A statement from Bob Avakian: NOTHING LESS!

Jun 5, 2020

A statement from Bob Avakian
revolutionary leader, author and architect of the revolutionary new communism.

To all those who have risen up so powerfully and are demonstrating to say “No More!” after the murder of George Floyd, and all the other cold-blooded murders by police.

To all those who have drawn inspiration from this righteous uprising.

To all those who have had the blinders forced from their eyes and have been provoked to think anew about what kind of country it is that we live in.

This has raised the biggest questions about what is needed for people everywhere to live fully as human beings:



We need a world without white supremacy and male supremacy—a world where no one is regarded as “alien”—a world without war, where people from all over the globe, with a beautiful flowering of diversity, act together for the common good and are truly caretakers of the earth.


The possibility for this is being powerfully demonstrated in this uprising of the people, of all different races and genders, from all parts of the world—refusing to remain silent or stay passive while all this oppression and brutality goes on.

To Make All This Real

A strategic plan for how to make this revolution, and a sweeping vision and concrete blueprint for a radically different and much better world, where all this can become possible—can be found in the work I have done, including the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.

You can learn more about this revolution and become part of making it a reality by going to revcom.us and joining with the revcoms.

We do not need to live in this world where so much of humanity suffers so unnecessarily under this system of capitalism-imperialism that cannot exist without exploiting and degrading people, suffocating their humanity and killing them without mercy. We can do much better! Don’t listen to talk about how “it can never happen.”

Look around you—what seemed impossible yesterday is happening right now! Revolution, why should we settle for anything less?

7 thoughts on “A statement from Bob Avakian: NOTHING LESS!

  1. *This message has been approved by chump, nike, reebok, nascar, under armour, blm, cia, nsa, fbi, nfl, nba, pga, mic, irs,……..
    and your local sin-agogue.

    Yeah, some revolution ya got there.

    The same monsters f’g you wanna F you even harder in the worst way, but your massah turned your stupid head in the other direction and claims to be your friend.

    Good thinking, good thinking. ..may you get whatever it is you deserve from either side.

  2. As much as I hate the commie bastards I have to say, at least they take action. Granted its controlled and state sponsored for sure by their Zionist masters but they too are taking action every day to achieve what they want. I’m sick of doing nothing, watching others stand by and wishful thinking, trying to teach others who don’t want to learn and won’t, and “buying time”. Enough is enough. I will not live in a world where I will watch my children suffer through communist ideology because I did nothing. I will not watch as we are facing the same fate of Russia, China, Germany, Palestine etc, etc. Give me liberty or give me death. Period. Either your with me, or your in the way of my barrel.

  3. I’ve done some research on this dude, who basically took over Mao-ist communism a few years after another commie group, ACWM (M-L) (American Communist Workers Movement Marxist-Leninist),was infiltrated during a communist conference in Pontiac, Michigan by a supposed commie group from Tampa (three or four females)…and most of the folks there at the conference KNEW this group was infiltrating for the FBI. This happened in 1973. Supposedly, Avakian was also at this conference. I think he led a group from Chicago.

    You know what I really find ironic? All these commies talking about white supremacy and male supremacy are almost ALWAYS WHITE AND MALE! And that all minority folks in these groups take these white/male white/male haters seriously. Now the name “Avakian” sounds Armenian. but I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was Crypto-Jew.

    And I am totally with Jamal on this. This is not the early 70s when groups like ACWM were pretty much just a joke (plus they always seemed to have nothing else better to do than argue with Trotskyites!). I do not think ACWM was funded by billionaires like BLM and Antifa–that folks, is the reason they appear to be “winning”…and complicit Demoncrat and Rethug politicians back them as well.

    My research is based on personal experiences. For more on ACWM (M-L):

    In Galen’s wikipedia link is mentioned Charu Majumdar, who led the Maoist Communist Party of India (M-L) which actually took over the state of Naxalbari in NE India in the early70s. Another commie leader I am aware of from that time is Hardial Baines, originally from India, who led the Communist Party of Canada, (M-L), a party which actually had more Parliament votes in the early 70s than the “offical” communist party there, nearly 1,000!

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