A squirrel trashed home of family on vacation, and insurance won’t pay

NBC News

A squirrel that apparently fell into an Atlanta house through a chimney and was desperate to get out caused at least $15,000 in destruction over the Christmas holidays, the homeowners said.

To make it worse, the couple’s insurance company said it is not responsible to cover the cost of the damage. 

First-time homeowners Kari and Dustin Drees and their 9-month-old daughter moved last month into their house in the upscale Buckhead district of Atlanta, and soon after went on vacation to California.

Read the rest and see the pics here:  https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/squirrel-trashed-home-family-vacation-insurance-won-t-pay-n1112391

5 thoughts on “A squirrel trashed home of family on vacation, and insurance won’t pay

  1. Saved a few bucks a month using Mercury insurance, whom I have never heard of. Where’s your savings now?

  2. always read the policy
    always ask questions
    never trust an insurance company to look out for you in the first place .. they are only here to make money off you

    if you truly have a legit claim , do your own homework, pick your own contractors ..run your own project

    i lost a home to fire
    been there done that

    and .. your insurance company is only as good as your agent .. if they suck,, you can easily get screwed if you think you can trust them

    sucks about the squirrel damage …

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