A Proclamation of Tyranny

The Hoss USMC – by Matthew Liskey Esq. and Col. Ian Houston

The patient sufferance of The Sovereign People of the United States of America will no longer continue silently at the mercy of our government. We, The Sovereign People, of the United States of America bring before the government our grievances. This comes as a response to the campaign of tyranny and misrepresentation being waged by our federal government.

Our Constitutional Republic is for and by the Sovereign People, and in saying this we remind those in government, We The Sovereign People are the stakeholders in our country not our representatives. We, The Sovereign People, have repeatedly petitioned the government to halt legislation and laws that alter or dismiss our natural rights. We, The Sovereign People of the United States of America, demand that our grievances are heard.  

Herein are our grievances:

Has passed legislation, executive orders, bills, declarations, acts, orders, proclamations, laws, policies, resolutions, rules, codes, motions, provisions, etc which alter or challenge each citizens natural rights

Has refused to read and/or debate all legislation, bills, laws, resolutions, etc introduced into session

Has engaged in offensive military actions against countries which pose no danger to the United States or its interests

Defends and supports the actions of foreign nations and dictators, nations and dictators who murder, restrict, and oppress their people

Has erected government bodies, who impose the will of the President and the Presidents administration, which alter our natural rights without the consent of the people

Has arrested citizens for peacefully assembling and exercising their natural right to free speech

Has barbarously passed legislation negating the fourth amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America which alters the checks and balances system of our government

Has participated in the treacherous practice of allowing lobbyists to alter legislation our representative’s author through the persuasion of bribes

Has created secret bodies of government which have no oversight from the government or the people of the United States

Has encouraged our representatives to lie to the citizens, through not holding them accountable for falsely representing facts, legislation, budgets, etc

Has been dishonest with the people of the United States about reasons and motives that foreign nations are not willing to engage in trade and discussion

Has often infringed upon the right to keep and bear military arms, weaponry, and other tools of war that are necessary to maintain a well regulated militia

Created and refuses to change the illegal and discriminatory income taxation system

Has created bodies of government for socialist programs and mandates taxation of wages for said social programs

Has created Presidential “executive orders” that go beyond the constitutional authority vested in the presidency and the federal government

Has lied to the people of the United States in reference to the governments failures and is not humbled when it falters

Has continued to allow and promote the use of interrogation techniques which maim, injure or kill their suspects which further demonstrates that America is of no higher moral code than anyone else around the world including our enemies

Has continued to direct America into superfluous debt and refuses to address budgetary issues in the name of party politics

Has promoted the devaluation of America’s currency by allowing the Federal Reserve to create money at will

Defends and continues its molesting and unwarranted searches of its people by the Transportation Security Administration, and other federal agencies, which are a blatant infringement of our natural rights as defined in fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Knowingly arms and trains enemies of the United States to become entangled in foreign affairs which result in a great deal of blowback on America and its interests and infringes on the sovereignty of foreign nations

Mandates the people to pay taxes to imprison enemies of the state at great cost to the sovereign people with no outcome but to rot in prison at the sovereign people’s expense

Creates and enforces laws which restrict the peoples natural rights to freedom of choice as to pursue their life liberty and pursuit of happiness

Frivolously taxes its citizens to support its own spending addiction

Imposes illegal government oversight into personal lives by attaching technological chips into our personal technology in the name of security

Confiscates private property through eminent domain and does not use the property for the public good or for government, but rather sells the land to private businesses

Permits corporations to contribute to the campaigns of politicians under the guise of the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States

Has continually allowed the Executive to implement programs, appoint unelected officials, created illegal federal agencies, and wage war without the consent of The Congress

Has suspended Habeas Corpus, and made lists of, and executed without trial, American citizens.

Continues to regulate The Sovereign People under the misinterpretation of Article 1 Section 8 Subsection 3 which does not allow for the regulation of sovereign individuals or their rights.

