A Warrior’s Tale

To spite the painted Whore of Babylon
To evil never yield
With courage, strength, and honor
A warrior took the field.

Of a night he set alone
Pondering the fight
He harkened for direction
As he waited for the light.   

He turned his ear to the Heavens
And listened hard with all his heart
But he heard no voice of any God
As he waited through the dark.

He served a mighty general
Who dismissed him with a nod
And said, “The importance of your life
Is in the service to our God.”

The warrior’s heart was true
He would die for what is right
With or without reason
As he stepped into the fight.

In the fiery heat of battle
For this unknown wrong and right
The warrior looked about him
And found the truth behind the fight.

To his left and right he saw his bloodied brothers
And heard their savage cry
Before him stood his enemies
Death and hatred in their eyes.

The warrior turned quick to look behind him
And there he found the why
That which justifies his sacrifice
Against the wrong and for the right.

He saw the little children
Desperation in their eyes.
He saw their guilty parents
Who had fallen for the lies.

And in that moment of enlightenment
The warrior finally understood
That every warrior stands
Between the evil and the good.

If there be a God of Truth in Heaven
By his side you do reside
As you died in the truth
And never fell among the lies.

The blood of your ancestors
Made you the warrior man.
Maybe it was they who called you home
To be among their clan.

You left a mighty, mighty print
Upon the battlefield.
Enforce the Bill of Rights
And the warrior never yields.

Laters, dude.

God bless the Republic for the united States of the Americas, death to the international corporate mafia, we will prevail.

A poem written for my brother, Spike Timmons (The Hammer) on this 4th day of March, 2018.

12 thoughts on “A Warrior’s Tale

  1. Henry, I felt every word. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to a truly beautiful soul.
    now I’m crying all over again….
    still feeling that punch in the gut 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. Man what a shock, He will be missed very much!! Thank you to his great work.We loved him!! Peace to a wonderful soul!!

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