A Nursing Home had Zero Coronavirus Deaths. Then, It Vaccinates Residents for Coronavirus and the Deaths Begin.

Ron Paul Institute – by Adam Dick

Things seem to be working backwards at The Commons on St. Anthony nursing home in Auburn, New York. Vaccinating people is supposed to reduce or end coronavirus deaths. Right? But, at The Commons, such deaths are reported to have occurred only after residents began receiving coronavirus vaccinations.

James T. Mulder wrote Saturday at syracuse.com that until December 29 there had been no coronavirus deaths at The Commons. December 29, when deaths of residents with coronavirus began occurring at The Commons, is also, Mulder’s article discloses, seven days days after the nursing home began giving coronavirus vaccinations to residents, with 80 percent of residents so far having been vaccinated. 

Over a period of less than two weeks since December 29, Mulder relates that 24 coronavirus-infected residents at the 300-bed nursing home have died.

Is the timing just a strange coincidence?

Read Mulder’s article here.

This is the penultimate paragraph of Mulder’s article, where vaccinations at The Commons is mentioned:

The nursing home began vaccinating residents Dec. 22. So far 193 residents, or 80%, and 113 employees, or less than half the staff, have been vaccinated. The nursing home plans to do more vaccinations Jan. 12.

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22 thoughts on “A Nursing Home had Zero Coronavirus Deaths. Then, It Vaccinates Residents for Coronavirus and the Deaths Begin.

  1. Good. They’re probably dead because they dismissed all vaccine warnings as “crazy conspiracy theory”, and that makes them the enemy in my book.
    Everyone’s been warned, about the virus, about the tyranny, about the media lies and brainwashing…… if they’ve chosen to ignore the facts and continue clinging to the MSM narrative at this point, they’ve chosen their side, and it’s opposite of mine. I’m glad they’re dead.

  2. I respectfully but firmly disagree with your comment which I find to be rather cold and callous. How do you know the residents dismissed anything? The staff may have but I don’t believe the residents necessarily did. Many of the residents are people too old and/or frail to take care of themselves, and they either don’t have any family that can or their family chose not to. How exactly were the residents warned? I can’t imagine many of them having internet access nor the clarity of mind to make informed decisions. How can they ignore facts that they were likely never informed about? The residents rely on the staff for their food, bathing and other necessities, so it’s no surprise many just think of the vaccination as part of their normal medical care, they don’t know any better. The residents are your enemy?!? What have these people ever personally done to you? How have they violated you in regards to the Bill of Rights? Have they wronged you in some way that would result in you taking them to a Common Law Court if they were currently active? I for one will not celebrate the death of those people.

    1. Good on you, Sunfire, as far as the residents are concerned. Hopefully, the family members of these residents get the memo if you know what I mean.

      1. It would be nice if that were the case, but if a family put their loved one in a such a place, I doubt they will. More likely than not, they will “trust the system” because the idiot box tells them to.

      1. That is exactly what it is, murder of the elderly. In the enemy’s eyes they are accomplishing two goals, reducing the number of “useless resource wasters” and eliminating those who have wisdom and know what life was like before all this injustice occurred.

    2. Big thanks, Sunfire. I was just about to write everything you did. Thanks for slapping the truth out there. The only thing I’d add is I think it’s important to remember “The Elderly are Us.” I mean in some years down the road, we all we be in that category. So what we allow to happen to them is, in fact, setting ourselves up for same abuse/murder. We owe them our protection. And oh, one day there will be a return to the time of honoring and respecting the elders, not only for their wisdom, but also for their mistakes, and their endurance. They, like we, are learning as they go.


      1. The way the years fly by now, I am more than aware that I’m not getting any younger. I have no children, so in the end, it’s up to me to take care of myself. I would never volunteer to go into a nursing home. I would rather die with dignity. As for respecting elders, that is a moral I was raised with. Many of the younger generation have no such values.

      2. It upsets me so when many dismiss the elderly dying (during this covid scam as well as in general) with ‘they were old’, ‘they had other health problems.’ Who the eff wouldn’t when ya get shot up with a four in one flu shot, ( a flu shot SPECIFICALLY designed for the elderly, 65 years and older), while at the same time being ‘medicated’ with poisons? Oh how we have been conditioned in their never ending psyop. What’s next? Acceptance of 11 year olds consenting to vaccination? We already tolerate the murder of the unborn.

  3. This is what scares me more than anything Sunfire, not having anybody there for you as you age. Fkg scary man, call me a whimp, I could care less.

    1. Many share your concerns, Mark and Sunfire. What can we do but keep cleansing the world of evil, maybe then decency has a shot, and that would mean taking care of each other. I hope we make it be.


    2. I certainly understand your concern about aging with nobody there for you, but I’ve always figured that with individual rights, there comes individual responsibilities. I guess for me, taking care of myself is one that I realize I have to do on my own. Life is never guaranteed from one day to another, so I take it one day at a time, one step at a time.

  4. My good friend is holed-up in a nursing home. Yikes!!
    He’s 75, a Vietnam vet, “got the Agent Orange”, as he says it, is diabetic, and was home as usual, by himself, when he passed out and fell down. His next-door neighbor called the ambulance and he’s been in the grips of the medicals since the week before Christmas. They discharged him from the hospital and into a “physical therapy” nursing home. He is relying on the doctor to tell him when he can check out, regardless how often I tell him to just check himself out. He has been given the nasal scrape test, so time will tell if they end up killing him with that. He tested negative and that was a huge surprise! He has told me he’ll refuse the jab when it is offered, even though he always gets a flu shot, “because I’m diabetic!!”, says he. I tried to take to him a “care” package but was cut-off from direct contact. Even though I could almost touch Clyde, the staff would not let me hand the sack to him, “It has to go through the front desk!”, they barked. So, I left the goodies with the masked Nazi and called Clyde later to see if he got it. He did, but I know they rifled through it.
    If they wind up killing him in there, it will be his choice of how to end it, I guess. He can leave of his own volition, and I’ll pick him up. He knows that, several times over, but has chosen victimhood for now.

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