A Rare View of Ground Zero on 9-16-01

Published on Sep 21, 2011

Taken on Sunday Sept. 16,2001 is a rare view of how Ground Zero looked five days after the 9/11 attacks. Beginning in this video, at Park Row , there are National Guard Troops marching single file in Ground Zero. Note that during that time, Ground Zero was a much wider area than what it is today. It extended north past Chambers St and included Park Row and south on Broadway. Also seen is 7 World Trade Center, which I misidentified as being the North Tower. It was still burning and water shooting from nearby buildings are seen being sprayed on the wreckage. The mezzanine for the Cortlandt St. 1/9 subway line is seen as well as the concourse for 5 World Trade Center is seen briefly. I managed to get a rare shot of firefighters being transported by MTA buses into Ground Zero. In light of what we now know about the long term effects of being exposed to the air at Ground Zero, one can feel uneasy about seeing the FDNY and NYPD personnel, and other workers walking around without respirators protecting them from the exposure. When looking at this video ten years later, I wondered how those workers are doing today.

2 thoughts on “A Rare View of Ground Zero on 9-16-01

  1. Right know the insurance companies are shtg their pants. Silverstein is laying in bed with his construction helmet on, playing with himself.

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