14 thoughts on “A ten year old newspaper.

    1. Id rather watch a spider in the window spinnin a web. See this sick creature from HELL still alive!!!!!!!!!!! Kill Bill……..

      1. comments like these make the Bill of Hell foundation shake at the knees.. how many of you want to push Bill on the swing??? An crack his neck….. watch him swing in the wind FCK U

  1. He admitted he needed hangin 10 years ago
    Dam we’re slow to react

    The virus is shit humans like him ,allowed to live and flourish

    1. im tired my friend,, sure you are too. because we should be tired…. of getting screwed around our whole entire life.

  2. ten years ago… sounds like a rock band!!! Tired need sleep … but can deliver if necessary… im going to be ready always!!!

  3. Bill Gates needs to die and the tyranny needs to stop. Only WE can do it. Nobody is coming to save us so we need to save ourselves. We are the majority.

  4. Kill Rates(Bill Gates) College Dropout & Software Thief son of a Eugenicist who was best friends with Racist Margaret Sanger – Founder of Planned Parenthood whose Primary goal was to Exterminate ALL BLACKS from America is a Demonic Prick who Must be Exterminated.

  5. Our very lives, and Freedom, Truth, Liberty and Justice depend on us to also be on offense against the onslaught of medical tyranny. “Every doctor, every nurse and every pharmacist who injected this substance into people without asking what was in it, without demanding to see data on the adverse reactions, they will all be seen as complicit in the horrific crimes against nature now playing out. They all violated the international Nuremburg Code requiring informed consent.” https://leohohmann.com/2021/09/12/video-watch-dr-judy-mikovits-and-panel-discuss-joe-bidens-dictatorial-claim-of-ownership-of-every-americans-body/

    The so called “vaccines” are dangerous and reckless: “Exposed: CDC Rushed to Change Definition of ‘Vaccination’ After Israel Study Touts Natural Immunity over Vaccine
    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) quietly changed their definitions of “Vaccine” and “Vaccination” on September 1st, exchanging the word “immunity” for “protection,” now that it appears that breakthrough cases can no longer be explained away as an anomaly.
    The definition changes occurred days after a massive study was released demonstrating that those who had been vaccinated were “13 times more likely to be infected with the Delta variant (what has been called a “breakthrough” infection) than those with natural immunity,” as summarized at the American Conservative.
    Several savvy observers exposed the update on social media, and journalist Sharyl Attkisson wrote about the change on her excellent website. The change was also discussed at PJ Media.
    Attkisson featured a Tweet from Representative Thomas Massie, who noted that that the CDC definition of “vaccination” was updated twice since 2015.

    Per doctor Mercola the definition of “vaccine” was changed at another point also in the not so distant past. Also the very definitions of “pandemic” and “herd immunity” have also been changed. It would appear that the definitions of medical terms are being changed to suit the sale of drugs rather than to cure or relieve illness.

    Instances such as those below are becoming common place:

    This high school athlete is hospitalized with myocarditis. https://www.infowars.com/posts/heart-inflammation-in-teens-explodes-across-us-after-fda-approves-injections

    And another:


    Watch interview with Ernest Ramirez Sr. and the video of his son’s funeral here: https://www.brighteon.com/f5f8ad6c-2ed5-4ff3-aa88-a33bff1d2f0c

    The article below is the best article I have read regarding the doctors role in the cv sham: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/09/i_will_never_trust_another_doctor.html

    Testimony from nurse whistle blowers her: Testimony from nurse whistle blowers: https://www.brighteon.com/7bdd4db4-72a4-4a86-8f44-cd7535b9d578

    Paraphrase: “Giving these injections to pregnant women violates every medical ethic.” Dr. Christiane Northrup and Mike Adams explore spirituality, covid compliance and mass OBEDIENCE https://www.brighteon.com/8d9cc85c-dd45-4ab2-a703-49d6352a56be

    Survival Dan I think summarizes the cv situation as follows: “ Hence, critical thinking, truth, honesty, logic, and reason, disappear from view to be replaced by mass ignorance and indifference. Because of this great paradigm shift in societal reality, we are left to either fend off at all costs this assault by the state or simply accept our slavery voluntarily.”


    While it is all too common place that politicians and msm get away without being punished for their crimes perhaps the most egregious violators in the cv ordeal against humanity have been carried out by the Doctor cohort.
    In this light I do believe in addition to violating Nuremberg Code, child abuse, murder, conspiracy to commit murder, mass genocide, conspiracy to commit mass genocide, obstruction of justice, false imprisonment, mass false imprisonment and violating the Geneva Convention the doctors also need to be charged with treason against the United States of America and its people. We also know there is a global pattern to these crimes being committed against humanity. In a Hitler like fashion the War Criminals increase their abuse, murder and threats on a daily basis. We now see in Australia that people will be “locked out” of the medical system and refused medical care if they are “unvaccinated.” If the established pattern follows true we will see the same here:


    The time honored historical sacred pact of privacy between doctor and patient going back to antiquity has been for doctor to consult and advise and treat solely within the confines of patient consent. The doctors of our day have eagerly engaged in murder, harm and deception that compares only to Nazi Germany
    Evidence hospitals have been lying about the scope and size of covid illness

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