Absolutely Beautiful! Woman who is able to communicate with Animals – Proves the Oneness of our World.

Sherrie Questioning All

This woman, Anna Breytenbach is able to communicate with animals. This video and documentary gave me so much peace. She proves the oneness of our world. She shows all of us are able to do this. We need to just go within and to become at peace to see what the animals are saying.

This video portion is in the documentary.  It shows how she helped a Leopard but not just him, it was a profound experience for the owner of the big cat sanctuary too.  

The full length documentary is here.. I watched the whole thing and it is very much worth it.  The understanding of communication and oneness is profound.   I now aspire to be able to do this too and will work on it.

It is obviously through Love in which we are able communicate with all other things.


6 thoughts on “Absolutely Beautiful! Woman who is able to communicate with Animals – Proves the Oneness of our World.

    1. Yea its like some real life Dr Dolittle stuff for sure,as soon as PETA season is over(People Eating Tasty Animals) the wifey and me are gonna watch the whole thing

      1. Yea Steve, I hear what you are sayin`. Ya know, I think that most farmers and off gridders have a lot more respect and understanding for the wild life than most other people. Yep Steve, we can chop a chickens head off or butcher the steer but we still respect the animals and the plant life. I am sure you and many/most others here know what I`m sayin` 😉

        1. Yes I always feel a twinge of sadness taking the life of bambi( I prefer young tender critters) but that disappears as soon as I smell that fresh tenderloin frying in wifey’s kitchen yum yum yum,farm animals are always raised with kindness and fed quality food at my place as a friendly critter just taste’s better,they damn sure have better quality of life than those crowded, stressed out chemical laced CAFO animals,have you ever seen the horrors that are factory farm operations.it is truley an inhuman operation.

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