A Ron Paul Win in Iowa Looks to be Inevitable

Dr. Ron Paul will not be denied.  For everyone who has shouted from the get go that Ron Paul could not win the GOP nomination, your propaganda has failed.  I have to believe the international corporate mafia is in a rage right now.  All the money they have spent on their propaganda machine and to no avail.  We the people and our numbers through the internet are prevailing and the best the mainstream can come up with is that if Ron Paul wins Iowa, it will be good for Mitt Romney.  Truly pathetic, don’t you think?

The Republiscums have announced that they will not be calculating the delegates as previously planned.  In a last ditch effort to rig the Republican race, the leadership has announced that the delegates, rather than going for the candidate who wins the state, will instead be proportioned out in coalition with the percentage of votes each candidate obtains.  This is a desperate act and I’m afraid it is just the first of many we are going to see as Ron Paul wins state after state.

This being said, the best these traitors can accomplish is to delay the inevitable.  No matter what they do, if they try to take the nomination from Ron Paul after he has acquired a majority of the votes from the people, it will only serve to anger us and redouble our determination that the corporate 1% and their media machine are not going to dictate the 2012 election.

So many doubted us in the beginning when we stated emphatically that our numbers would defeat the wealth of the 1%, and now that all can see that it has been the truth all along, people are coming to the cause in hoards.  Those who are still trying to say Dr. Paul cannot win are being laughed at.  We must keep it up and not be lulled into laziness.  We not only have to vote for Dr. Paul but we must do so in such numbers that the elite understand it would be suicidal to make any attempt to nullify our will.

We are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution with freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity for every individual American of the American race and woe be it to any group of elitists who think they can stop us through any act of duplicity.  Our people are no longer standing in the shadows.  We are front and center and no one is going to take our will from us.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I’ve rec’d Dr. Paul’s newsletters and watched him on the floor of the House for years as he is the voice of reason among the thieves who have used Congress for their own personal benefit. What concerns me is how long he would last – or anybody for that matter – if they tried to change the rigged manner in which our imperial government operates. The United States and all the surrogates who benefit from the grand robbery of the U.S. taxpayer – while other industrialized countries are able to offer healthcare, infrastructure improvements, nearly free education including protection from foreign workers and compliments of the U.S. military industrial complex, we the people are paying to secure their interests while forfeiting our own. Just a couple of weeks ago Congress passed a bill allowing an increase in green card recipients for “highly skilled workers” with no expiration date. The explanation is that we just don’t have what corporations want!! Do you think this legislation is really meant to welcome the families and friends of the wealthiest among us – friends they’ve made in their corporate and political pursuits whom they’re much closer to than their neighbors at home – just as the children of executives that I know in this country are working in very lucrative jobs abroad. This actually impresses some who accept that they were able to obtain those positions because they’re so smart – not that their private school educations made sure they learned mandarin. The elites have absolutely no national interest – they’ve been global opportunists for a long time, but now people who aren’t well born can just go suck an egg – and they call this competition!! Revolution is the only way forward – life on this planet was not meant to benefit a mere 1% – capitalism is a failed system that must transform or all of us will perish. The planet just cannot support a whole world of people who want to live as carelessly as unconscious Amerikans. In my mind it would be acceptable for the human species whose biggest claim to fame is working diligently toward more lethal ways to destroy one another – all the while bloviating about “Christianity.” For the most dependent species on the planet to be so destructive and cause so much pain and suffering, I’d have to welcome extinction in order for all other forms of life to move forward. What psychopaths would, after viewing paradise the likes of those in the Pacific decide on that location to test and detonate nuclear bombs??? Fortunately, after the Chernobyl disaster, animals and other living organisms are able and have repopulated while humans are still locked out. When I was in school we were taught that insects would be the only survivors of a nuclear holocaust – more human arrogance. Last night I learned that it will take 40 years to clean up the Fukushima daiichi plant – anybody that looks at that disaster and suggests we build more nuclear power plants must have rocks upstairs. Sorry for the diatribe – I’m so pissed and never would I believe that this country could sink so low, but 30 years of supply side economics has been stuffed down the throats of the working class – many of whom still parrot its “success” or don’t have a clue. Thanks to Saint Ron – as much as I disliked Nixon, even tricky dick recognized that Milton Friedman was a self-serving scumbag, but they (neoconservatives) got their gift with Ronnie and this country has been on a downward slide ever since. We need to take back the wealth that the scoundrels have stolen from us and put the so-called producers to real work for once in their lives.

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