ABC Interrupted Kate Upton On ‘Live With Kelly And Michael’ For Breaking News And People Weren’t Happy

Kate Upton Live With Kelly and MichaelThis is the true state of our Republic. A stupid mind numbing tel-lie-vision show is on. ABC interrupts it to tell the sheep that we are bombing Iraq and the sheeple are upset because bombing another country interrupts their brain numbing TV show.

Uproxx – by A. Isaac

Kelly Ripa is on vacation this week so Live With Kelly and Michael scrambled to find women capable of making moms (and bloggers at home) laugh at crappy jokes. Today’s guest host was Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton. You may have heard of her.  

During the show’s opening monologue, while Michael told a riveting story about Kate Upton in a robe, ABC cutaway to breaking news. The U.S. had just launched airstrikes in Iraq against Islamic militant group, ISIS. Important news no doubt, and certainly worthy of interrupting Michael Strahan’s boring story about a half-naked Kate Upton and wait, what’s that? People were angry? You don’t say.

The interruption lasted less than three minutes. We never learned what happened to Kate Upton’s robe or her dress or what happens underneath that dress and how did that get here?


5 thoughts on “ABC Interrupted Kate Upton On ‘Live With Kelly And Michael’ For Breaking News And People Weren’t Happy

  1. Why should I give a crap about Kate Upton. I would be more upset if it would have happened when I was watching my Bullwinkle and Rocky cartoons. Odd that you can learn more from a flying squirrel than from an Upton

      1. HAHA! Seen pictures of her and heard her name plenty but haven’t gotten bored enough to waste brain cells in reading anything about her. Thanks JENO, you saved what I got left and I know I am not missing someone/thing important! 🙂

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