Although this proclamation does not encompass all grievances, the grievances described are blatantly administered to the dismay of our, the Sovereign Peoples, natural rights. We, The Sovereign People, have allowed time and opportunity for the government to resist the temptation of indulging in unconstitutional power that positions of government can provide. We are at a pivotal moment in our countries history. Action must be taken to ensure we remain free and uninhibited from pursuing happiness as each of us, the Sovereign People, see fit. Our country was founded upon morals of goodness, liberty, and individual freedom, not the tyrannical oppression which we have described in our grievances.

As The Sovereign People of the United States of America we demand the government cease and desist its corrupt ways and unconstitutional practices which repel, alter or even challenge our natural rights as defined in the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States of America. We demand all grievances as described be addressed, debated and all legislation, executive orders, bills, declarations, acts, orders, proclamations, laws, policies, resolutions, rules, codes, motions, provisions, etc be eliminated and all future legislation follow the guidelines of one of our most precious founding documents, the Constitution of the United States. We, the people, will continue to vociferously petition the government for redress of our grievances if the ears of our government are not opened and in tune with its people.

Matthew Liskey Esq. and Col. Ian Houston


27 thoughts on “A Proclamation of Tyranny

    1. TG, whose side are you on? The language in the US is the American dialect of English. I don’t understand Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, or pigeon English, and with no translation or explanation provided, the video in your post appears as savage gratuitous violence.

      1. I don’t speak Bengali, Urdu, Hindi or pigeon English either.

        You can understand what is happening by just watching it.

        Basically, it just shows you how quickly tyranny can escalate into mindless violence. It is useful to see what goes on in other parts of the world. Interestingly, what is happening in BD (Bangladesh) has a lot of similarities to many places around the world.

        For now, just try to learn from the video — how to protect yourself, how to avoid violent outbursts, etc. I’ll comment more later.

    2. So what is up with posting a video that doesn`t even speak english.It wouldn`t be half bad if it at least had translation if you know what I mean. I wish people would atleast post things that we could understand.

  1. Additional grievances:

    Has instituted and failed to remove a fraudulent and usurious monetary system that robs the sovereign people of their hard earned and rightful wealth, and transfers that wealth to a small controlling group of foreign and domestic organized criminal entities.

    Awards federal lands to individuals and corporations in exchange for bribes, further robbing the sovereign people of the wealth that rightfully belongs to the entire nation.

    Has instituted and continues to participate in a government budgetary system that hides government revenue, a hidden wealth so vast that it could eliminate federal taxes for all time, wealth which rightfully belongs to the sovereign people, and fails to publish and inform the people of the national, state, county, and city government Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports that clarify this hidden wealth.

  2. Dear Matthew Liskey Esq. and Col. Ian Houston:

    Ok,… I agree. Not perfect, but an excellent start.

    Question: Was this served upon this government, if so, by who, where, and to who?

    Their answer?

    Your proposal when they keep laughing at our requests?

    Thank You – JD – US Marine Fighting Tyranny

  3. I’ve often read the comments of the “regulars” on this site and many others so I will address my comment to you and the author of this site. It appears to me your understanding of our rights and liberties is somewhat limited. Why do I say that? Because I am a convicted felon and I constantly hear everyone rant that only criminals and convicted felons should not have guns. I beg to differ.

    There was a time in this country when the only criminals were those who were behind bars. Once a person had paid their debt to society then all stigma of criminality was gone and all rights were restored. Just watch any old western and you will understand when you see the sheriff letting the bad guy out of jail and taking his six shooter out of the bottom drawer of his desk and handing it back to him. That is because we have a constitutional right that prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. In other words you can not be permenently and forever cut off from your basic right to self defense in perpetuity. Or to be put another way. You cannot be puniished your entirelife for an otherwise petty event. (such as growing a marijuana plant) That was almost thirty years ago for me. The prohibition against felons with guns is a relatively new event (sometime in the sixties) and is completely unconstitutional on more than one front.

