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  1. I’ve always liked Larken, disagree with some stuff here and there, but it’s hard to argue with the concept of “Leave me the fk alone”….but this and every other Guv can’t do that in any stretch…. and never will…. it’s a Jew thing, they can’t help it…

  2. Sorry to burst this guy’s bubble, but NO country on Earth has ever had a Bill of Rights like our ratified law.

  3. He says he’s anti-Republic. If he defined “Republic” for himself he would see that in its true essence the power is with the people. So why would he not work to restore our true Republic, and its guardian, our Bill of Rights? Will “volunteerism” be reliable when it comes to the peoples’ system of justice? I think not, as without our Common Law courts, we are without such a safeguard. Were I sharing a cup with Larken, I’d have to drive these points home. The loopholes in Anarchy and Volunteerism open the door for all manner of disconnection; whereas the structure of The Bill of Rights and The Common Law go the distance in defining our rights and assuring they’ll be upheld. Sure, there has been terrible infringement, and that is what I believe Larken is reacting to, but our time here now brings us to addressing said infringement and getting Liberty once again up and running. We have the way out, we just have to get the infringers out of the way.


    1. ‘Will “volunteerism” be reliable when it comes to the peoples’ system of justice?’

      volunteerism: ‘ the use or involvement of volunteer labor, especially in community services.’……….. hmmm, an ism by any other name….

    1. This mealy mouth son of a bitch is selling horseshit at a discount.
      F-k you anarchist.
      The Bill of Rights is a system of law that guarantees our natural rights to be individual and be left alone.
      This guy’s rubbish will not wash.
      Without a system of law belonging to the individual that the individual is responsible for enforcing, nothing this charlatan says can ever be.
      You go ahead and be whatever you think you want to be, Larken, but once we have taken this country back, that Bill of Rights will be the law, and it will not be whichever individual has the most money and power can enforce his own edicts, it will be the procedures in the Bill of Rights and a common law jury will be the highest authority.
      I’ve listened to this prick before. He is a f-king con man. I know what the word anarchy means.
      The individual free nationals will destroy your f-king ass, in fact you are guilty of treason and sedition for trying to pretend that the Bill of Rights is not the superior supreme law of this land.
      He talks about taking care of those who would abuse his ‘freedom’. He, like the rest of the anarchists, just won’t tell you how.
      Violate our law, Larken, you son of a bitch, and the law will destroy you and the rest of your f-king anarchy buddies. If you are against the Bill of Rights and the enforcement thereof, you are trying to pull people away from the only thing that can save them, and you will f-king answer.
      Laura just got yelled at for putting your con man video up on this site, and if I could see you face to face, I would stomp your con man ass and see what you think you could do about it.
      Anarchy is what we have now. It is goofy in its conception. And hey, we will just try and hang you with the rest of them and if you want to work against our people uniting as individuals behind our law to secure our individual freedoms and liberties, get your f-king boys together and tell them to get ready to fight, because you are traitors and people like you are the reason so many of us are going to have to die to reestablish as absolute that which our true founders, not to be confused with the aristocracy who were against the Bill of Rights from the beginning, intended to do from the beginning.
      The Bill of Rights! We are going to enforce that mother f-ker and you f-king anarchists will be wiped off this planet if you try to stand in our way. You are a pathetic f-king shill and you want anything but that Bill of Rights, which makes you guilty of treason and sedition against each individual American free national.
      Bring it on you punk bitch. We wait.

      1. Yeah, and he compliments the Jews for their financial talent. And he blames white nationals for hurting and not caring about the people of the world. It turned my stomach that he shuns The Bill of Rights.


        1. Don’t worry, guys. If you read the comment section from that video, you’ll see that everyone thinks this guy is full of shit and know that the Jews all work as one and are absolutely responsible for everything. The commenters know that this guy has no idea what he’s talking about nor does he know how the Jews really operate.

          1. the fact that he hasn’t been Schaefer Cox’d or James Boyd’d tells a lot. he’s “allowed” to speak because his truths aren’t the whole truth.. the damning truth.. Alex Jones speak a lot of truth as well.. just not.. the good stuff.. know what I mean? any and every one who starts out with.. Constitution.. is immediately wrong so anything after that that may be true is irrelevant.

  4. The attention needing, stocky little Lenin looking pipe dreamer, with a probable marketing degree naturally annoys the beans out of me.
    Reminds me of an annoying brat kid during my youth that two other kids removed his shirt, and lowered him on the hot asphalt.

    “Talking loud and saying nothing”
    -James Brown

  5. This isn’t rocket science.
    If you fight under the banner of anarchy, you can be called an insurrectionist because you are advocating removing the law that this county was founded upon.
    If you fight under the banner of the Bill of Rights, you cannot be called an insurrectionist because you are a patriot enforcing the written ratified law that is the superior law of this country.
    These f-king jews will do anything to try to stop us from uniting under our absolute ratified righteous law, because in that scenario, the communists are the insurrectionists and that is what this little prick is, he is a communist jew ass licking traitor. And there aren’t very many of them and they will be punished for their crimes against our Bill of Rights for treason and sedition.

    1. another attempt to draw out the true patriots of this country
      this has been done since the beginning
      same pig, different lipstick

  6. *Rose*
    Isn’t that a Jew name ? Or one shortened (Rosenberg rosemont, etc )they just shorten it to try and throw ya

    I watched some of this guys drivel months back
    I might have even posted some of his crap here ( sorry H&L)
    He sure knows how to suck you in ,
    Until you really listen
    All this guy did to become someone people would listen to is he tried to play the IRS and ended up in prison for it
    Just because he tried to act on that subjugation doesn’t make him a patriot , or any kind of support for our Bill of Rights
    Now he comes to play the insurrectionist card to see who rides along

    1. ‘Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name from the word for the flower (German Rose, Yiddish royz), or a metronymic name from the Yiddish female personal name Royze, derived from the word for the flower. …’ from ancestry dot com

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