‘It’s absurd’: Whitby, Ont., mom turned in to children’s aid after dentist reports possible ‘oral neglect’

CBC News – by Lauren Pelley

The mother of three said she was told the child would require thousands of dollars in dental work. Because the family doesn’t have dental insurance, they would have to pay for the work themselves, so Lopez decided to get a second opinion.

Whitby, Ont., resident Melissa Lopez says she was surprised when she brought her daughter Elianna to a new dentist last year and was told the 10-year-old had nine cavities.

Another dentist in the area told her Elianna had fewer cavities, so Lopez decided to get the fillings completed at that clinic and said she didn’t notify the other dentist that she had made the switch.

In June, she received a call from the Children’s Aid Society, saying the first dentist had reported her for possible “oral neglect” of her daughter.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Lopez told CBC Toronto in an interview this week.

Lopez wonders why a dentist would be allowed to report a parent without knowing all the facts, and why she now has a permanent case file with the CAS — even though she provided them with evidence of her daughter’s dental work and was told the case was quickly closed.

Accusations of neglect ‘absurd,’ mom says

“As a mother, you pride yourself on how you raise your kids. I have three kids — they’re healthy, they’re happy, they do great in school, they have lots of friends,” Lopez said.

“For someone to turn around and try to accuse me of neglecting her, it’s absurd.”

Lopez said that, while she didn’t notify the first dentist or respond to the office’s reminders about booking appointments, that shouldn’t be a red flag given how frequently people switch dentists.

“There was no sort of letter stating they’re concerned for her health … We’ve switched dentists before and never notified the previous one,” she said.

After providing proof to the CAS that her daughter is in good hands, she said the society dropped its request for an interview and closed the case.

But the file, Lopez claims she was told, is permanent.

“It will always be there, 10, 15, 20 years from now,” she said. “I’m red-flagged, I’ve been marked, and there’s no reason for this to have happened.”

melissa lopez

Melissa Lopez with her daughter Elianna and son Matteo. (Supplied by Melissa Lopez)

Health-care professionals ‘required to report’

According to the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO), that first dentist was just doing his job.

Under the Child and Family Services Act, everyone in Ontario has a responsibility to report suspected child abuse and neglect, said Kevin Marsh, director of communications for the RCDSO.

“Health-care professionals and other people who work closely with children have a special responsibility under the act,” he added.

They’re actually required to report suspected neglect, Marsh explained, and can be fined if it’s determined that they should have reported and chose not to.

The grounds for what constitutes suspected neglect are “wide open,” however, meaning it’s largely up to individual health care professionals to make the call.

“You don’t have to have proof of abuse or neglect, just reasonable grounds,” Marsh said.

Case files kept for ‘accountability’

But if a parent like Lopez successfully proves there was no abuse, why does the case file remain?

Andrea Maenza, communications co-ordinator for the Durham Children’s Aid Society, said that protocol is mandated by the Child and Family Services Act.

All CAS records must be kept for “accountability purposes,” she explained.

Maenza stressed that there aren’t necessarily negative implications from having a permanent case file, since all the information about the interaction is included, including why it was closed.

“An individual can ask for a copy of their record to know exactly what it says,” she added.

Still, having a permanent record with Children’s Aid is unsettling for Lopez, who sees herself as a loving mother.

“I would absolutely love it if they would just remove that file for me, because I don’t feel there was any just reason to report me in the first place,” she said.



33 thoughts on “‘It’s absurd’: Whitby, Ont., mom turned in to children’s aid after dentist reports possible ‘oral neglect’

  1. He has a public business, release the name of the business so that others will not have to suffer from the same problem as you did.

    Impoverish him by letting the people who might try to use his services know why they will not want to.

  2. Nope, and I believe that was Dr. Weston Price who made the discovery that these peoples teeth were in great condition.

    1. Katie, that’s right.
      Dentists appear to be afraid to tell the truth.
      Maybe they are forced to do so by the higher ups?
      I have trouble believing they don’t know.
      The medical professions are just drug pushers for big pharma,
      it may be the same situation for dentistry.
      Processed foods are the culprit, not neglect of brushing, flossing
      and lack of constant, money grubbing, check ups.
      Let us not allow our wallets to be drained by lying scoundrels.
      Thanks for the reply.

      1. Bob, just checked to see if your earlier comment was here, and you’re right, it’s gone.
        Too bad, because it was a great one.
        My reply to it is still up, so there was definitely a comment there.
        Not sure what happened. Perhaps talk to admin to see what the cause might be.
        Did you happen to try to post another comment and see that comment in the box, then delete it perhaps?

        1. I’ve had problems with this before Katie.
          So I save the comments in a note file.
          I’ll try again. Thanks.

          I won’t finish reading this disgusting story before I comment on it.
          First of all I have a very disparaging viewpoint regarding dentists. I have found that these creeps, not all, but the worst of them build these million dollar dental clinics and over charge their patients for simple services, constantly try to get their patients signed up for multi thousand dollar programs so they can keep their overpriced operation solvent.
          Here is what disturbs me the most. With people’s awareness increasing about the effects of diet on health, knowing the effect that the excessive sugar in all our foods and the effect of smoking has on dental hygiene. All they can tell you it to brush your teeth, floss and see your dentist twice a year, so they can keep their cash flow?
          The simple truth is, one’s teeth are made to last a lifetime, if they were honest they would be out of business eventually.
          A dentist once went to a south pacific island in the 1920’s. He got permission to examine all of the island people’s teeth. He found that they had virtually no cavities. The children teeth were covered with a greenish slime, but they had perfect teeth, no brushing and no flossing.
          When western foods were introduced to the island years later, they developed the same dental problems that we have here in the U.S..
          I have never had a dentist tell me to reduce my sugar intake or to stop smoking.
          If anyone should be charged with neglect in this story it should be the lying SOB dentist, for not telling the truth to his patients. He obviously was pissed because he couldn’t rake in cash from a family who didn’t have any cash.
          The miserable, dirty son of a bitch!
          Anybody got any comments to the contrary?

