’ that clearly means the prohibitions for any other authority other than that of we the people via our superior supreme authority under the self rule of the common law Bill of Rights.

Hope this clears it up for you.


4 thoughts on “A new push for the lie we were taught as children as to the meaning of the 9th Article

  1. Thanks, Henry, and go get ’em!! Always they want to complicate the simplicity of our Common Law. I can’t wait to see it in action – quick and easy trials with the individual represented fairly and his/her own “case” considered original and unique. Precedents set the stage for sameness, an amalgamation of humans and their circumstances, when every instance is its own. Yeah, like Norm said, I too, love the clarity you brought here. If understood, it brings the false power to its knees.


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