    Today the reason the left feels compelled and righteous about banning you from your guns is because you have allowed them (without a fight) to ban me from mine. Unlike you, I will defend your right to your guns with my life at the appropriate time. Felon or not. So give this some thoought and I pray you will swee that a small infringement leadsto the one you are facing today. And don’t give up. Maybe we can turn it around for all of us.

    1. Apostle – we know that there are MILLIONS of “felons’ who were created by the ziojews – for making a trillion dollars in cash every decade with the BS corrections system, by making possession of drugs a felony, as they drink their fat asses off with a drug called alcohol.

      The felons who should never own a gun are the extremely violent ones. The rapists, who should just be blown away after a post conviction investigation, ditto that for murderers, in any degree, and attempted murderers.

      FYI there is no “left or right” – it is a hoax. WE are all Americans. I am not ever gonna be pigeon-holed into some category, as the ziojews love doing.

    2. Apostle 12, Henry has stated (more than once) on his radio show The Word exactly what you’ve just said in your comment – that felons have every right to own a gun once they’re released. That is an unalienable right, one that has been infringed upon by this treasonous so-called ‘government’ since 1934.

      Any true patriot would agree with this.

  4. You need to meet DiggerDan…

    And I believe you entreat us regulars with maybe too broad a stereotyped brush…..the greater majority here believe in full restoration of rights. Once any said debt is paid……its paid.!! Period…..end of story.
    In these days you can become a felon for merely pissing of your back porch….maybe you misread us here.

      1. Yep, oldvet is right about me – thanks oldvet, by the way buddy. I was never even given a chance. Ya see Apostle 12, I was sent away at about 12 or 13 yr.s old for haveing a damned joint my damned brother said that I had one and told my parents and because of that f`n show called “Reffer Madness” my parents sent me away to a christian military boys school. yea I also was busted for being a grower back in 72 – 73 and was sent away to prison with a felony for 2 1/2 years with 3 yr.s parole after I got out. I am not going anyfurther about my criminal/medical past as some of these older posters know exactly what I think about these criminal/corrupt laws. Everything that I have said about my past was the gods honest truth, yes I have spilled my guts with us good guys here at FTTWR – I trust these guys for sure, :), yes I do by golly and I am proud to say that.. I know all about how the damned justice system ruins peoples lives.

        1. @ Digger – So you are far from a “felon” – you are a >>>Victim of a regime<<<, as many millions have been. I was luckier; I never got caught for helping support families of Jamaican farmers [lol] back in the 70's.

          It is an INjustice system and has been since the mid 1800's and even way before that. Ask any Black person or Native American.

          The REAL meaning of "Justice" will be freely demonstrated throughout the USA then the world, in the next 18 months though – I am sure of that.

          1. Yes JM, I pray that you are right. Most people that know me have said that I should ask for my rights back but I will never ask for my rights back as I have never lost them, they stole them and by asking for them back would – in my eyes – would legetimize what they – the govt. does. Ya know what JM, good people never change, and I will always be a smoker as long as possible till the day I die. We know what is right I believe don`t we, my fellow smokers. We all must keep the faith.

  5. So is this going to be the new Declaration of Independence? The grievances sound somewhat familiar to the founding fathers. Only instead of the British, we have a foreign Zionist/Communist insurgency.

  6. A12, I wouldn’t disagree with you. Not only would I agree that when you’ve paid your debt, it should be done and all rights restored, I would go further in that cases where there is no injured party and no notarized certificate to that effect, the crime is the one perpetrated in concert by the LEOs, attorneys, courts and judges involved for wrongful arrest, prosecutorial misconduct, and false imprisonment.

  7. Add:

    >Stolen millions of homes from families.

    >Sanctioned horrifying living conditions of defenseless farm Animals, as well as endorsed their execution by torture (being forced into a rolling tube by shock sticks, then being turned upside down, then having your esophagus ripped out by a hook so you then can get dumped on a bloody floor until you bleed to death as these F-ing SCUM do with millions of Cows – IS torture). Being forced to spend your entire indescribably hideous life in a steel age where you cannot even turn around, like millions of Pigs [hogs no the kind we are gonna shoot soon] is beyond horrifying. THAT is the life of a farm Animal in this hellhole of a country.