          1. Bob and Katie,
            Just did a search and found four of Bob’s comments in Spam.
            We did not put them there. This is somebody taking over our website and removing content.
            We will be sending notice to the server.
            Makes one wonder how many first time comments we never see.
            Welcome to Amerika and blatant in your face communist censorship. I guess the industries are demanding censorship. It stops when we stop it.

          2. Thanks Henry. I’m finding out that when one gets too truthful people get upset and don’t want to hear it. I’m seeing disinformation everywhere, way more than just a couple years ago. It has to be a plan to discourage conversation. Too bad, just when we were getting started.
            Thanks, Bob

          3. It’s some punk over at the NSA, probably just received his new gender reassignment surgery.

  3. Oral neglect. ..
    I think that’s a misdemeanor.

    I’ll give you an example of oral neglect.

    Most of the people I know in the next town.

    Have perfect teeth.

    Ya know why…?

    Because they all have dentures.

    They had all their teeth pulled from snorting and shooting up meth.

    The moral of the story is….

    Be very alert and aware if you go to a small town and they all have perfect teeth.

    1. Flee,..That’s a very interesting insight.
      I had no idea.
      That sort of confirms what I was getting to in an earlier post.
      Teeth are mostly ruined from the inside out, through ones blood system. Thanks for the Info.

  4. Dentists are a ripp off, period. Root canals are a ripp off period.

    The tooth fairy has more credibility than most dentists.

    1. Root canals are THE worst, for sure. CDC reasoning for flouridating water is completely contrary to root canals. Interesting fact is cdc based its flouridation program on children having 3 fewer cavities in a test group. Will try to find link but definitely read it on their home site. Sick lying bastards.

  5. Dentists, flunk outs from medical school, exploit patients with expensive procedures when, most often, simple, basic dentistry would suffice.

    I grew up with a butcher of a dentist who drilled and filled many perfect teeth just for the billing. In one day, I had 14 cavities filled with mercury, oh boy! Talk about heavy metal poisoning!

    1. People really have to start wondering when they go in to the dentist with a massive tooth ache then the next thing they know They have a signed an expensive contract and they are sitting at home with a
      toothache, and a bottle of antibiotics, and a payment obligation.

      In any event, I’ve gone to the dentist for a particular reason and left after they’ve done something else.
      Years ago I had a dentist ask me why I didn’t come in more often. I couldn’t talk, so I just raised my right hand and rubbed my thumb and index finger (the jew money sign) ha ,just made that up. Anyway, he charged me a $65 consultation fee, for that.

      This is a good example why we share our experiences like we do. We would otherwise tend think the things that happen to us are rare. Low and behold, these things are not so rare after all. Hey, there just may be something going on here?

  6. Well the first child dentist I went to.

    His name was….
    Drum roll please…

    “Dr. Brain.”

    That was the first time I almost OD’d on laughing gas.

    All I remembered was being drugged and seeing a big yin yang spinning around.

    While he was probably raping me in the azz.

      1. I’m not joking. ..here.
        Well maybe about getting screwed in the azz.
        But who knows what they do to your children and grandchildren behind closed doors when you can’t watch what they’re doing.

        And yes I am fkd up.

        It’s the only way I can survive. …
        After being traumatized all my life.

        1. You’ll be fine. The hard part is knowing and understanding what’s going on.
          Can’t fix it, if you think it Aint broke.

  7. For the most part we don’t notice our teeth until they hurt. They usually hurt when they become infected. They usually become infected from eating the wrong foods and encouraged by the restricted blood flow from smoking.
    Then we go to the dentist as a last resort for pain relief and antibiotics.
    How many teeth have been pulled simply because of infection?
    One can buy the same grade of antibiotics online at (fishmoxfishflex.com) and skip the dental vulture. I don’t recommend using antibiotics because they wipe out good and necessary bacteria too. Sometimes it has to be done.

    1. You bring up good points here Bob, the fishmox antibiotics you can buy online are the same damn thing you pay a small fortune for at the pharmacy.

      I have personally stocked up big time with these products. I can treat everything from respitory infections to infections by simple cuts or oral infections.

      Amoxicillin and penicillin are the big two I recommend for most infections.

      1. Right Mark. I also have a supply. I even have an unopened bottle of Cipro too. They are getting expensive. My adult daughter just took Amox
        for a tooth infection. I tell her to lay off the mountain dew. We learn at our own pace, I suppose.(maybe)
        Now we’re getting somewhere. Maybe this information will get to somebody for the first time because of us.
        Thats what it’s all about. Thanks for the reply


          1. Hmm, that’s extremely interesting. I
            forgot why I even bought the stuff.
            I think it was for a last ditch effort if you were about to die from something that you were afflicted with. Something like Anthrax poisoning or typhoid.
            Thanks for the warning Mary I’ll check it out.

          2. After reading that stuff , looks like it’s not worth the risk at any time.
            Thanks, Mary

      2. Hi Mark and Bob. Don’t forget about fish-cin. It’s a bit broader as I am told, but is clindamyacin.

          1. You’re welcome, Bob. Works very well I might add. Had stitches in my face that were about to pop from swelling green ick and after I drained it and went on a cycle, clindamyacin was powerful enough to knock it out. Def powerful though. The 150mg dosage available for the fish is appropriate for humans.

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