A Primer on Battling the Plague of Cultural Marxism

Winter Watch – by Russ Winter

Cultural Marxism is also called critical theory. The crux of the cultural Marxist cult is about playing the victimization card/scam or “being oppressed” by some mythological class, gender or race of people (typically white). Any criticism or judgement of the cult is taboo. This iteration is worked endlessly by Social Justice Warriors into a multitude of imagined slights. They then parlay this with the use of staged hoaxes into some benefit, leverage or power grab. 

A whole generation and movement has been built up around cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxists were raised far too permissively, cut too much slack, treated as special, political correctness extremism and rarely subjected to criticism. Merit is not a factor for this crowd.

A few years back, I tried my hand at engaging with some of these Social Justice Warrior types. In doing so, I also learned that there is a derivative of this group that I have dubbed “Pervert Justice Warriors.” They tend to show up around Pedogate issues and matters related to the exploitation of children by Hollywood. These people are primarily moral relativism extremists and will attempt to go after you for “intolerance” of obscenity. They are fundamentally degenerates or are very friendly toward degenerates. They are surprisingly active online. In their Brave New Postmodern World, you can’t dislike (aka “hate”) degenerates or reprobates.

Social media, like Tumblr and Reddit, is infested with these warriors. I always let them reveal themselves and never pre-judge. But in due course, I do judge. Typically, they have serious think-stoppers present.

They speak and think in a different language and have agendas. Having a common ground for conversation is nearly impossible. They have you labelled from the get go as “right wing” or “old white man,” “racist,” “Nazi,” etc. They use “LOL” before the word “white” a lot. Therefore, it’s a waste of energy to debate the majority of them as they are not even on the same planet.

Read the rest here: https://www.winterwatch.net/2020/06/a-primer-on-battling-the-plague-of-cultural-marxism/

2 thoughts on “A Primer on Battling the Plague of Cultural Marxism

  1. I like that he advises not to play nice with social justice warriors. They need to be shamed and shunned. Enough with putting up with them – friends and family members included.

    “We do urge hate: If you love something, that love requires you to hate anything that threatens its survival.”
    — Matthew Hale


    1. 100% agree! It’s way passed time to allow thus to continue. Let them be hit with equal force of all they do.

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