A Tow Truck Driver Repossessed an NYPD Officer’s Car. Then, He Ended up in Handcuffs.


Jose Rodriguez has been a repo man for three years.

“It gets crazy sometimes,” he said.

But he said he experienced nothing as crazy as what happened May 30, when he was driving near the 120th Precinct stationhouse and came across a Nissan Maxima wanted by the bank because of three missed payments. 

He said he logged the Maxima into his tracking system, lifted it onto his tow truck and was about to walk into the stationhouse to notify police when a green pickup pulled in front of him.

“I was stopped by one officer over there, saying, ‘Hey, that’s a police officer’s car,’ with a police sergeant that was off-duty that I didn’t know — with him completely blocking me in. He told me, what I’m doing? ‘You got to drop the car,'” Rodriguez recalled, standing near the scene of the incident.

Rodriguez said the Nissan’s owner showed up, offering to make his back payments.

But the repo man said he told them it wasn’t that easy: once a car is on the tow truck and logged in, it’s the bank’s property.

Rodriguez said police then surrounded him, accused him of auto theft, and arrested him for possession of stolen property — a felony.

“This is totally wrong. This should have never happened,” said Rodriguez’s boss, Anthony Destefano.

Rodriguez said one officer reached into his truck to take his surveillance cameras, but not before one of the cameras snapped a photo. The officer’s hand and face can be seen in the background. Rodriguez says he has the image because the camera immediately sent it to the cloud.

The repo man said the officers removed the Nissan from his tow truck, drove it away, and took him into custody, where he spent more than 20 hours in jail.

“This is a repossession, a legal repossession, from the banks, with a court order,” Destefano said.

When he appeared in court, the felony charge disappeared, replaced by misdemeanor charges of falsifying documents and possession of police scanners, allegations he denies.

But his truck has still not been released. It was still sitting on Richmond Terrace, immobilized by a boot, eight days after the May 30 incident. And he’s still waiting for the return of everything taken from him, including his phone, laptop, iPad, and cameras.

“The only reason why this happened was because this was a police officer’s car. That’s the only reason why,” Rodriguez said.

When asked about the incident, the NYPD said, “A male victim stated to police that an unlicensed tow truck was in possession of his vehicle without authorization” and that after a “police investigation,” Rodriguez was arrested and charges were filed.

And after a police investigation, Rodriguez was arrested and charges were filed.

Rodriguez has already retained an attorney and says he is contemplating moving ahead with a lawsuit against the NYPD.


14 thoughts on “A Tow Truck Driver Repossessed an NYPD Officer’s Car. Then, He Ended up in Handcuffs.

  1. This tow truck driver forgot the First Rule of Dealing with Police: genuflect, genuflect, genuflect….then beg them for forgiveness for “talking back’, disagreeing with them, or — God forbid — quoting “the law” to them.

  2. “This is a repossession, a legal repossession, from the banks, with a court order,” Destefano said.”

    The pigs are f%&ked on this one.

    The same scumbags that own the banks own them.


  3. Some interesting international news…


    “A video shared on Twitter by news-scouring group Aurora Intel allegedly shows Israeli speed boats approaching the cargo ship. A handcuffed man, wearing khaki pants and a blue life vest, can be seen being escorted to the shore. Both the man’s face and the ship’s hull are blurred.”

    Okay, so wtf did those jews do to make this guy go crazy so they could abscond with the ship?

    Here’s a follow-up to an article from yesterday…


    “Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories, including the West Bank, are illegal under international law and breach a number of UN security resolutions on the issue.”

    Hell, the entire jew occupation of Palestine is totally illegal… but that’s never stopped them yet.

    Murdering, thieving DEGENERATES!!!

  4. Two more puke pig articles…


    Pig charged… a rarity.


    “After finding out that he had a warrant, Palmer turned himself into the police on April 7, 2018, and just two days later, he was pronounced dead.”

    Perfectly healthy, no mental problems.


  5. Interesting…


    “When she reached the parking lot, she saw a person whom she did not believe was an officer with an automatic high-powered rifle firing his gun,” the report says.”

    This is one of the only legitimate shootings to have occurred in the last few years, imo.

    Way too many witnesses (who claimed more than one shooter) died under mysterious circumstances.

    1. Except in Shepard’s very detailed worked, he interviewed and called EVERY hospital in the area.

      NONE….not one – reported treating ANY gunshot wound. Including that security guard, who claimed he went to a center that, as they stated – for the record – they can’t even TREAT a GSW there. No capabilities.

      In addition, 2 lonnnng vids, 45 min each, show FBI walking/sweeping the grounds. No ONE single pock-mark from a round strike, and if CIA-patsy Paddock was actually shooting the 7.62 belt-fed weapon (because THAT is what you all heard), then the round impacts would have been substantial. The ONLY two strikes were shown (and paraded around as “SEE!! REAL!) on the side of that fuel tower. Never saw any other evidence. Not one. (Scroll way down)


      We’ll never know, but my feeling is, like Sandy Hoax, Parkland (Fetzer and investigators have YET to connect one single ‘victim’ to someone with a life-history), smiling, laughing, happy people at press conferences who just lived through and/or lost loved ones?

      Same investigators couldn’t put a history to a victim – the ONLY ones they could do so were those who began speaking out AFTER the event, and began comparing notes, asking questions….and making statements.

      All 7 of them. Starting with the girl who organized the effort.

      I think the FACT that the FBI has this info and does nothing lends more credence to the fact this was a hoax and not real at all.

      Sorry. I ain’t buying it. Just my thoughts from having followed it quite closely – and been a 1st hand witness to what rounds do to buildings and streets:

      Scroll down. This is what we SHOULD have seen, and on the pavements/blacktop as well


  6. I notice you have a tendency to repeat the most inflammatory sentences . Your writing is good and the story is unusual enough . Why not let the evidence speak for itself ?

    1. The error was ours, as these statements were emphasized on side notes and we failed to remove them. Had you went to the original article you would have seen them.
      Just for the record, I hate Blackwater USA and I also hate bank whores they call repo men. What a sleazy way to make a living.

        1. Could have been either one, but it looked like two sentences repeating in the article on our site.
          No biggie.

  7. Tow truck driver is an idiot, why bother? It’s a fkg pig, waste of energy, unless you have him alone without his scumbag posse hanging around. Like sitting on a two legged stool….idiot..

  8. Just busted a scum TOW TRUCK Driver from Ashley’s Towing in Las Vegas “Pissing” publicly in a FamilyDollar parking lot. He then threatened me with a baseball bat, he obviously has done this many times before? Too bad he’s on surveillance camera’s and I took high resolution digital images. I’m reporting it to authorities. Family Dollar hired this company to tow cars in their parking lot. FamilyDollar Semi trucks use this lot to sleep overnight which it clearly is not a TRUCK-STOP. If FamilyDollar wants to have a store in your neighborhood do anything you can to stop it, nothing but a nightmare being a neighbor. Fair warning. Nothing but PIGs.

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