A Notice to Every Human on Earth

Published on Jun 30, 2013 by LogicBeforeAuthority

I am a human journalist trying to wake up Humanity to the lies and manipulations that are taking place on our planet. Please SHARE then Subscribe and visit my website: idahopicker.weebly.com

2 thoughts on “A Notice to Every Human on Earth

  1. RE A Notice to Every Human on Earth
    We read and see what is going on in Egypt and that is the only way to over throw a corrupt government is by violent means. History has shown us that. There are only a handful that have the courage to take a stand and they are not politicians, the elite, bankers or joos. As long as the slaves live within their comfort zones revolution will not happen. As long as the Zionist own the media no one will know.
    Everyone talks about what every human should know, but no one wants to suggest how to make the changes. If they are talking no one is listening.
    I have suggestions and a possible solution, but I am to old to be packed off by the fedrerales to a FEMA camp. But not to old to fight. Where is the leadership?

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