A VAT or “Fair” Tax would Finish Off America’s Middle Class

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We are led to believe that the two political parties are fighting ferociously to protect and PROVIDE for their constituencies. Ha! Not so. Either consumption tax as a “solution” would further cripple those with the least disposable income, the poor and the productive middle class. The burden of debt as it exists right now is heaped upon the backs of the working class right now. Additional burdens will bring him to his knees.  

Republican Sham of a VAT Tax on the American People

Even those with a rudimentary understanding of our income tax will know that the Congress end-rounded the Constitution by eliminating the equal “apportionment” requirement. The income tax started out as only a tax of 1% on incomes exceeding $3,000 and then 7% exceeding $500,000. In 1917 there were but 3,473 returns – TOTAL! How’s that play out today for trusting your government!

We should point out that Lincoln was the first ever President to impose an income tax in 1862. Subsequently, direct income taxes were rightfully held to be un-Constitutional. So, if Republican Lincoln could break the Constitution, why shouldn’t today’s GOP sneak in a VAT on the American people? It’s consistent with their historical methods of building government bigger. Yes, We Can!

The Value-Added Tax Is Not the Answer

by Murray N. Rothbard

This originally appeared in Human Events, March 11, 1972.

One of the great and striking facts of recent months is the growing resistance to further taxes on the part of the long-suffering American public. Every individual, business, or organization in American society acquires its revenue by the peaceful and voluntary sale of productive goods and services to the consumer, or by voluntary donations from people who wish to further whatever the group or organization is doing. Only government acquires its income by the coercive imposition of taxes. The welcome new element is the growing resistance to further tax exactions by the American people.

Oops, don’t neglect to add on your state, county, or city sales taxes!

In its endless quest for more and better booty, the government has contrived to tax everything it can find, and in countless ways. Its motto can almost be said to be, “If it moves, tax it!”

Every income, every activity, every piece of property, every person in the land is subject to a battery of tax extortions, direct and indirect, visible and invisible. There is of course nothing new about this; what is new is that the accelerating drive of the government to tax has begun to run into determined resistance on the part of the American citizenry.

It is no secret that the income tax, the favorite of government for its ability to reach in and openly extract funds from everyone’s income, has reached its political limit in this country. The poor and the middle class are now taxed so heavily that the federal government, in particular, dares not try to extort even more ruinous levies.

The outraged taxpayer, after all, can easily become the outraged voter. How outraged the voters can be was brought home to the politicians last November, when locality after locality throughout the country rose in wrath to vote down proposed bond issues, even for the long-sacrosanct purpose of expanding public schools.

Defeat in New York

The most heartening example – and one that can only give us all hope for a free America – was in New York City, where every leading politician of both parties, aided and abetted by a heavily financed and demagogic TV campaign, urged the voters to support a transportation bond issue. Yet the bond issue was overwhelmingly defeated – and this lesson for all of our politicians was a sharp and salutary one.

Finally, the property tax, the mainstay of local government as the income tax is at the federal level, is now generally acknowledged to have a devastating effect on the nation’s housing. The property tax discourages improvements and investments in housing, has driven countless Americans out of their homes, and has led to spiraling tax abandonments in, for example, New York City, with a resulting deterioration of blighted slum housing.

Government, in short, has reached its tax limit; the people were finally saying an emphatic “No!” to any further rise in their tax burden. What was ever-encroaching government going to do? The nation’s economists, most of whom are ever eager to serve as technicians for the expansion of state power, were at hand with an answer, a new rabbit out of the hat to save the day for Big Government.

They pointed out that the income tax and property tax were too evident, toovisible, and that so are the generally hated sales tax and excise taxes on specific commodities. But how about a tax that remains totally hidden, that the consumer or average American cannot identify and pinpoint as the object of his wrath? It was this deliciously hidden quality that brought forth the rapt attention of the Nixon administration, the “Value Added Tax” (VAT).

The great individualist Frank Chodorov, once an editor ofHuman Events, explained clearly the hankering of government for hidden taxation:

It is not the size of the yield, nor the certainty of collection, which gives indirect taxation [read: VAT] preeminence in the state’s scheme of appropriation. Its most commendable quality is that of being surreptitious. It is taking, so to speak, while the victim is not looking.
Those who strain themselves to give taxation a moral character are under obligation to explain the state’s preoccupation with hiding taxes in the price of goods. (Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, Devin-Adair, 1962, p. 216–239)

The VAT is essentially a national sales tax, levied in proportion to the goods and services produced and sold. But its delightful concealment comes from the fact that the VAT is levied at each step of the way in the production process: on farmer, manufacturer, jobber and wholesaler, and only slightly on the retailer.

The difference is that when a consumer pays a 7 percent sales tax on every purchase, his indignation rises and he points the finger of resentment at the politicians in charge of government; but if the 7 percent tax is hidden and paid by every firm rather than just at retail, the inevitably higher prices will be charged, not to the government where it belongs, but to grasping businessmen and avaricious trade unions.

While consumers, businessmen, and unions all blame each other for inflation like Kilkenny cats, Papa government is able to preserve its lofty moral purity, and to join in denouncing all of these groups for “causing inflation.”

