Abandoned Van With Propane Tanks and Torches Inside Found in Center City

NBC Philadelphia

An investigation is underway after Philadelphia police found an abandoned van with propane tanks and torches inside on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Center City late Wednesday night.

The van was recovered on the Parkway near 19th Street — that’s near Logan Circle — around 10 p.m. The ATF and the Bomb Squad were both called to the scene to investigate.

No one was inside the van though a witness told police they spotted a man running from the vehicle.

No injuries have been reported.

The van was discovered on the first night of a citywide curfew following two days of vandalism and looting after the death of Walter Wallace Jr. Police have not yet revealed whether the discovery of the van is in any way related to the recent unrest.

NBC Philadelphia

5 thoughts on “Abandoned Van With Propane Tanks and Torches Inside Found in Center City

  1. Obviously they probably know more than they are telling us here… who knows what the plan was… its pretty wild here right now. I’m just super stressed because my wife and kids are back home and I’m out here trucking. I had to make sure my wife had the gun loaded and ready to go before I left. Its mostly going on in the West side right now and we are in the North, haven’t really seen anything as of yet. Ill be back home tomorrow morning. If and when it comes to us I’m just gonna have to say screw it and defend my castle.

    1. I didn’t realize that you live there, and it sure ain’t a good situation you have with your family and all.
      I’d say screw it too, and defend the castle as well.
      Screw that city crap! I’ll never do it again!
      Hope everything works out well for you and yours.

  2. I heard they were on their way to Gretchen Whitless’s Whore Down ( oh i think thats spelled Hoe Down )the propane was for the grills and the torches were for the bon fire
    But they got freaked when they heard she was getting arrested by We the People , so they left the van and fled on foot

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