‘A scene from hell’: Bridge partially collapses in Arizona as first responders battle massive fire on derailed train


Dozens of first responders are working to put out a fire following a Union Pacific train derailment near Tempe, Arizona. The bridge it was traveling on has partially collapsed, but no injuries have been reported.

Video and photos from the scene show massive amounts of smoke billowing from the site of the crash. Local officials say the smoke cloud is so obtrusive that it has caused traffic in nearby areas to be rerouted. Police are warning people to avoid the area. 

An eyewitness described the crash, which she turned to see after smoke disrupted her bike ride, as “a scene from hell” in comments to local media.

The damaged bridge sits over Tempe Town Lake and near Tempe Beach Park, and the crash is believed to have happened around 6am on Wednesday. The cause of the derailment is unknown, and local media are reporting that the train was carrying lumber. A tanker car that fell off the bridge now sits with other debris in the water. The crash is being described as second-alarm hazardous until first responders can determine whether or not any hazardous materials were being transported on board. All of Tempe Town Lake is closed temporarily as a precaution.


3 thoughts on “‘A scene from hell’: Bridge partially collapses in Arizona as first responders battle massive fire on derailed train

  1. Trains are getting heavier, truss’ are getting weaker. Can’t believevwe aren’t hearing about more of this..

    1. Yeah our infrastructure has been grossly neglected for a long time
      Politicians too busy lining their pockets to bother keeping things properly maintained
      I used to do at least 2 bridge restoration projects a year , if not more and 80% of them were for the rail road companies..that was over 10 years ago
      The RR basically said they chopped that budget and are spending the money on litigation and claims

  2. This was a deliberate attack in my mind who knows. Union Pacific just stated in article posted here yesterday that they were going to protect illegal aliens along their routes then this… somebody set this train a fire no rocket needed!! what next!!!! WTF

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