It is now easy to see the enthusiasm of the federal government and its economic advisers for the new scheme for a VAT. It allows the government to extract many more funds from the public – to bring about higher prices, lower production, and lower incomes – and yet totally escape the blame, which can easily be loaded on business, unions, or the consumer as the particular administration sees fit.

The VAT is, in short, a looming gigantic swindle upon the American public, and it is therefore vitally important that it not pass. For if it does, the encroaching menace of Big Government will get another, and prolonged, lease on life.

One of the selling points for VAT is that it is supposed only to replace the property tax for its prime task of financing local public schools. Any relief of the onerous burden of the property tax sounds good to many Americans.

But anyone familiar with the history of government or taxation should know the trap in this sort of promise. For we should all know by now that taxesnever go down. Government, in its insatiable quest for new funds, never relaxes its grip on any source of revenue.

You know and I know that the property tax, even if replaced for school financing, will not really go down; it will simply be shifted to other expensive boondoggles of local government. And we also know full well that the VAT will not long be limited to financing the schools; its vast potential (a 10 percent VAT would bring in about $60 billion in revenue) is just too tempting for the government not to use it to the hilt, and, in the famous words of New Dealer Harry Hopkins, “to tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect.”

Let us now delve more deeply into the specific nature of the VAT. A given percentage (the Nixon administration proposal is 3 percent) is levied, not on retail sales, but on the sales of each stage of production, with the business firm deducting from its liability the tax embodied in the purchases that he makes from previous stages. It is thus a sales tax hidden at each stage of production, from the farmer or miner down to the retailer.
A “Regressive” Tax


4 thoughts on “A VAT or “Fair” Tax would Finish Off America’s Middle Class

  1. Over the years, there have been many discussions with others about the so-called income tax and its elimination. Without exception the slaves would drone on with ideas to replace it with something else. Typical minds-with-chains. There HAS to be a TAX. They always say the VAT is much “fairer.”
    No doubt with the VAT or “fair” [ha ha!] tax there will be the same corruption, if not more. All tax ideas support stealing and will result in the same, decrepit bloated bureaucracy.
    Let’s try going without any taxation for a change and see how it works. If there is not prosperity within two or three years then maybe reconsider.

  2. Hmm, My head is scrambled at this point. It’s why I still keep prepping. I’m not prepped very well at this point. Not as much as I should be, but I am getting slammed around by incident after incident, removing trees, replacing gutters, replacing vehicle, replacing dryer, replacing sewer line… I managed to have a lot of 5-10 year old cans of food from the Y2K scare, no supply of water (really buggin me I want a 300 gallon tank–but where to put it), I have green thumb garden skills (like you said about the squash right now, it’s rockin here along with giant tomatoes too!) , I have 200 watts solar, 400 watts of inverter 22AH battery, thinking about one of those desktop ICE makers (which make ICE in 9-12 minutes??!!) @ less than my 400 watts/10amps(rounded down) I see some with low watts. About to start testing. I can also look for a larger inverter/battery at this point, I started with a harbor freight and added a 150 watt mono.. I have one gold coin, and some silver from the 70’s…

    but to the article here…..
    congress breaks oath to regulate monetary system
    banksters are above the law
    IRS spies, targets, exploits
    The Constitution is ignored
    Cops are militarized

    Ron Paul says Abolish the IRS and the income tax – i tend to agree
    Walter Burien says, audit CAFR. – i tend to agree

    Now these war psychopaths want a VAT or a FAIR TAX and I guess they don’t know which of these two they want either right… VAT or “fair tax”

    We got this obamacare database tied to the IRS, the NSA, the NCIC, the HHS cloud[s] and copies thereof.

    I believe that manual labor ought NOT be taxed. although I am far from a Sovereign Man with a walking talking blacks law dictionary.

    I believe the government (if we could trust them again) ought to be the ones who coin money, and any the dirty tricks only be for itself (which is supposed to be made up of the people anyway) as opposed to foreign banksters and foreign interests. Not to say however, that we can’t HAVE foreign interests…

    It feels like congress just is just twiddling us day after day. From one disaster to the next. They’re too consumed with all these petty crackdown laws, like 32 pages of disaster plans for a pet rabbit. They’re too infiltrated with dual-citizens, mossad, zionists, and just straight psychopaths and war profiteers in key, high, untouchable, above the law positions. They’re saying a natural born citizen like myself (and my blood line is tied to a president) is less than some piece of dual citizen oath breaker like Feinstein, who’s zionist pals have: 1. a ritual to unbind their oath 2. expanding their country on a MAP physical 3. taking money from the US 4. Want to bypass the TSA as Israeli is better than Goyum Americans

    Clearly I can pound these congress pieces of crap with my protest of such, to Pelosi, BOxer, FeinStein, but you know they just add me to their KILL Lists, and meanwhile, while I wait, subscribe me to their electronic warfare, propaganda, talking points crap..

    1. Our water tanks are currently full after several severe deluges. We are actually having to pump water into the river to get rid of it. We have a grand total of 200,000 imperial gallons to play with.

  3. The ‘income tax’ is illegal.
    It’s also immoral. It’s used to pay the interest on the fiat ‘money’ the ‘ federal’ reserve loans to the government. We pay for this stupidity.

    End USURY and the ‘income tax’ will go away with it.

    Don’t let the ‘owners’ trade one pair of shackles for another.


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