Active shooter at U.S. Census Bureau headquarters in Md., 1 hurt


WASHINGTON — There is an active shooter at the U.S. Census Bureau headquarters in Prince George’s County and a security guard is wounded.

Prince George’s County Fire Department Spokesman Mark Brady says first responders are treating an adult male — a guard — for a gun shot wound to the upper body at the headquarters located in the 4600 block of Silver Hill Road in Suitland, Maryland. The shooting occurred at 6:15 p.m.  

The security guard is in critical condition, Brady says,

There is still at shooter at the campus, says Brady, and police are actively looking for the gunman.

At about 8:25, WTOP’s Mike Murillo said that
the guard was in “extremely critical condition,” that police were still coming into the area and that they were continuing to push him back.


10 thoughts on “Active shooter at U.S. Census Bureau headquarters in Md., 1 hurt

  1. “…first responders are treating an adult male — a guard — for a gun shot wound to the upper body at the headquarters…”

    Any proof? Photos that aren’t shopped would be helpful.

    “The security guard is in critical condition.”

    “Mike Murillo said that the guard was in “extremely critical condition,”

    Now that’s odd. “The guard” is mentioned THREE times, yet still remains nameless.


  2. Wow. Quite a few “Active shooters” happening lately near Federal buildings. Can’t see how if no other staged incidences have been able to get us Americans to give up our guns, then why would they think this would be any different? They just don’t get it. The more they do this, the more we arm up. They don’t understand this because they only understand “Communist sense” and not “common sense”. 😉

    In any case, once again, we are shown ZERO evidence of anything happening. No video or camera footage, no photos, no witnesses talking, not even the name of the victim.


  3. The “news” and “officials” have broken our trust. Now we don’t believe anything they say anymore. Even if it was true. Like the boy who cried wolf.

  4. I’m not one to condone or encourage violent behavior much, & greatly appreciate cool headed individuals when the heat is up, BUT what I wanna know is how they would even hope to deal with even 1 percent of a fired up & P’O’d US populace that morph into their most favored key catch word in unison?…..
    … but @ the same time the top dogs salivate for such a scenario to kick start the “games”. I for one don’t want to give em what they want, but abhor the thought of being their doormat for the rest of my days-however short they may be.

    They gonna pick up the BatPhone & call the Marines/Army/Navy/Air Force/Coasties/MERC’s/U.N?

    What happens if/when for instance an entire armor unit/fighter wing decides it just isn’t worth the cost & sees who the real criminals are? They’ve been slackin anyway IMHO-but, to their credit they’ve been very busy lately but then again, I haven’t done shit about it either except to whimper n’ whine about it all.
    Their >JOB< is to protect this incredibly awesome nation & safeguard/secure their own children's
    & extended families birthright(s)….Live NOW but keep an eye on the road ahead.

    Backing people into a corner with no egress route in sight has historically turned into one big hot mess every time w/o fail. It would be nice for once to effect a sea-change done w/o all the human tears, tragedy & despair. But that starts with the individual & their own perception I guess.

    "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -JFK

    1. You’re doing your job by “see something, say something” for starters. The real work will begin when the right people(and we Trenchers know who they are) say enough is enough and stop talking about it altogether. Don’t stop talking. Every change has only occurred because it started with communication and that’s why they’re trying like hell to suppress it.

        1. Haha A great bunch here and a ray of light to focus on sometimes. Good to know not everyone is a brain-dead slacker. I hope that light ain’t a train!! 😉

  5. Will the military defend the people or the Government Corporation?
    I do not Know.
    What I suspect is that the families of every person in the military’s
    could be held hostage.
    I have read that this is what the Communists did.

  6. We don’t get nearly enough “active shooters” these days. We can only hope it’s real this time.

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