10 thoughts on “We Accept The Reality With Which We Are Presented

    1. Thanks, Mary. Beyond magnificent. We can’t let them do this in, or take this from us. It’s our playground and what sustains us. How beautiful things could be without bad guys.


      1. Hey.. do you ever sleep. ???

        Don’t feel to bad..

        I just got woken up by a moth.

        Now what the hell am I gonna do the rest of the night…?

        I guess I’ll get out my flashlight and pickup dog poop.

  1. Here is my reality–living in a house we built ourselves in the mountains where mountain lions roam and the occasional bear and burros and deer and javelinas and foxes and raccoons and ringtails and squirrels and mice and rats and wild hogs and bats and birds and all kinds of insects and trees and grass and flowers (which after a lot of rain are still green) and dirt roads and no close-by neighbors. And, oh yeah, we got rid of DirecTV and never had cable. In other words, we chose reality. It isn’t rocket science, folks.

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