7 thoughts on “A warning for all people who are in positions of power

  1. These low levels bureaucrats think they are going to escape the wrath of the American people, they live in their glass houses where they don’t mingle or associate with the common folk they rule over and don’t believe anything is going to happen to them, they are very arrogant. They are making for them selves life altering decision and don’t even realize it. They do not understand the severity of what they are doing, but they will and there will be NO MERCY !!! ABSOLUTELY NO MERCY !!!

    1. HEAR! HEAR! It can ONLY be this way or there will never be peace in this world again. It’s been a long time coming but NOW is the time! That’s how REAL this is now!

    2. yup that pretty much states it.

      Most folks won’t even bother to go down to the local criminal corporate globalist representatives… as they know where this is going and what the results are going to be…

      and I am one of them….i used to talk to these Masonic ass licking scum it is always to no avail… but yes, they think this is just another money making power generating exercise…

      How wrong they all are…..the wrath and a lot of bad things ARE going to happen…..and they will NEVER escape it at their level….

  2. as you are Norm, so am …. I have had enough….. we have a huge army of American Nationals that will unleash a power never seen before. IT WILL HAPPEN!!! and we will beat the Mfers into the ground.

  3. I say a lot of good things coming because taking out the garage is good.
    Not one peep of the Bill of Rights again…
    Only the fking Nuremberg code.
    Fk the Nuremberg code!

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