    >Sucked every dime from our meager bank accounts our wealth

    > stolen millions of jobs and produced TRASH goods in foreign countries, while increasing prices at a triple digit inflationary rate

    >Murdered millions of our beloved Family members by conspiring to, and then withholding KNOWN cures for maladies like cancer etc etc etc etc etc etc etc- all in the name of unjust enrichment

    I could go on for hours.

    As far as the aforementioned execution centers for Cows and Pigs – they will be used for traitors very soon.

    I admire the intent, but, making this statement of tyranny has what purpose? They will do nothing until they are attacked.

    “guns talk – talk walks.”

  8. To sum it up..I believe the true felons are in DC and Wall street.

    Oh….an BTW , Im not a smoker anymore…quit many years ago…..but I SUPPORT YOUR RIGHT TO DO SO.

    1. Aw man oldvet, I know that, your cool with me hey. 🙂 and try not to forget that eh. Just because you do not smoke and all dosen`t mean that your not good with me ya know oldvet eh. Keep the faith oldvet we are good and again don`t forget that eh!! Just keep smilin` eh 🙂

      1. Digger,..the reason I cant smoke is due to the VA,…I go every cpl months for a check and a blood test……ya know?
        If it shows up…I have lost all my benefits….which I need at the moment

        1. Oh yea oldvet, I understand completely. Some of my oldest and best freinds have the same prob. They told me though that they are checking people just to make sure that they are doing their morophine and their speeders and not selling them. Anyway I do understand buddy. I bet you would like to though 🙂

          1. As far as being checked for our use of the drugs…yup…they can call you in at anytime and you must give account of how much you have left of the current script…and it better be in your blood stream. Or..you are in deep kimchi..

            And,.since you have been a lab rat for the VA…no civilian doctor will touch you if the VA kicks you to the curb.
            Man…if want your heart broken..just visit a VA hospital sometime and observe how vets are treated. It becomes painfully obvious they want you to die.
            Yup..would love to sit on the creek bank and twist one up sometimes..

          2. Yep, oldvet, I used to drive my neighbor to the VA up in minneapolis twice a week. She used to say hat they would never do what they do – as far as bad meds , combinations, and useing them as lab rats. Now however she is finally starting to see just what they did to her. I also talk to one of my best freinds every day for a good 1 1/2 about mis diagnosises they have prescribed knowing that some of that crap was realy bad stuff. Yep oldvet, lab rat is right and those va dr.s know exactly what they are doing. I am sure you will be able to legally smoke again, at least I hope so. Yep oldvet, they tell me all time what you say about getting called in for blood work to make sure they are doing their med.s

  9. The original intent of a redress of grievances was to address the acting ruling party and allow them the opprotunity to amend their policies. The response to an unsatisfactory or lack of reply was the as is stated in the Declaration of Independence:
    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
    Unless you are prepared to throw off such government, stop wasting our time with empty words. Words standing not in front of the tip of a spear will be blown into the wind as they have no force. Informing tyrants of your displeasure to their evil deeds makes a mockery of you and chips away at the morale of your fellow patriots as they watch one by one we beg for mercy from our masters. Our masters enslaved us without our consent, why should we give them any more RESPECT then they gave us. Why should we utter a word of our disapproval when they are fully aware of what they have done. It only makes fools of us. Let them hear a crack in the air as the bullets riddle their bodies. Let them awake in hell and left to wonder if we awoke from our slumber. Why should we give them the courtesy they did not extend to us?

    When we as a people are ready to pick up our saving grace and light a fire unto this nation there will be no more need for words. No more need for lies and excuses. Truth will arrive at the tip of a spear and usher in a new dawn for liberty.

  10. Election season is here in the Philippines. A COMELEC Gun Ban was imposed to curb the election related killings Sad to say the Phil. Nat’l. Police (PNP) has failed to stop the unsolved killings. True, if guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns.

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